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Mark Thomas Miller has a way of making his acting seem effortless. The sort of actor who can slip easily into whatever character he's playing and bring it instantly to life – whether it's a leading role or a few-minute guest spot. Be it drama, comedy or a relaxed blend of both, it's great. I first saw Mark in 'Misfits of Science' and Johnny B is always going to be my favorite character of his, but I've also enjoyed his other work immensely.

Because fame didn't sit well with Mark, he has since left the business of acting. He's currently the CEO of an engineering firm, living happily, far away from the limelight. I want this page to be a chronicle and showcase of the acting Mark did, a place where fans can enjoy his work, without sparking any interest in bringing his fame back up.

Trauma Center

"Notes About Courage" Season 1, Episode 2

Sept 29, 1983

Dramatic bit-part as a teenager involved in a car crash. It's fun to see Mark's first television role. He's just as lively and engaging as in his later roles.



Misfits of Science

All Episodes

Oct 4, 1985 to Feb 21, 1986

Dramatic and sometimes comedic main role as an electrically charged rock musician. Mark absolutely shines in this part (no pun intended). He's my favorite superhero ever and one of TV's coolest characters, awesome from start to finish. I love that he got to sing in the role (and do a tiny bit of dancing, too), because he's great at it.


"Against All Oz"

Feb 7, 1986

Comedic one-off as a nerdy electrician in the alternate-reality/dream-sequence episode. Mark is drop dead hilarious as John, and he's gotta be the cutest nerd ever. I can't watch these scenes without cracking up.

Johnny Bukowski

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Blue de Ville

Pilot - series never picked up

Dec 29, 1986

Comedic and somewhat dramatic role as a hitchhiking hunk. Mark plays Rod with great energy and he comes across wonderfully as both endearing and hilarious. The denim/suede outfit and the long hair look really good on him. This definitely would've been fun as a series.


Rod Sandusky

Elvis And Me

Volume II

Feb 7, 1988

Dramatic bit-part as Elvis's real-life bodyguard and friend. Not very much for Mark to do here, but what's there is still good. The real Jerry Schilling was technical advisor on the movie (I wonder what he thought of the portrayal).


Jerry Schilling
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The Highwayman

"Warzone"  Season 1, Episode 8

April 29, 1988

Dramatic guest role as a military officer who doesn't like to be pushed around. Mark's vocal performance is always really good, and that's what stood out for me in this part: the way he just nailed every inflection. And I wasn't expecting the change in character either.



Desert Rats

Pilot – series never picked up

Aug 7, 1988

Comedic/dramatic co-starring role as a daredevil stunt pilot, skateboarding enthusiast, and mechanic who winds up getting deputized. Mark plays the happy-go-lucky Owen to perfection, very nicely bringing together the different character traits. He and the other two main characters make a fun trio.


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Sonny Spoon

"Cheap & Chili"  Season 2, Episode 2

Oct 28, 1988

Comedic/dramatic guest role as one half of a pretty inept cop team. The interaction between Mark and Nestor Serrano (his partner "Chili") is good and funny. The back and forth of their dialogue, peppered with them trying to use big words, is great fun. And I like the way Mark sounds using a street accent.


Bobby "Cheap" Cologne
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Hard Time on Planet Earth

"Battle of the Sexes"  Season 1, Episode 6

April 5, 1989

Comedic/dramatic guest role as the laid-back leader of a dance/lounge band and friend of the main character, Jesse. There's a cute scene with Mike teaching Jesse about picking up women where Mark gets to flash a perfect chicks-will-dig-me smile.

TRIVIA: Rhonda Aldrich (Gina) also guests, but she and Mark aren't in any of the same scenes.


Mike Russo
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Alien Nation

"Spirit of '95"  Season 1, Episode 12

Jan 15, 1990

Dramatic guest role as a Newcomer trying to get better rights for his people. Mark does some really nice subtle acting in this part because of the storyline of his character. And he looks cool even wearing alien prosthetics.


Newcomer Wyatt Earp
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Revealing Evidence:
Stalking the Honolulu Strangler

June 3, 1990



P.S.I. Luv U

"No Thanks for the Memories"  Season 1, Episode 4

Oct 5, 1991


Mitch Sanford



Dramatic lead role as a reporter who discovers – and has to deal with – the fact that his mother has become a flesh-eater. Mark is wonderful as the lead; he portrays the capable protagonist in an extreme situation very nicely. The horror-movie humor is done more deadpan, which is good, because campy wouldn't have worked.


Clay Dwyer

Ski School


Comedic role as a gloriously self-centered ski instructor and the antagonist to the main characters. I was rooting for Reid the whole movie though – I couldn't help it. Mark shows he's really good at being angry and funny at the same time.


Reid Janssen

Silk Stalkings

"Uncivil Wars"  Season 5, Episode 15

Jan 14, 1996

Dramatic guest role as the owner of a record label who becomes a suspect in his wife's murder. A lot of scenes here for Mark to do TV drama, in that engaging, understated way of his. I like the simple reaction he has to hearing of his wife's death, it displays the shock more than anything exaggerated would have.


Mack Shepard
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The Last Frontier

"The One with the Friends' Theme"  Season 1, Episode 2

June 10, 1996

Brief comedic cameo as the leader of The Party Dudes. Ever notice that so many of Mark's roles involve music in some way or another?


Band Leader

L.A. 7
(aka: S Club 7 in L.A.)

"Game Boy"  Season 2, Episode 10

Sept 9, 2000

Comedic guest role as an audition manager. Mark fits right into his two scenes as comfortably as ever and looks great while doing it (as always!).


Bob Daniels
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The Enigma with a Stigma



Glen Blackman

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