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Pop Refs - Foreign Translations

Here's an alternate list of pop references for all the references in the foreign translations of MoS that differ from the original English dialogue. Please help fill it out, global fans!

James Bond / "Casino Royale"

'Die Spezialisten Unterwegs' title, "Casino Fatal", for episode "Fumble on the One".

(09)dSU (Germany)
Miami Vice

'Die Spezialisten Unterwegs' title, "Miami Hayes", for episode "Sonar.. And Yet So Far".

(07)dSU (Germany)
Michael Jackson

Johnny B compares Link's dancing.

(05)dSU (Germany)

Name of the lab mouse is 'Rambo'.

(08) dSU (Germany)

'Die Spezialisten Unterwegs' episode title translations by Karin A.
Thanks, Karin! :)

1&2. Dangerous Weapons ("Since it's weapons, I could imagine it refers to the neutron beam as well as to the misfits, but this is just my interpretation.")
3. Combined Forces
4. At the Last Second
5. The Good Deed
6. Alternated Courtship
7. Miami Hayes
8. One Radioactive Burger, Please
9. Casino Fatal
10. Twin Motors
11. Bunny Connection
12. Hocus Pocus
13. Noblesse Oblige
14. The Basketball Pro ("For whatever reason baskett is written with 2 t, the why really escapes me here...")
15. The Nightmare
16. The Avenging Angel
17. Three Days in the Life of a Mixer ("If I remember right, blender has at least two meanings in English which is one: the household appliance to mix things up and second: a person pretending to be someone he's not - the second meaning totally gets lost in the translation, in German a Mixer is either above mentioned kitchen gadget or else someone working behind a bar mixing drinks, that's it.")

dSU (Germany)

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