Telekinesis - Gloria

Gloria is a fully documented telekinetic - she can move people or objects around without touching them. Her telekinesis is very useful on missions, especially when there is someone the Misfits need disarmed - she just yanks the gun right out of their hand or pushes them off their feet before they suspect a thing.

She didn't initially want to use her power; she only wanted to act normal. But now that she has used her telekinesis productively more and more, she no longer minds.

She was studied by H.I.T. a year and a half before the Misfits’ first mission. They don't fully know the cause of her telekinesis, although if there’s any truth to what her institutionalized mother says about her father, it could be extraterrestrial in origin. Gloria wants to do further tests to develop her power more, and if possible, figure out what causes it.

Gloria doesn't experience any side effects from using her TK (no headaches, no emotional disturbance), and there is no time limit to how long she can keep something in her grasp.


Gloria has very good control over her TK. She only moves what she's intending to move, and she has great coordination and precision while doing it. Her control gets better with practice; she proved this when she brought Eddie from the Snow Queen all the way over to the boat the Misfits were in, impressing Billy.

She can move more than one object at a time as long as it's with the same motion, like when she turned all five lug nuts on the Fundae's wheel at once. And also more complicated matter, like when she held the water from the sprinklers out of the way for Johnny B.

Her telekinetic grip is subtle and can go by unnoticed. Tatyana didn't notice the help she received on her gymnastic flip, and nobody realized that Gloria was helping the basketball or the roulette ball.


—Pushes & Throws

A push or throw is when Gloria uses telekinetic force to propel something or someone into motion. Sometimes quickly, like when she's just tripping somebody; and sometimes forcefully, like the sink toward Billy’s head, or the soldiers firing at Johnny B.

This telekinetic force can be used in concert with physical force as well, such as when the Misfits needed to open the doors under the fountain, Gloria pushed with her mind and Billy pushed with his body.


A hold is when Gloria prevents something or someone from moving in a certain direction. In this way she can stop people twice her size (she held back the punch the guy was aiming at Billy in the Burger Barn) or keep a whole group of people from coming after the Misfits, as she did with the bad guys in the casino cellar.

—Lifts & Moves

A lift or move is when Gloria is maneuvering something through the air. This is where her good coordination with her TK comes into play – like getting the roulette ball to fall on the right number or putting a cassette into a walkman from afar.

The strength of her telekinesis is stronger than gravity; she can keep people suspended in the air for a long period of time and she was able to slow down Link's fall and get him to the ground safely,


A twist is when Gloria pulls or distorts something's matter in opposite directions. This ability is just a little scary, since having something just bust apart without warning wouldn't be pleasant. It isn't always destructive (as it was with the mannequin in the sewer that surprised Gloria), she can do it more gently, like when she opened the bars of the Vivatech fence or opened the anklecuffs on Billy. Gloria rarely uses her telekinesis in this way.


Gloria needs to be able to see what she's moving - if she loses her line of sight, she loses her hold. If there's something she can't see that is preventing an object from moving, like the lock inside the reactor doors, then Gloria can't move the object.

There is a limit to the amount of weight Gloria can move around. For instance, cars and helicopters are too heavy. Though she can still stop a car from hitting someone by twisting the steering wheel or throwing a smaller object into the car's path.

  —Pushes & Throws —Holds —Lifts & Moves —Twists

01-02. Deep Freeze

  • Stuff in the mall because of being teased
  • Sink at Billy, in jail cell
  • Surfer after he splashes Johnny B
  • Group of soldiers in bunker, separately
  • Chopper holding neutron beam cannon, in tandem with Johnny B's bolt
  • Chopper a second time
  • Chopper again, in tandem with Billy throwing helmet
  • Guards' guns to Billy & El
  • Putting guards on ceiling and spinning them

03. Your Place Or Mayan?

  • Angel, out of car's path
  • Two bad guys in tunnel
  • Mayan stone in lab
  • Dick's credit card

04. Guess What's Coming To Dinner?

  • Guys against garage door
  • Putting guy back on door
  • Keeping guys on door

05. Lost Link

  • Guy in Burger Barn
  • Bothersome guy on street
  • Guy's fist in Burger Barn
  • Catching Link from falling

06. Sort Of Looking For Gina

  • Fountain doors - they don't budge
  • Fountain doors, with Billy's help
  • Woman's dress zipper
  • Mannequin in sewer

07. Sonar... And Yet So Far

  • Knocking bad guy off Snow Queen
  • Both bad guys off Snow Queen, separately
  • Walking Slinky up the stairs
  • Eddie, between boats

08. Steer Crazy

  • Reactor doors - they don't budge
  • Reactor doors again – still don't budge
  • Les & Fredo over Burger Barn range

09. Fumble On The One

  • Steering wheel of blonde's car
  • Holding terrorists as a clump
  • Ball on roulette wheel
  • Ball on roulette wheel again

10. Twin Engines

  • Disarming bad guy Mark aiming gun at Lonnie
  • Skateboarder, back to curb

11. Grand Theft Bunny

  • Disarming Dr. Levine in desert
  • Feds in Happy Day Inn
  • Tightening Fundae's lug nuts
  • Vivatech iron fence

12. Grand Elusion

  • Stuff off desk in the lab
  • Helping Tatyana with her flip
  • Switching tapes in Tatyana's Walkman
  • Levitating Nikolai
  • Getting Nikolai onto catwalk

13. Once Upon A Night

  • Tipping guy off barstool as distraction
  • Throwing bad guy from pier
  • Shard of mirror to cut her bonds with
  • Mirror

14. Center Of Attention

  • Buxton into his own pool
  • Her blindfold
  • Water from rows of sprinklers
  • Basketball through the hoop, multiple times
  • Both guard dogs, separately
  • Getting pool float with her & Johnny B on it to edge of pool
  • Basketball through the hoop during big game, multiple times

15. Against All Oz

[only repeats in the flashbacks]

16. The Avenging Angel

  • Mob cronies against the wall at arena, separately
  • Mob crony pointing gun at her and Billy
  • Knocking out Riggs with his own gun
  • Bates Motel in the wrestling ring
  • Sending Milt flying into Mob cronies at glass store
  • Trash can into car's windshield
  • Opening anklecuffs on Billy

17. Three Days Of The Blender

  • Apple in home movie (no negative effect)
  • Pulling rail off front of bowling ball rack

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