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'Misfits of Science' Around the World

It may seem as though 'Misfits of Science' has been largely forgotten in the years since its initial run, but like any overlooked show that strikes a chord with its viewers, MoS will always have cult status. And not just in America, either. It has its share of fans in other countries as well, such as Germany – where MoS was given a well-deserved DVD release – and France, where the episode translations have very different storylines. There are different pop culture references for the other languages as well.

Country Title Translation  
Germany Die Spezialisten Unterwegs (series title)

Die Superhelden (pilot title)

Specialists On The Way

The Superheroes

Individual episode title translations here.

France Superminds

Japan ミラクル・エスパーズ Miracle Espers

Italy Misfits  
Finland IQ

Poland Meandry Wiedzy Meandering Knowledge  
China 超人特攻隊 The Incredibles  

Los Científicos Rebeldes Rebel Scientists  
Brazil Curto Circuito Short Circuit

Catalonia Fenomenos De La Ciencia

Efectes Especials
Phenomena Of Science

Special Effects
Holland (?) Knappe Koppen ??  
Malaysia ?? ??  
US & UK Misfits of Science


Los Rebeldes De La Ciencia

Heroes Sobrenaturales
Rebels Of Science

Supernatural Heroes


  1. DIE SUPERHELDEN is the german name for the Pilote Episode...must have been before the decided to give it the title DIE SPEZIALISTEN UNTERWEGS...

  2. Thank you for letting me know that, I fixed the table to reflect it.


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