In-Show Props

In-Show Props

Whenever I see a character holding a prop in a TV show, it always makes me wonder things like: Where is that prop now? Who had the fun of creating it? How much of the item was created and how much is just dummy text? When it's a photo of a character younger, I wonder if it's one of the actor younger. Here are some screencaps of that sort of prop.


Faux magazines from the end credits (01-02):

TIMELY – Misfits of Science – Our New, Weird Heroes

I like the in-joke of having names of the crew on the fronts.

ROVING STONE – Johnny B... Electric – The Roving Stone Interview – James Parriott on Rock 'n' Roll TV – and... Bruce Michael, The top of the top 40

Sorry they're VHS caps – the German DVD doesn't have the end credits.

MIZ – In this issue: Susan, Jackie, Jan, & Syd speak out – Women as Heroes – Jane Miller and Gloria Dinallo

PARTYBOY – Misfits Favorite Party Gal Pictorial – Interview: Alan Levi on Producing – Hit the Road with Party Boy - The Garber/Green Tapes

AMERICA'S YOUTH WEEKLY – April 1, 1985 / $1.75 – Misfits Make Humanidyne Human Again

SHAPELY – The Magazine for Winners – June 1985 – Over 1,500,000 ?? - The New Misfits 20 Minute Workout – Quit Smoking Through Sports – Dean Zanetos super diet – Backaches, how to avoid & cure them


Police drawing (01-02)

Racing ad (10)

Visual aids from Dick's presentation (14)


From news broadcast (01-02)

Billy's photo is also used on the news in episode 17.

Shooting gallery targets (04)

Sherri's photo, signed (07)

Dwayne and his dad(?) (10)

Is it really Joel Polis younger?

Poster in Murchco elevator (10)

Tatyana and her mother(?) (12)

Billy & Nikolai, KGB photo (12)

A different photo than the one shown being taken.

El on copy machine (13)

Princess Jaye and her parents (13)

Caught with the blender! (17)

Billy at age ?? (17)

Is this really a picture of Dean Paul Martin at that age?


'Misfits Busted in Beverly Hills' (03)

The text below the photo is really about the Misfits' escapade, too bad it's not visible enough to read.

The surrounding paragraphs are duplicates of each other.

'Scientist Claims Dolphin Pal Tells Him Secrets' (07)

'Dolphin Stolen from Delta Foundation' (07)

'Murchco is in... Jail' (10)

'In a Pinch' (16)
Call 555-H-E-L-P – I Have Time For Your Crime!!

'Sportstalk' (14)


Dick's credit card (03)

Global Express – R. Stetmeyer

317 9090 842 – Dec 31

Johnny B and the Ray Bans

'Dangerous Man' picture sleeve (06)

Does the back really say anything?

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