Opening credits (03, 04)

1 min 24 secs

Here's a scene breakdown.

Opening credits (05-13)

1 min 23 secs

Here's a scene breakdown.

Opening credits (14-17)

1 min 22 secs

Here's a scene breakdown.

Pilot end credits (01-02)

1 min 44 secs

Commercial bumper 1

12 secs

Dean Paul Martin is the one doing the voice-over.

Commercial bumper 2

7 secs

(I miss commercial bumpers, they have a certain charm.)

VHS home video trailer (01-02)

1 min 23 secs

NBC 1985 fall promo

2 min 33 secs

MoS gets two clips inbetween the other NBC shows from 1985

NBC Friday promo 1985 (09)

22 secs

Late Night With David Letterman
Sept 30, 1987

3 min 21 secs

NBC Friday promo 1986 (16)

7 secs

NBC Friday promo 1985 (07)

32 secs

UK VHS trailer for pilot (01-02)

2 min 36 secs

NBC Friday promo 1985 (03)

20 secs

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2014 Misfits of Science: A TV Intro Remake

1 min 22 secs

2014 Intro Remake: Side by Side Comparison

1 min 22 secs

Check out 'TVIntro Remakes' channel here!

Opening theme 1 min 25 secs

This is the theme song used for each episode after the pilot.

Pilot credits song 1 min 37 secs

This is the song played over the end credits to 'Deep Freeze'. This version of the song differs from the one used for the series theme; it doesn't have the jazz intro and it has an extra verse in the middle.

"Misfit theme" 27 secs

This is an example (taken from episode 04) of the melody that threads through the score, usually surfacing during scenes at Humanidyne or when the Misfits are heading into action. It's played differently and on different synthesizer settings throughout the series. (This little melody used to play through my head whenever I was running around playing Misfits adventures and pretending I was manipulating electricity.)

NOTE: Three of the songs behind dialogue weren’t as audible on the English audio track so those performances are from the German audio track.

Johnny B
Johnny B. Goode
Land Of 1000 Dances
Hard-Headed Woman
Born To Be Wild
German: Magic Carpet Ride
German: Back In The U.S.A.
German: Devil With A Blue Dress On
1 min 19 secs
1 min 41 secs
1 min 25 secs
2 mins 36 secs
44 secs
2 mins 03 secs
2 mins 08 secs

Johnny B
Johnny B. Goode - reprise
Splish Splash
Do Wah Diddy Diddy
Burning Love
Russia song (?)
as John: Song Sung Blue
a cappella
12 secs
16 secs
11 secs
33 secs
06 secs
06 secs
19 secs

I’m A Man
Hit The Road, Jack
24 secs
48 secs

Me & You & A Dog Named Boo
a cappella
26 secs



    That lil bit towards the end of the "Misfit Theme" is something I keep whistling off n on...just wish it had gone longer. :-)

    1. :)

      If you want, email me ( and I'll send you the link to some more mp3's I've got.


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