Gloria Dinallo

Played by:  Courteney Cox

Seen in episodes:  All

Age:  17

Nickname:  Glo

Gloria is a teenage girl with a complicated life: she's a powerful natural telekinetic, she spent time at the County Juvenile Correction Facility for delinquent behavior (caused for the most part by her TK), and she's a cheerful, sweet, optimistic teenager who just wants to be normal and who has all the normal teenage tastes and desires — wanting to go to her prom in style, wanting to get her license as early as possible, wanting to be treated like she's a mature human being.

Gloria didn't have much of a family life growing up, and there was a point when she didn't have a school, but Jane had done a lot to correct the effects that this had had on Gloria, and being one of the Misfits of Science has really filled that void of needing friends and family. Gloria didn't realize that she did think of the others as her family until Angel asked her about it.

Although Gloria has the rap of having been a delinquent – or perhaps because of it – she doesn't act like one, especially not since becoming a Misfit and being able to use her TK constructively. She's very kind and she cares about people's feelings; she'll stand up for them when she thinks they've been wronged, like when she got after Billy and El for turning down Harry's dinner invitation. Sometimes this can get her into trouble though, like when, because she couldn't bring herself to disappoint Milt, the situation got more dangerous for them.

Gloria's just as upstanding when it comes to anything less than legal, and says as much, such as when Billy asked her to fix the roulette game with her TK. However, she can be easily persuaded – which Billy did about the roulette game – into seeing the greater good of certain criminal actions, like trespassing to expose a crooked scheme or breaking and entering to rescue little animals.

Gloria is none the worse for wear for having been in jail, actually she was probably on top of things if her advice to Billy when he was in jail is any indication: "Billy, if they give you any trouble in here, mention my name." And even with all the crazy things that the Misfits have done together she hasn't had her probation violated.


Telekinesis  Gloria's telekinesis is a natural ability, she didn't get it through experiments or accident. She would like to explore and practice her power to better understand and use it, and was frustrated with Billy when he didn't seem to think this was as important as she did. She doesn't like it when people ask her to use her TK for favors, it makes her feel used. She much prefers when she gets to use her TK for important things during the missions.

History & Relationship...

...with Jane

Jane is more to Gloria than just her probation officer, she's like a mother. They have a very close relationship; they enjoy each other's company and they talk about everything together – Gloria advised Jane to tell Billy about the baby before he found out another way. When they had first met, Gloria didn't want to trust anyone, but Jane used eating pizza together to break the ice.

Even though Gloria is nearly 18, Jane still feels very protective of her. Jane was worried for her before the Misfits' first mission, telling Billy that Gloria was just "a baby". She thought it was far too dangerous for her and didn't want Gloria to have any setbacks. Not after all she'd done towards getting Gloria out of her shell and being okay with her TK in the three years she'd been working with her. But once Jane saw that becoming one of the Misfits of Science did Gloria a world of good, she never had any more complaints about it.

...with Johnny B

Gloria had been a long-time fan of Johnny B before she met him. She'd gotten all 3 of his albums, and had gone to see him in concert (the one where he had the accident). She still had a crush on him when they were thrown together to help rescue Beef and Dr. Momquist. She thought they had something going and was really happy about it, telling Johnny B how she was almost 18 and how she could come live with him out in the desert and help him work through his hang-up about being electric.

Unfortunately, Johnny B didn't share her enthusiasm – he loved her like a sister, and that's what he told her. Gloria was crushed (though to her credit, she didn't go all telekinetic and throw him into a bush). It wasn't until she was saving his life later in the bunker that she realized she'd forgiven him. They've had a splendid brother-sister relationship ever since.

Gloria worries about Johnny B when he's in danger (which happens often). She was angry with him when she found out he hadn't said anything about being sick with Dubinski's from the cat bite, but worry took over and she started mothering him instead (which he wasn't sure how to handle).

Johnny B tries to comfort Gloria when she's upset about something, quietly and sometimes with just a pat on the knee. When Billy was getting after Gloria for having let the three spaceburger-charged seniors go off on their own, Johnny B stood behind her actions, saying, "I woulda done the same thing."

Johnny B gets a kick out of watching Gloria use her TK. When she had the guys with guns held against the garage door, Johnny B told her, "You're cute when you're angry." And Gloria is still a big fan of Johnny B's music. When he told her about the gig for the visiting Russians, her first question was, "Can I get passes?"

...with Billy

Billy recruited Gloria for the Misfits of Science, which had the added benefit of getting her out of juvenile hall. He needed her power for the mission and he thought that using her TK for something noble would really build her confidence and self-esteem. He'd known of her TK from the studies they'd done at Humanidyne a year and a half earlier. Though something unpleasant must've happened during those studies, because when Billy came to the jail to recruit Gloria, she used her TK to rip the sink off the wall and sent it flying straight for his head.

Billy acts towards Gloria like a cross between her friend (when the Misfits are on an adventure), her doctor (when it's about studies with her TK), and her father (when it's about her getting her license or wanting to drive his convertible). He finds her TK impressive and always gives her a 'good job, Glo' after she's used it. Whenever Gloria's trying to move something telekinetically, but can't because it's just too heavy, Billy still offers her encouragement anyway.

Gloria gets frustrated or incensed at Billy for his behavior sometimes, but ultimately she considers him a really good friend. When Billy was in jail over the blender and the news was painting a bad picture of him, Gloria stood up for him, saying he wasn't just the Misfits' leader but that "he's our friend".

...with El

El and Gloria are seldom paired while the Misfits are on missions (Gloria has never had to use her TK to move El around while he's shrunk). Gloria wasn't shown El's ability to shrink before the Misfits went on their first mission. She found out – and gasped in shock – when Billy set a tiny El on the Fundae's dashboard.

As part of H.I.T., El had helped on the studies of Gloria's TK back when she had been brought in to Humanidyne for testing, so he knows how impressive her power is. They worked together during the mission at the basketball arena – El throwing the ball in the general direction of the hoop and Gloria making sure the ball went through it.


Gloria's look is young and fashionable and just a little tomboyish. She wears jeans or leggings, colorful tops or oversized sweaters/blouses (sometimes with prints, like racecars or robots). She wears her hair short and breezy. She wears earrings, and multiple rings – which she fingers when she's nervous or thinking hard.

She prefers comfort over looks – she was fine with wearing a dress to blend in at the casino in the French Riviera, but there was no way she was turning in her sneakers for pumps. On the other missions that required fancy clothes, she wore satiny pantsuits instead of a dress.

Her Burger Barn outfit is a blue shirt, a white scarf tie, a red-checked apron, and a red and white Western hat.


  • She has a job at Burger Barn as a counter clerk.
  • She passed her driver's test – one she'd had to wait over a year for Jane to say yes to – and happily got her license.
  • Her mother is locked up in a mental ward in Camarillo, and says that Gloria's father is from outer space. Nobody knows who Gloria's father is.
  • She and Angel Moreno were in a couple of reform programs together.
  • She doesn't like sewers or rats.
  • She went fishing with Barney.
  • She asked Billy to lend her his convertible for her school prom.
  • While on the mission with Brick, she tried learning French, and did pretty good at it too.
  • Jane's the one who had taken her to see Johnny B in concert back before the Misfits had met.
  • She took auto shop class.
  • She and Jaye had met as pen pals and wrote each other for years.
  • She loves to go really fast on Lonnie's go-carts.
  • She can unlock a pair of handcuffs with ease.


Angel    Barney    Jaye    Milt    Scanlon    Alt Gloria

Fundae Sundae    MoS Uniforms    Billy's Convertible    Burger Barn


Gloria: Did you know there's a guy smoking in the lobby?


Gloria: Better cancel your plans for the weekend, Billy. Uncle Sam's calling.


Gloria (after Billy notices she's still got her sneakers on under her disguise): If Johnny B can wear his, then I can wear mine. Might as well die in comfort.


Gloria: Billy, Billy. I need help with these answers. Billy, I've been trying to fill out these applications, but they ask the dumbest questions. 'What is your mother tongue?' She speaks English just like I do. Is that what I'm supposed to say?


Gloria: Billy would not sell military secrets. He probably doesn't even know any military secrets.

Jerry McDermott: But have you ever known Dr. Hayes to bend the rules just a little?

Gloria: Billy? Definitely.

Johnny B: Gloria.

Gloria: No! I mean, he's not a criminal, or anything. It's just that he bends the rules... a lot. Sometimes.

Jerry McDermott: I see.

Gloria: No. He never gets caught. Ever. Well, no, what I mean is, that, um... Can I start over?


Gloria: I'm gonna remember this! Matter of fact, I'm never gonna forget it.


Gloria: I can tell when a kid's lying.


Sarah: The F.B.I.? You sent the F.B.I. down on us?

Gloria: Listen, if we were on their side, what would we be doing here now?

Billy: Thanks, Glo.



Gloria (about Link): Billy, I'm really scared for him. He's out there somewhere all alone. Do you know what could happen to him?


Gloria: Tell me seriously guys, do you think they'd split us up if we go to jail?


Gloria: I served him. What if I killed him, Johnny B? What if I find them and they're dead?


Gloria: Yeah. I wanted to show you I was old enough to make decisions. People have always decided things for me. Jane tells me what I can do, and you guys tell me what to do. I thought I was mature enough to decide the right thing. On my own. Guess I'm not.


—Johnny B

Gloria: I like listening to your music. Still do.

Johnny B: You mean you actually have one of our albums?

Gloria: All three.

Johnny B: Ah, a collector.

Gloria: Guess so.


Gloria (seeing Johnny B in danger): Johnny B!


Gloria: You okay?

Johnny B: Let's just say that I'm glad that you're my friend.

Gloria: One of the family.


Gloria (after Johnny B suggests a dangerous speedrun): Johnny, no!


Gloria (finding out Johnny B was hiding the fact that he was sick): Why didn't you tell us, you creep? Do you have to do everything for yourself, even if it means being dead?


Gloria (worried Johnny B is in danger): Johnny B!


Gloria: Why don't you lie down?

Johnny B: Will you stop mothering me? I'm fine, okay?

Gloria: Alright, don't lie down. Die!

Johnny B: Alright, I'll take down.


Johnny B: No, I got a gig. A real serious gig.

Gloria: Johnny, that's great! Can I get passes?


Gloria (seeing Johnny B head into danger): Johnny, no! Johnny, don't!



Billy: Gloria. Look, this is your old friend Billy talking here. You know, you just—it’s just a little favor and I don’t think it’ll matter.

Gloria: No! I don't wanna do that stuff unless I have to. Not for you. Not for anybody. I'm trying to be normal, Billy!


Gloria: That's so you'd know, not me. I think I'm old enough now to take responsibility for my own life. And a part of my life is my power. My power, right?


Gloria: That's exactly the way I feel sometimes. 'Hey, Glo, why don't you lift this for me?' Or: 'Glo, why don't you blow away those guys' guns?'


Gloria: I've never even said that before. About me being different. Pretty big step for me, huh?


Nikolai: I need her to help me escape. Can you do like thing? (mimes floating something)

Billy: What, you mean actually, uh, float something? N—not exactly. I—

Gloria: Not at all, Billy.

Billy: That's what I said.



Gloria: Billy, how close to the curb did you park?

Billy: Oh, gee, Glo, you know, I knew I should've measured that.


Gloria: That was so much fun! I came so close to spinning out back there. Gosh, just wait till tomorrow when I get my driver's license.


Gloria: Billy, you're being a backseat driver.

Billy: There's not a backseat. And I'm just trying to give the pedestrians a fighting chance.


Gloria: No. I wanna parallel park.

El: No, really, we can walk.

Gloria: I want to parallel park.

Billy: I think they call this perpendicular parking, Glo.

Gloria: Hey, I got us here, didn't I?


Gloria (to Billy): The officer would like to see your driver's license. Sir.


Gloria: I want the convertible.


Gloria: I'm going home. I'll probably be taking the bus. Me, a licensed driver.



Gloria: No! I'm not gonna do it. It's cheating.


Gloria: Do you have any idea what he had to put himself through just to ask? But you guys wouldn't go, would you? Cause you think you're too good for 'im. I'm really disappointed in you.


Gloria (taking Dick's credit card away from Angel): You know daddy gets mad when you play with his toys.


Gloria: You said it was a tunnel, Billy!

Billy: It is a tunnel. It's a tunnel.

Gloria: It's a sewer and I'm not staying!

Billy: Hey, Glo, babe, I think you're really limiting yourself here, okay? I mean, just think of this as a new life experience.

Gloria: Okay. I've seen it. I've smelled it. And I don't need it!


Gloria: Alright, that's it. I've evened the odds. I'm not gonna help him win the game.


Gloria: Billy, this is probably the dumbest thing anybody's ever said. Dick Stetmeyer is not a spy. And if you go to jail for this and you're not one either, I'm never talking to you again.


Gloria: Unhh! I knew it! I knew they'd be late! Probably in there goofing off!


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