Dean Paul Martin

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Acting was one of Dean's passions and it shows. He threw himself into the character of Billy Hayes with energy and commitment, and easily carried the show with a fresh take on the classic comedy style. He made a great lead character and he pulled off all the 'we can do this, gang' speeches wonderfully.

"It's a contemporary series along the lines of Ghostbusters. But it's hard to compare it with anything on the air right now. You could say it is really off the wall."
- The Bulletin, July 1985
Kevin Peter Hall

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Kevin brought a quiet gentleness to the role of Elvin Lincoln. There's a perfect blend of the smiling playfulness of El the Misfit, and the seriousness and competence of El the scientist. Kevin's scenes with Dean are a joy to watch, and in the scenes where El is left without his clothes, it's Kevin's inner dignity that keeps them humorous without being uncomfortable.

"Our characters are much like the Fantastic Four - we're crimefighters, out to make what's weird right."
- Starlog, December 1985
Mark Thomas Miller

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With his natural charm and coolness, Mark fit the character of Johnny B to a T. He cast a new mold of the aloof cool guy that's all his own by effortlessly encompassing the elements of the rock 'n' roller and the electric superhero and bringing them to an iconic level. He performed the physical role of the electrical effects flawlessly, and the places where his comedic skills show through are completely hilarious.

"The whole cast gets along fantastically. We all go out to dinner after we film the show and we also hang out together on weekends. I think we're all coming from the same boat because we're all sort of misfits in real life!"
- Bop Magazine, December 1985

Courteney Cox

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Courteney's portrayal of Gloria Dinallo is superb. She didn't come across as either 'the angst-filled teenager' or 'the cute girl next door', but an intriguing new category. The camera loves her, and she lent a youthfulness and exuberance to the show that really made it feel great.

"And I can't say I knew what I was doing when I got 'Misfits of Science.' I had been taking theater classes in New York but I had never played a telekinetic girl in acting class."
- Bryan Times, September 1987
Max Wright

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Max's impeccable comedic timing and his expressive face were a perfect match for the character of Dick Stetmeyer. Any shots where his whole face droops when he's bemoaning something, or he gives a you-had-better-not frown, or is wide-eyed in surprise, are shots worth framing. His vocal delivery was great - every squeak and inflection added up to the epitome of the easily-agitated, long-suffering administrator.
Jennifer Holmes

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Jennifer masterfully filled the shoes of Jane Miller, the 'fifth Misfit'. She made the most of the difficult role of the responsible straightwoman - the voice of reason - while still being a fun character, and she made a good counterpoint to the other characters. It's a shame she wasn't in all the episodes, it would have been interesting to see her character be part of the later storylines and what her 'Oz' counterpart would have been like.
Diane Civita

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Diane's understated portrayal - ditzy without being dumb, unfazed without being oblivious - raised the character of Miss Nance from what could have been merely set dressing to that of an integral and hilarious part of the Humanidyne scenes.

TRIVIA: Diane guest-starred in the season one episode of 'ALF', "Border Song" (1987). She played Miss Wine, a secretary for Max Wright's character, Willie Tanner. It's fun to see the two of them onscreen together as different characters - clip. The episode was written by MoS writer Donald Todd.

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