Vehicles, Items, & Locations

Vehicles, Items, & Locations

Fundae Sundae

Seen in episodes:  All except 09, 13, 15

Type:  International Metro Mite M-800

License plate #:  K732865

Every superhero team needs an iconic vehicle, and for the Misfits it's the Fundae. It's their main mode of transportation and it's very versatile. It's come in quite handy on missions as a moving van, a freezer, an off-road vehicle, and a battering ram.

The Fundae is tough (taking bullets on the Misfits' first mission), but it still has all the charm of a dune buggy, and is very maneuverable. It often fills in as a mobile base of operations when the Misfits are on the move, somewhere they can regroup and work out the next step in the plan, or listen for news broadcasts on the radio installed above the dash. The open design of the cab allows Johnny B to easily fire bolts from inside the Fundae when the Misfits need a diversion or cover fire for escaping.

The Fundae still has its ice cream tune, but the Misfits haven't used it since their first mission. It's sometimes equipped with a red light on the roof, and it has two sliding doors on its cab that the Misfits don't bother with.

Misfits of Science Uniforms

The uniforms consist of a sleeveless jersey, gray sweat pants or black shorts, and two styles of jacket. They were originally bought by Billy for the H.I.T. basketball team, but even he couldn't stay optimistic that the team would ever be contenders, so he repurposed the uniforms for his new team of superheroes instead. He felt that having matching uniforms would help the Misfits "think like a team", which it sort of does. And there was no need to just let the uniforms sit there, not at $15.95 each.

Since there was such wide media coverage of these new superheroes as the Misfits of Science, the H.I.T basketball team was rechristened to the H.I.T. Beakers.


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Humanidyne & H.I.T.

(Human Investigation Team)

Seen in episodes:  All except 13

Mentioned in episode:  13

Location:  Los Angeles, CA

Divisions:  Military Research, Administration / New Products, Oceanographic Research, Efficient Results Proving Grounds,
Janitorial and Maintenance,
Human Investigation Team

Humanidyne is a scientific and military complex – part think tank, part defense contractor – that specializes in research to better mankind. Dick Stetmeyer is the administrator (Dr. Strickland had the position previously and Dr. Momquist had it before that).


Science To Help The Human Condition

The Largest Defense Contractor In The United States

The most interesting and active of Humanidyne's divisions is the Human Investigation Team, or H.I.T. The H.I.T. lab is located in the basement, with its entrance at the back of the complex beside the janitorial division. Billy is the head research scientist on the team, which also includes El, a small but competent staff, and a whole lot of volunteers. The lab has an almost constant stream of projects and experiments running, plus studies with Billy's patients – these being anyone with a condition too weird to be handled at a normal facility. This working environment suits the team well – their door proudly proclaims: 'Weird 'R' Us' – though they wouldn't mind if a little more funding was budgeted their way.

Burger Barn

Seen in episodes:  04, 05, 08

Alluded to in episodes:  03, 12

One of a chain of barn-themed burger joints. Gloria took up a job at the counter to try and be more like a normal teen.

Billy: "Burger Barn's famous toasted buns."

Beach House

Seen in episodes (exterior only):  01-02, 03, 05, 08

Alluded to in episodes:  04, 09

Address:  2721 Ocean Front Walk, Santa Monica, CA

Billy and El room here together and share the rent. It has a great view of the Santa Monica beach and it has a large deck that the Misfits use for barbecues and parties.

Billy's Convertible

Seen in episodes:  01-02, 12

Type:  1965 Dodge Dart

License plate #:  6LNK534

This is Billy's car; he thinks it "has charm". He babies it and, because he didn't want anything to happen to it, had a hard time letting Gloria drive it for the first time.

Johnny B's Motorcycle

Seen in episodes:  07, 08, 10, 12, 13, 14, 17

Type:  Harley

License plate #:  1Y64765

As part of Johnny B's ultra-cool rebel image, his solo vehicle is a slim, black motorcycle. He keeps it in peak condition and occasionally takes on passengers, but nobody else ever drives it. Johnny B's skill at riding motorcycles is top-notch, as evidenced by his placing a record time of 2'24" during the qualifying run for Dwayne Schott.

The Garage

Seen in episode:  06

Address:  Hudson St. (?)

The musical headquarters for Johnny B and the members of his band. It's where they rehearse their songs and hang out together.

Johnny B's Guitar

Seen in episodes:  06, 08, 12

Type:  1960's Gibson ES-345, Left-handed

A left-handed electric guitar that Johnny B uses at all his gigs; it's the same type of guitar as one of the ones Chuck Berry famously used early in his career. H.I.T. have shielded it with insulation to reduce the risk of it overloading while Johnny B is playing it. He can play it portably if he wants to by powering the amp with his own electrical charge.

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