Transcript 7

Transcript – 07

========== 00:00 to 03:04 ==========

exterior (daytime) – open ocean:

(“Under the Boardwalk” starts up.)

A dolphin, Donald, swims freely, surfaces with a leap through the air, then powers underwater toward his destination.

interior – ocean center, donald’s enclosure:

Donald surfaces beside the edge of his pool with a squeak and a chitter. The cordless touch-tone phone near the pool registers a phone number (555-0807) and places that call.

(“Under the Boardwalk” fades out.)

DEEJAY: [from phone:] Congratulations, you’re our tenth caller. You’re on the air. For the record collection and the car, just state the last five Madonna songs we played, in order.

Donald chitters to the phone.

DEEJAY: [from phone:] Oh, sorry, that’s not right. But just for calling we’re sending you a free KWET…

Eddie arrives (carrying a large bucket of fish) and sees what Donald is up to.

EDDIE: [to Donald, sternly:] Hey, now come on, that’s not funny. We’ve talked about this.

Eddie sets down the bucket and picks up the phone, which he hangs up firmly. Donald, unrepentant, flips in his pool and chitters to Eddie.

EDDIE: Alright, but I better not get another phone bill like last month’s.

Donald gives a playful squeak.

EDDIE: Alright, let’s see what we came up with last night.

Eddie sits down at his computer equipment arrayed near the pool and turns on the printer as Donald continues to chitter happily. Eddie activates the monitor and it displays an image of a fish.

EDDIE: A fish? One fish?

Eddie turns to Donald, disappointed and exasperated.

EDDIE: I let you spend the entire night out there, and you come back and all you want to tell me about is one fish?

Donald hangs his head on the side of his pool forlornly. Eddie sees and comes over to sit down at the pool’s edge – it’s time to have a heart-to-heart with his dolphin.

EDDIE: Donald, c’mere. You know, you have to want to talk to me. I know. You have to want to talk to me about the things that you see. About the things that you do, when you leave the pool and go out into the ocean. About your entire world.

Donald cheerfully slips up on the rim of his pool to nose Eddie’s hand.

EDDIE: Or else the money guys’ll pull the plug. You get it? They’ll pull the plug. Well, don’t think for a minute that they won’t. They will. Now I want you to go on back out there and come back with something that’ll really knock their socks off.

Donald chitters with exuberance, bobbing his head.

EDDIE: Alright. [sternly:] Just one.

Eddie reaches into the bucket, pulls out a fish, and tosses it to Donald, who leaps up out of the water and catches it in his mouth. His incentive satisfied, Donald heads back out towards the open ocean to follow his friend’s request. Eddie raises both hands in a ‘That’s what I’m talkin’ about!’ thumbs-up. He stands, presses play on his boombox that’s resting atop a monitor, then adjusts the monitor’s picture, leaning in to watch Donald leave the Ocean Center.

(“Sea Cruise” starts up.)

Monitor: On his way out to sea, Donald passes a scuba diver elsewhere in the Ocean Center.

open ocean:

Donald swims through ‘his world’, full of schools of fish, coral, and an underwater rock passage. But then he enters a new area, one with shadows and two pink lawn flamingos grotesquely standing in the ocean silt.

(“Sea Cruise” stops.)

Donald swims closer, circling around the rocks until he’s above something else on the ocean bed – a human skeleton!

========== 03:04 to 04:26 ==========


========== 04:26 to 07:57 ==========

interior – humanidyne:


A tech opens the hallway doors and steps back as in drives a radio-controlled red toy convertible followed closely by Billy, the radio control for it in hand. Gloria (carrying two thick books in one arm and one titled ‘Telekinesis’ in the other) is right behind Billy, having just asked for his help. The tech leaves out the doors.

BILLY: [distractedly:] Seriously, Glo, I do want to help. We’re just really too busy right now.

GLORIA: [sarcastically, with a glare at the toy convertible:] Yeah, I can see how busy you are.

BILLY: [defensively:] Hey, this happens to be an experiment, Glo. [looks around on the floor] Which way’d it go?

Billy heads for the lab, looking every which way for his “experiment”; Gloria follows. Miss Nance (holding her ‘calls’ notebook) gives her desk a few swipes with the feather duster in her hand, which she brings as she joins Billy and Gloria.

MISS NANCE: [to Billy:] Doctor Hayes? The Elastic Man called to tell you his wife gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.

GLORIA: [trying to get Billy’s attention:] Billy!

MISS NANCE: [to Billy:] Herb, The Invisible Man, called. This is his seventh day at the tanning salon, but he can’t tell if it’s working.

GLORIA: [insistent:] Billy, I am serious about this. I wanna learn more about my powers.

But Billy is still looking for his toy convertible. He turns the radio control upside down and shakes it, then rights it and looks around again as he, Gloria, and Miss Nance arrive at the lab doorway.

h.i.t. lab:

MISS NANCE: Hey, Glo, this color’d look great on you.

Miss Nance holds out a cosmetic and Gloria takes it.

GLORIA: Oh, thanks, Miss Nance. [to Billy:] I think it’s a turning point in my maturity.

Miss Nance dusts Gloria’s books, then the doorway as Billy faces Gloria, wagging his finger at her.

BILLY: Hey, I don’t have anything against maturity, okay? I happen to think maturity is a very important thing. [turns his attention to the lab, searching] Where the hell’s my little car?

Billy ducks down to get past the 2 volunteers – who are swinging their arms while holding barbells, involved in another experiment.

BILLY: [to techs monitoring the experiment:] Guys, do you remember what we talked about? It’s gotta be counterclockwise, okay? Counterclockwise. Thanks.

Billy clears the barbell range and straightens up by a gurney right next to the experiment (it’s filled with electronic toys), Gloria follows suit. Billy holds up the radio control, looking for a signal; Gloria starts up again.

GLORIA: Billy, I just want to spend a little time, okay? Even on a weekend. I really have something to talk to you about.

Miss Nance comes in, dusts a piece of lab equipment, then her legs, then leaves, just as Dick comes striding in.

DICK: Say, Bill, listen. [almost runs into one of the volunteers swinging the barbells] Ooh, sorry.

Dick ducks down to get to the gurney, and stays crouching below the experiment. He tosses a small stack of papers on the gurney by Billy, who has given up on the radio control and is holding an electronic white, fluffy toy dog instead.

DICK: Billy, listen. What— [to one of the volunteers, as he ducks another barbell:] Sorr—

Dick turns back to the gurney and notices Gloria, who is looking annoyed at the interruption.

DICK: Hi, Gloria.

GLORIA: [briefly:] Hi.

DICK: [back to Billy:] What is this? I keep getting all these invoices for toys.

BILLY: [taking issue with this:] They’re not just toys, Richard.

Dick, still on his knees and keeping an eye on the barbells to avoid them, finds himself caught up in watching the experiment. Billy puts the toy dog under his arm and picks up a black car.

BILLY: Except for this one. See, this is the one that those vice cops drive on TV. Comes with little, miniature, plastic drug dealers. And it’s pretty cool, huh?

GLORIA: [trying yet again:] Billy.

Just then, a tech holds out Billy’s missing toy convertible. Billy drops the black car he’s holding and takes it eagerly.

BILLY: [to tech:] Oh, hey, great, there it is. Terrific. [shoves the toy dog into Dick’s hands] Richard, hold this for me would you? Thanks.

DICK: [annoyed:] Saaay.

Billy ducks down again and heads off; Gloria follows; Dick turns the toy dog around in his hands, not sure what to make of it.

GLORIA: Billy, please. Billy, do you or don’t you think it’s important that I learn about my power? I mean how it works.

Billy goes over to a desk with a small skeleton on it.

BILLY: Of course we do. I mean, that’s why we were working with you three years ago on this whole telekinetic thing, huh?

Billy messes with the skeleton.

GLORIA: Billy, that’s so you’d know, not me. I think I’m old enough now to take responsibility for my own life. And part of my life is my power. My power, right?

BILLY: [nods placatingly] Of course, you’re absolutely right. [starts heading off again] And I’ll tell you something, as soon as we finish this—

Dick interrupts – Billy’s words as well as movement – by coming over to him (Dick has the invoices again and is still holding the toy dog).

DICK: [pointedly:] Billy, I know you do important work here, but do you ever do anything that brings in money?

Billy makes a scoffing noise and heads off as he responds.

BILLY: Richard, are you kidding? Ya know, I tell you something, I’m really offended by that. I tell ya.

Billy stops at a piece of equipment with a complex set of readouts and buttons and a plastic shield behind which a dummy stands in for a patient.

BILLY: Haven’t I ever shown you the Physician’s Friend?

Dick comes over for the presentation.

BILLY: Okay, this is a complete biodiagnostics machine. All-in-one. All the doctor has to do is just come around here, push this one little button.

Billy pushes said button and a bright explosion goes off behind the shield, leaving flames below the dummy’s waist.

BILLY: Hey, somebody get the fire extinguisher.

A tech hurries over with one and starts spraying the dummy’s midsection; Billy heads off, frowning in thought; Dick turns to call loudly after him.

DICK: [sarcastically:] Does it come in different colors?

El looks up from his desk at Dick.

EL: [cross:] Do you mind? I’m on the phone.

DICK: [newly aggrieved:] The new cordless phone. Billy…

Dick heads off after Billy.

EL: [into phone:] Eddie, Eddie. Slow—slow down.

interior – ocean center, donald’s enclosure:

EL: [from phone:] Now why would they threaten to take away your grant?

Eddie, on his cordless phone, shakes the newspaper he’s holding out, annoyed at his situation.

EDDIE: [into phone:] Well, look at the front of the National Tattler, and then ask me.

h.i.t. lab:

EL: [into phone:] The National Tattler?! Are you kidding? I wouldn’t read that sensationalistic piece of low-brow garbage if it was the last paper on— Hold on, I’ll get Billy’s copy.

El scoots his chair over to the desk with the skeleton on it – Billy’s desk – and takes out a newspaper from a bottom drawer. (Gloria is sitting in the desk chair, reading ‘Telekinesis’.)

Newspaper (National Tattler): headline: “Scientist Claims Dolphin Pal Tells Him Secrets”; photo: Eddie at Donald’s pool.

(Other stories in the Tattler: “How To Escape The Rat Race And Still Keep Your Job”, “Scientists Prove Coffee Can Improve Eyelash Length”, “Lose Six Pounds While You Sleep”, “How You Can Tell What Others Are Thinking”.)

EL: [into phone:] Oh, Eddie. How could you get suckered into—

EDDIE: [from phone:] Look, the guy said he wasn’t a reporter, okay?

donald’s enclosure:

EDDIE: [into phone:] The thing is, if the Delta Foundation pulls the…

h.i.t. lab:

EDDIE: [from phone:] …plug on me now for shooting off at the mouth…

El listens like a good friend.

donald’s enclosure:

Eddie sits down heavily.

EDDIE: [into phone:] El, I told them that I’m working on something very big. Maybe bigger than the both of us.

h.i.t. lab:

EDDIE: [from phone:] And you are very big, if you know what I mean.

El rolls his eyes but nods.

donald’s enclosure:

EDDIE: [into phone:] And I think you do. And nobody believes me!

h.i.t. lab:

El attempts to stop Eddie from overreacting.

EL: [into phone:] Yeah, Eddie, but—

Eddie rushes on with his reason for calling El, his old friend.

EDDIE: [from phone, with sincerity:] But I knew you would.

donald’s enclosure:

EDDIE: [into phone, with sincerity:] You always did. Remember?

h.i.t. lab:

El nods, looking torn – he can’t not listen to Eddie’s concerns now, not after that.

EL: [into phone, with a sigh:] Right.

At Billy’s desk, Dick is pleading with Billy, who’s on the move as usual. (Gloria is still in the chair, reading.)

DICK: Billy, all I’m asking for is some forward movement. Some—some progress.

Billy steps over to his desk and picks up another radio control. He gestures for Dick to set down the toy dog he’s holding. After Dick complies, Billy tries to move the toy dog with the radio control – nothing happens. Behind them, El walks over to the basketball hoop and switches his lab coat for his Misfits jacket, which is draped over the hoop.

DICK: [continuing:] A commitment to some kind of result. Something I can show the board!

Billy shakes the remote, looking slightly puzzled, then glances up at Dick.

BILLY: Absolutely, Richard. You know something? You’re right. A hundred percent commitment to finish one project here in the lab, get it done completely.

Dick gets a happy “Do you really mean it?” expression as El comes over to Billy’s desk, setting down a doodad from his tie and the pencil from behind his ear.

EL: Billy, let’s go. I have something interesting.

BILLY: [instantly:] I’m in.

El heads off; Billy shoves the radio control into Dick’s arms and heads after El, giving Gloria a hurried assurance.

BILLY: Listen, Glo, we’ll talk about that, uh, thing later, okay?

GLORIA: [not putting much stock in this:] Yeah.

Dick slaps down the stack of papers on Billy’s desk with annoyance – Billy’s running off again.

DICK: [musing aloud:] Do you think that – in a parallel universe – they all respect me?

Dick bumps the button on the radio control in his hands and suddenly the toy dog starts moving and yipping, seemingly laughing at him. Dick reacts.

========== 07:57 to 08:34 ==========

exterior (daytime) – ocean center:

At the Ocean Center, Eddie meets Billy and El with the bad news.

EDDIE: [apologetically:] I’m sorry I brought you guys down here all this way for nothing.

EL: [feeling for him:] You mean your project is just dead? Just like that?

Billy, El, and Eddie are walking across an observation bridge – Billy glances at a couple they pass.

EDDIE: “Belly up” is how the guy put it. I guess this newspaper article was the last straw.

Eddie gestures with the National Tattler he’s got in his hand.

EL: Well, did you show ‘em the pictures you told me about?

EDDIE: Yeah. And they said it doesn’t matter.

As they leave the bridge, Billy dodges around a pretty blonde with a whale balloon who’s coming onto the bridge. She waves to someone across the bridge without giving Billy even a glance. Billy attempts to excuse himself so he can follow her, but El and Eddie are too engrossed in the conversation, and by now the blonde is well on her way, so Billy gives up.

EDDIE: [continuing:] Everyone except my friend Sherri. She tried to talk ‘em out of it because it does matter. Especially now. When you meet Donald, you’ll see. You’ll believe me.

Eddie spots some of his Ocean Center friends and waves at them.

EDDIE: Hello, walruses.

Eddie steps over to the walrus enclosure as one of the walruses makes a noise as if to answer in kind. Billy takes the chance to state his concerns to El quietly.

BILLY: [skeptically:] Talking dolphins? El, listen. Talking dolphins? Are you so sure we should be here? ‘Cause something tells me this guy’s no rocket scientist.

EL: [defending:] He’s a research scientist, like us. Now let’s just go meet Donald.

Billy puts on his Misfits jacket, which he’s been holding.

BILLY: [sarcastically:] Am I dressed okay?

========== 08:34 to 09:02 ==========

interior – ocean center, donald’s enclosure:

Eddie is showing El a black and white computer printout of 2 flamingos; Billy is squatting by Donald’s pool, feeding Donald fish and petting him.

EDDIE: These pictures are all computer translations of what Donald is seeing on his ocean trips.

EL: [impressed:] I have to admit, Eddie, this is really incredible.

EDDIE: Well, actually, it’s simple. [holds up another printout – this one of a skeleton] Once you know that dolphins speak in kind of ‘word pictures’. You see, they see something, and they scan it, and then they store it.

EL: So, this machine translates using, what? Sonic induction?

EDDIE: Yes. Sonar. A kind of, um, ‘echoloquation’.

========== 09:02 to 09:13 ==========

exterior (daytime) – ocean center:

A man dressed in a fancy white suit and sporting a gold front tooth – looking quite out of place among the casually dressed tourists – is talking into a pay phone.

“GOLD TOOTH”: [into phone:] You said to call if they showed anybody the dolphin. [listens] Yeah. [listens] What do I think? I think you should get over here.

“Gold Tooth” hangs up and walks off.

========== 09:13 to 09:52 ==========

interior – ocean center, donald’s enclosure:

SHERRI: Is anybody in here?

Sherri enters Donald’s enclosure.

SHERRI: Hi, Eddie. I thought I heard someone.

Billy turns to look and is captivated by what he sees.

EDDIE: Hi, Sherri. Um, fellas, this is Sherri from the Delta Foundation. I told you about her.

Billy continues to stare; El smiles, amused at Billy’s behavior.

EDDIE: [introducing Billy and El:] These are my friends.

SHERRI: [smiling:] Oh, okay. Just checking. Bye.

Sherri smiles extra at Billy, who smiles back, dazzled. As Sherri leaves, El and Eddie wave and Billy stands quickly.

BILLY: Uh, listen, El, uh… [clears his throat] It looks like you got things pretty much under control here. You’re doing a good job. Um, I’m just gonna step out, get a little, uh, air.

EL: [grinning since he sees right through Billy’s act:] Right.

Billy hurries off after Sherri. El whacks Eddie’s arm and gestures to the bucket of fish. He and Eddie squat down to give Donald attention.

========== 09:52 to 10:19 ==========

exterior (daytime) – ocean center:

Billy exits the Research Lab door (the Fundae is parked here) and calls after Sherri, who is walking away while looking at some papers.

BILLY: Uh, hey, excuse me? Excuse me?

Sherri looks up from her papers.

BILLY: Sherri, right?

SHERRI: Oh, yes, right.

Billy joins Sherri as she continues walking.

BILLY: Hey listen, it’s too bad about that project thing. Uh, for Eddie, I mean.

SHERRI: Oh, yes it is, Mr…?

BILLY: Doctor. Uh, Doctor Billy. [waves his hand dismissively] Just Billy.

SHERRI: [with a laugh:] Well, listen, Doctor Billy, I’m running late, I really have to—

BILLY: [quickly:] Me, too, I gotta—I gotta go this way, too, uh… I gotta get a, uh— Well, I’m buying a, uh, stuffed walrus.

As Sherri continues on, Billy stops and makes a “Why couldn’t I think of something more brilliant to say?” gesture. Then he hurries to catch up to Sherri.

========== 10:19 to 10:50 ==========

interior – ocean center, donald’s enclosure:

Eddie drops Donald another fish as he tells El the story of him and Donald.

EDDIE: I found Donald. When he was just a baby. His mother was dead, he was stranded on some rocks. Since then we’ve been working just about day and night to prove to them that we know what we’re doing. Nobody takes us a bit seriously – except Sherri.

EL: We do.

EDDIE: You, maybe. But not your friend.

EL: Oh. Billy, he’s like that at first. Believe me, he takes his science very seriously.

========== 10:50 to 11:11 ==========

exterior (daytime) – ocean center:

Billy, now adorned with an Ocean Center cap and holding a small stuffed walrus – not quite the picture of a serious scientist – spots Sherri and hurries to walk beside her.

BILLY: [playfully:] Uh, excuse me, ma’am? Uh, I think you dropped your walrus.

Billy holds out the stuffed walrus and Sherri laughs as she takes it.

SHERRI: Thanks.

BILLY: Sure. Listen, you know, Eddie tells me that you went to bat for him on this thing.

SHERRI: I did. But it obviously didn’t do much good. I mean, I like Eddie, but what can I do? After this ‘newspaper’ thing, the Foundation says he has “no credibility”.

========== 11:11 to 11:28 ==========

interior – ocean center, donald’s enclosure:

EDDIE: And then they said I had no more credibility.

El nods sympathetically.

EDDIE: Credibility! Three years of research and finally I’m getting results that mean something and they don’t wanna hear about it! I’m telling you, El, Donald knows something.

El looks at Donald, who chitters in confirmation.

========== 11:28 to 11:56 ==========

exterior (daytime) – ocean center:

Billy and Sherri are at the telescope lookouts for tourists, Billy looking through one of them (his cap turned backwards).

BILLY: Why would a dolphin lie?

Billy steps away, twists his cap back to pointing forward, and he and Sherri start walking again.

SHERRI: It’s not the dolphin anybody’s questioning. But the fact is, the dolphin only talks to him. Well, some people are saying that Eddie’s emotional involvement with Donald has, uh… “skewed his results”.

BILLY: Okay, well, what if Eddie was right about this skeleton thing?

SHERRI: Unfortunately, it’s a moot point – Delta’s pulling out. Well, after what happened, this place’ll be a circus. Donald goes back to San Francisco first thing tomorrow.

========== 11:56 to 12:17 ==========

interior – ocean center, donald’s enclosure:

Donald happily catches the fish that’s tossed to him.

EDDIE: [seriously:] They took him away once before. And he pined. [not wanting to even consider it:] It might be worse if they do it again. I don’t know what’s gonna happen to us.

El notices how Eddie has unconsciously worded it, and calls him on it.

EL: You mean, to Donald?

EDDIE: [assuring:] Yeah, that’s what I mean. All I gotta do is go out and get another grant, you know?

El listens.

EDDIE: I think I can even convince this place into letting me finish my work here.

========== 12:17 to 12:52 ==========

exterior (daytime) – ocean center:

Billy and Sherri have stopped by a fence overlooking the sunbathed ocean. Sherri is stroking the stuffed walrus as they talk.

SHERRI: I’m sure they’d be happy to have Donald here. But, Delta says no, they want ‘im moved.

BILLY: I don’t know, but aren’t dolphins pretty sensitive to things like that?

SHERRI: Very sensitive. You see, this may sound dumb, but dolphins can love. And when you take away something the dolphin loves, he sometimes pines. Maybe even dies.

BILLY: So you’re saying, like, Donald loves…

SHERRI: Eddie. Right. Question is, what happens when you take away something Eddie loves?

Billy thinks.

========== 12:52 to 13:40 ==========

interior – ocean center, donald’s enclosure:

At Donald’s enclosure, Billy has returned and given Eddie the bad news.

EDDIE: [upset:] What do you mean, “taking the dolphin”?! Donald is mine!

BILLY: No he’s not, Eddie.

Eddie waves his hand in an angry “Phooey” motion, not wanting to hear the truth.

BILLY: Look, I’m sorry. Listen, Sherri tried to talk ‘em out of it.

EDDIE: [yells:] No one is taking him!

Billy and El react.

EDDIE: [calmer:] He won’t work with anybody else.

Eddie sits down by the pool and Donald chitters. Eddie gives him a pat.

EDDIE: Nobody else can make ‘im work. He won’t talk to anybody else.

BILLY: Listen, Eddie—

EL: [cutting in:] Billy. Conference.

El leads Billy over to the side of the enclosure.

EL: [hushed:] Look, Eddie’s right. This is the only dolphin in the world that can do this. And who knows what’ll happen to Donald if they take him away from Eddie?

BILLY: Yeah, what’s more important, who knows what’s gonna happen to Eddie?

EL: Right. My question is… [leans in significantly:] What are we gonna do about it?

Billy reacts. In his pool, Donald chitters.

========== 13:40 to 16:20 ==========

exterior (nighttime) – ocean center:

From the Fundae’s driver seat, Johnny B looks incredulously at Billy, who’s standing outside.

JOHNNY B: We’re gonna steal a what?

Billy heads to the back of the Fundae as he replies.

BILLY: [defensively:] What? You act like that’s so weird or something. Why do you think I asked you to bring the truck?

Johnny B joins Billy, who raises the back door and points to the large ice-cream freezer inside.

BILLY: Did you empty the freezer?

Billy heads off; Johnny B follows without answering him.

JOHNNY B: Hayes, I may be a little fuzzy on this, but don’t dolphins live in water?

Billy gives him a dismissive shrug, as they reach El and Eddie, who are waiting outside the door leading to Donald’s enclosure.

JOHNNY B: Remember I have this little thing with water?

Johnny B holds his hand up and snaps twice, creating sparks at his fingertips to drive home his point. Billy pulls back and explains impatiently.

BILLY: B-Man, all you have to do is drive, okay? I’m just asking you to do this one little thing.

El heads off; Eddie taps Billy on the shoulder and Billy turns to him.

EDDIE: Billy, there’s a problem. The door’s got an electronic combination lock.

Billy turns back to Johnny B.

BILLY: Two things. That’s all I need, and you’re clear.

Johnny B gives Billy a look that says “Why do I know you?”, then puts his sunglasses on and steps up to the locked door. He holds his hands out on either side of the electronic lock and lets his electricity flow to his hands. An electrical arc forms between his charged hands and leaps to the lock. A few seconds of this and the circuitry of the lock becomes effectively scrambled. Johnny B lowers his hands and opens the door with a simple twist of the knob.

BILLY: Thanks, B-Man.

Billy hurries through the door; Johnny B starts backing away.

JOHNNY B: Yeah, well I’m gonna wait out here where it’s a little safer, you know?

Johnny B nearly backs into what El is doing at the rear of the Fundae: holding a running hose and getting ready to fill the freezer with water.

JOHNNY B: [uneasily:] Whoa.

El quickly turns the hose stream away as Johnny B dodges around the danger and hurries back toward the front of the Fundae. El looks after him apologetically.

interior – donald’s enclosure:

Inside Donald’s enclosure, Eddie carries a stretcher toward Donald’s pool.

EDDIE: [to Billy:] Get the computer printouts and Donald’s pictures.

Billy grabs up the printouts – Donald’s ‘echoloquation’ picture of the flamingos is on top.

ocean center:

Out front, a white Corvette with a California vanity plate of “FLMINGO” drives up, parks across from the Fundae, and turns off its headlights. In the driver’s seat of the Fundae, Johnny B looks over and reads the license plate – this reminds him of something.

JOHNNY B: [to himself:] Flamingo…

Suddenly, Security Guard appears at the driver’s door of the Fundae.


Johnny B jumps and turns quickly to Security Guard.

JOHNNY B: [nervously:] Uh, hey, b-bro.

SECURITY GUARD: How ‘bout one of those snow cones.

JOHNNY B: [nervously:] Uh, no. We’re-we’re out.

Security Guard studies the menu on the side of the Fundae. Johnny B takes a quick look towards where the dolphin theft is taking place.

SECURITY GUARD: Uh… how ‘bout a fudgesicle?

JOHNNY B: [nervously:] Uh. No, we’re out. Sorry.

Behind the Fundae, Billy and Eddie come shuffling out of the Research Lab door, carrying Donald in the stretcher. Unaware of the covert activity, Security Guard glances at the menu.


JOHNNY B: [thinking up any excuse:] No, uh… melted.

Billy and Eddie clear the door; El follows with a box of equipment.

SECURITY GUARD: How ‘bout a fifty-fifty bar?

JOHNNY B: No, I-I haven’t got those either. They’re gone.


JOHNNY B: All out. All out.

Approaching the Fundae, Billy directs Eddie.

BILLY: [whispering:] Come on. Right over there.

El steps to the back of the Fundae and leans cautiously around to check on what's going on up front. Seeing Security Guard, El turns to Billy and holds up his hand in front of his mouth in a firm shushing motion.

SECURITY GUARD: How ‘bout a push-up?

JOHNNY B: No, we don’t have any push-ups. No.

Security Guard glances at the menu again.

SECURITY GUARD: How ‘bout a bingo bar?

JOHNNY B: [annoyed at being trapped in this situation:] Look, no bingos, alright? We don’t have anything. We’re out.

SECURITY GUARD: [starting to get suspicious:] Well then just what do you got in this freezer?

Just then, Donald is put into the freezer with a splash and Johnny B answers with a wisecrack.

JOHNNY B: Fishsticks.

SECURITY GUARD: “Fishsticks”? Huh, smart punk.

Security Guard leaves with a shake of his head, and Johnny B breathes a sigh of relief. As the back door of the Fundae is rolled shut, Billy pops out from behind the curtain that separates the front and back of the Fundae.

BILLY: [to Johnny B:] Come on, kick it.

Billy is about to pop back through the curtain when Johnny B stays him.

JOHNNY B: Hayes. Did you say this dolphin thing had somethin’ to do with flamingos?

BILLY: Yeah, why?

JOHNNY B: [pointing:] Cause that car over— [breaks off as he sees that the car is no longer there] Aw, never mind.

BILLY: [urging Johnny B to hurry:] Come on!

Billy pops back through the curtain and Johnny B starts up the Fundae.

In the shadows, “Gold Tooth” is crouched behind a palm tree, watching through binoculars. He stands up and steps over to Chuck, who’s also watching.

“GOLD TOOTH”: Okay. So what now?

CHUCK: [smoothly:] Now? Same as before, only now it’s easy. Get me the dolphin.

They both watch as the Fundae drives off.

========== 16:20 to 19:13 ==========

interior – h.i.t. lab:

In the lab, a radio-controlled toy truck crashes into some empty bottles on a shelf. Eddie (radio control in hand, and lollipop in mouth) looks over to Donald, knowing it’s his dolphin who’s caused the truck to go awry. Donald – safely residing in a backyard pool that’s taking up the middle of the lab – chitters with self-satisfied amusement.

EDDIE: [sternly:] That’s not funny, Donald.

Gloria – on the exercise bike reading ‘Telekinesis’ again – looks up eagerly when Billy comes walking by, the cordless phone held to his ear.

GLORIA: Billy, I found it. This whole chapter on exper—

Gloria stops, annoyed she has to present it this way; Billy looks up with surprise as he steps into some sort of interference field.

GLORIA: [takes a deep breath and starts over] Experiments we can do without it costing Humanidyne hardly anything.

Not listening, Billy hops back, out of the field, and the cordless phone rings. He answers it instantly.

BILLY: [into phone:] Yeah, hi.

Gloria puts her chin in her hand with a sigh.

BILLY: [into phone:] Oh, no? Okay, well can you— Can I leave Sherri my number here then? Okay. Yes, the same one as before. Okay, thanks.

Billy hangs up and Gloria quickly jumps in.

GLORIA: Billy, I’m try—

Billy talks over her, not hearing her since his mind is on Sherri.

BILLY: She’s crazy about me.

GLORIA: [through gritted teeth:] Great.

Eddie hands the radio control he was just using to El, who launches into an explanation of his and Billy’s current experiment.

EL: What we do is, we take the toys and we take ‘em apart and we take out their radio-control jobbies. Now that saves us about nine-hundred bucks each.

EDDIE: Oh, you’re doing work with radiowaves?

EL: No, not radiowaves. High-frequency soundwaves operate the motors.

EDDIE: Oh! That’s like when Donald turns on the telephone.

GLORIA: [brightly:] You know, my grandmother has a canary who can open a garage door two blocks away.

El and Eddie don’t have the reaction she would’ve liked.

BILLY: [placatingly:] That’s fabulous, Glo. It really is.

Billy heads off, making an “Oookay” expression as soon as he’s turned away from her. Gloria, her attempt at joining in having failed, goes back to bugging Billy.

GLORIA: Billy, you said I could do this. You said if I can develop the part of my brain where my power comes from, then I can learn to use it in a good way and not be af—

Gloria is interrupted by Dick striding into the room (holding a newspaper). She grimaces in annoyance.

DICK: Billy. I got something I think you will appreciate.

Dick turns to Gloria, not realizing she’d been in the middle of speaking.

DICK: Hi, Gloria.

GLORIA: [giving him a forced smile:] Dick.

Dick turns his attention back to Billy, who’s heading over to Donald’s pool.

DICK: You know how we’re always kidding and talking about how much time you spend on outside projects, right?

BILLY: Right.

At the pool, Billy puts on an insulated glove that’s hanging on a bucket of fish.

DICK: And—and—and how you’re always looking for weird little mysteries to solve?

Dick laughs. Billy nods and gestures for him to go on, then picks up a fish and tosses it in the pool as Dick continues.

DICK: Well, I-I wanna ask you something. Is Dick Stetmeyer on your side, or what?

Eddie joins them and holds out his hand to Dick.

DICK: Oh, uh, Dick Stetmeyer.

EDDIE: Eddie.

Eddie and Dick shake hands; Billy makes introduction motions.

DICK: Hi, Eddie, how are you? [back to Billy:] Listen, I want you to take a look at this.

Dick opens the newspaper to the cover story and Billy takes it in his ungloved hand.

Newspaper (Los Angeles Tribune): headline: “Dolphin Stolen From Delta Foundation”; photo: a dolphin leaping to catch a fish.

(Other headlines: “U.S. Culture: What Do We Really Share?”, “Air ‘Tracker’ Keeps Eye On Hawaii Storm”.)

Staring at the newspaper, Billy drops the fish he's just picked up back into the bucket in shock.

DICK: Stolen dolphin. [slaps the side of the pool in delight] Is that something?

El grabs the newspaper from Billy then heads off to read it, Eddie follows. Billy starts tossing fish into the pool again, forcing a smile to match Dick’s enthusiasm.

DICK: [imagining the possibilities:] Just think what it would be like if you found it. Billy, just think what it would mean to the relationship between Delta and Humanidyne and what you…

Dick trails off as he finally notices Billy’s actions.

DICK: [with a nervous laugh:] What are you doing here?

BILLY: [evasively:] Nothing.

DICK: Hayes.

Billy scoots off as Donald pops his head above water and squeaks amiably at Dick. Dick reacts with shock at seeing the dolphin there and covers his face with his hands briefly.

BILLY: [quietly, to El:] Look, this thing happened faster than I thought. We’re not gonna have any time to work on this, uh, ‘flamingo’ thing.

Gloria smiles over at Donald, then looks down at the newspaper cover story as Eddie gestures at it.

DICK: [keeping calm:] Hayes, is there anything you wanna tell me?

EDDIE: [pointing excitedly at the photo in the newspaper:] Hah!

Eddie grabs the newspaper from Gloria and steps over to Dick, holding it up for him to see.

EDDIE: [with a laugh:] That’s not even a picture of Donald. Who are they kidding?

Billy hangs his head against El’s arm – the jig is really up now.

DICK: [to Billy, not so calm any longer:] What are you doing to me? Stolen dolphins!

Dick turns aside and slaps his forehead. Eddie holds the newspaper above the pool for Donald to see.

BILLY: [defensively:] It’s not stolen, Richard. I mean, we just borrowed it.

Dick raises his eyebrows skeptically. El nods.

BILLY: And we’re pretty sure it’s trying to tell us something.

DICK: Oh, a talking stolen dolphin. That’s a lot better. [snaps:] Maybe he can testify at your arraignment!

El hurries to get the computer printouts. Donald chitters, causing the phone to ring. Eddie wags his finger at Donald, picks up the phone, checks whether anybody has answered, then hangs it up. El hands the printouts to Dick.

EL: Look, Richard. We think he was trying to show us something.

Dick barely glances at them before shoving them back at El.

DICK: Flamingos. They’re nice.

Billy joins them.

BILLY: [significantly:] And a skeleton.

DICK: I remain unimpressed. [taking Billy to task, getting worked up as he goes on:] You committed a crime – a major crime – in the name of Humanidyne. Humanidyne. That’s humans. That’s Homo sapiens! It’s not—I refuse to believe that there’s any possible connection between you and some talking flamingo!

BILLY: [correcting:] Talking dolphin.

Donald chitters insistently, causing the phone to ring again.

EDDIE: [sternly:] Donald. I told you not to do that anymore.

Gloria comes over to the group, holding her books in her arms. Eddie pushes past Gloria and Dick to get to the phone.

DICK: [loudly:] I’m not a dolphin scholar, of course, but I-I promise you there is no significance in a dolphin babbling about flamingos.

Billy is about to argue.

DICK: None!

Eddie picks up the phone.

MALE VOICE: [from phone:] Flamingo Club.

Dick does a double take at the phone; the others freeze, then stare at the phone.

========== 19:13 to 20:20 ==========

exterior (daytime) – flamingo club parking lot:

Billy and El drive into the parking lot out front of the Flamingo Club in a rented black sports car. (The California license plate says: ‘Marina Del Rey’, ‘3A484N5’, ‘Rent-A-Car’.)

EL: I just don’t see why we needed this car.

interior – rental car:

BILLY: ‘Cause I checked with Jane. She said this place is known for serious drug traffic.

EL: [distressed:] Aw, Billy. Drugs?

BILLY: Yes, she said she won’t even let her people near the place. And when you’re dealing with this kinda people, El, I mean, there’s a certain… ‘image’ you gotta have.

El gives him a look.

BILLY: You know? They expect it. Don’t you ever watch TV?

flamingo club parking lot:

(“Smuggler’s Blues” starts up.)

Billy and El exit the car – they’re both dressed “Miami Vice” style – and Billy puts on a pair of white sunglasses.

EL: [objecting:] Why are we dealing with drug people anyway?

Billy doesn’t answer – he swaggers toward the Flamingo Club, hands in his pockets; El follows.

EL: No, I’m serious. I mean, shouldn’t we be talkin’ to the police?

BILLY: And tell them what? We got a hot tip from a well-connected dolphin? [shakes his head at the thought] Sheesh.

El puts on a pair of sunglasses as he and Billy arrive at the front doors of the club.

EL: There are a lot of unanswered questions here. I mean, how did that dolphin know to call this place?

Billy starts admiring himself in the shiny front doors.

EL: And not to mention the fact, this whole thing is making me— [stops when he sees what Billy’s doing] Are you listening to me?

Billy isn’t listening – as is usual lately, he’s thinking of Sherri. He takes off his sunglasses.

BILLY: I look pretty good in this stuff, don’t you think, El? I mean, you think Sherri’d go for this look? What d’you think?

El gives up with a sigh and opens one of the doors for Billy.

EL: After you, Doctor Crockett.

Billy puts his sunglasses back on and embraces his disguise.

BILLY: [doing his best imitation of Don Johnson:] After you, Doctor Tubbs.

========== 20:20 to 20:58 ==========

exterior (daytime) – city street:

(“Smuggler’s Blues” plays.)

At a pay phone kiosk, Johnny B is on the phone to Jane, his motorcycle is parked beside him.(Motorcycle’s license plate: ‘1Y64765’.)

JOHNNY B: Yeah listen, Jane, how ‘bout your friend at DMV? Did they come up with anything on a white Corvette? [listens] Naw, it’s probably nothin’. I didn’t wanna say anything to Hayes till I checked it out.

Johnny B adjusts the phone and readies a pad and pen in his hands.

JOHNNY B: Who’s it registered to? [listens] Okay, hold on, I’m writin’. Alright, his name’s Chuck Pisarcik? One-eighty Dunhill Court.

exterior (daytime) – 180 dunhill court:

At 180 Dunhill Court, the garage door opens and out drives the same white Corvette Johnny B saw at the Ocean Center. Johnny B, who’s been staking out the address, starts up his motorcycle and follows.

========== 20:58 to 21:48 ==========

interior – flamingo club:

(“Smuggler’s Blues” plays.)

Inside the Flamingo Club, Billy and El are sitting at the bar, jiggling their legs nervously. El idly taps the plastic flamingo in front of him on the bar. Bartender walks over with their drinks.

BILLY: Thanks. Had a heck of a time trying to find this place, you know? Got directions from the—from the owner of it. Uh, met him at a party. Uh, what was his name? Uh? [glances at El as if to ask him] Uh…

Billy continues pretending to think, hoping Bartender will fill in the name.


BILLY: [as if it had just been on the tip of his tongue:] Chuck! Chuck. Nice guy. Really nice guy.

Bartender gives a “Whatever” nod and leaves. Billy pulls out a pack of cigarettes and tries to casually dump one out, but the whole pack spills out instead. He quickly scoops them into a pile, glancing around to see if anyone noticed. El sips his drink, he’s trying to keep as discreet as possible. Billy picks up one of the cigarettes and tries to look smooth. He takes off the end and tosses it over his shoulder. The end lands in the drink on the table behind them and the owner of the drink looks up – it’s “Gold Tooth”.

========== 21:48 to 22:03 ==========

exterior (daytime) – city street:

(“Smuggler’s Blues” plays.)

Johnny B continues to shadow Chuck’s Corvette as it drives down an alley and out onto a street.

========== 22:03 to 23:11 ==========

interior – flamingo club:

(“Smuggler’s Blues” plays.)

“Gold Tooth” walks over to Billy and El, who are now sitting at a booth. He puts both hands on their table and leans over them.

“GOLD TOOTH”: So. I hear you looking for Chuck.

Billy and El act like “Maybe we are, maybe we aren’t”.

“GOLD TOOTH”: I’m afraid, my friends, you must first talk to me, before you can talk to Chuck.

They might at least get some information out of this guy, so Billy goes for it.

BILLY: [putting on the shmooze:] So, let’s, uh… Let’s talk.

“Gold Tooth” sits down across from them.

“GOLD TOOTH”: So, how many keys are you selling?

El covers his mouth with his hand, trying hard to cover his nervousness.

BILLY: [repeats blankly:] ‘Keys’?

“Gold Tooth” waits. Billy repeats the question, stalling for time.

BILLY: How many keys are we selling?

“Gold Tooth” waits. El clears his throat to prompt Billy to answer before it looks suspicious.

BILLY: Well. Ju—um… Just, uh…

El gives him a hard look – Billy got them into this mess, so Billy needs to see it through.

BILLY: [throwing it out there:] The one, uh, just the one.

“Gold Tooth” laughs heartily. El stiffens – he knew this whole thing was a bad idea; Billy looks around, like “Why is that so funny?”.

“GOLD TOOTH”: [incredulous:] You guys only have one key?

El nods nervously while Billy struggles to cover for their lack of experience in these matters.

BILLY: Well, it’s, um... It’s a, um… It’s a big key.

“Gold Tooth” stares – he can’t believe these two.

(“Smuggler’s Blues” fades out.)

========== 23:11 to 25:32 ==========

interior – humanidyne:


Gloria, sitting on the stairs leading to the lab, uses her TK to move a Slinky up the steps to her.

GLORIA: They all just say that it’s natural for adolescents to want to know about how their bodies work.

Eddie, standing at the banister with his glasses off, watches in open-mouthed amazement.

EDDIE: Somehow I don’t think that’s what they had in mind.

Eddie smiles at Gloria then replaces his glasses. He sets the cordless phone he’s carrying with him on the books sitting beside Gloria, then climbs through the banister and sits down, picking up the Slinky.

EDDIE: Boy, I sure wish I had a special talent.

A tech squeezes past them on his way down the stairs.

GLORIA: [reminding:] You do. You talk to dolphins.

EDDIE: [bummed:] Yeah, but nobody takes that seriously.

GLORIA: Aw, sure they do.

EDDIE: [shakes his head] No, unh-uh, they don’t. If they did, then they would’ve taken me with them. [indignant:] It’s my dolphin. It’s my research. But now they’re off doing the follow-up.

Gloria looks down in sympathy – she certainly knows how awful it feels to not be included in your own project.

EDDIE: [feeling sore:] Naw, it’s just like always. Eddie does all the work and then along comes somebody else and takes all the credit.

GLORIA: [defending:] Eddie, Billy and El are not like that.

EDDIE: Maybe not, but believe me, that’s how it’ll work out. I feel like all I am is a tool, that people use to figure things out. [disparagingly:] A home computer with glasses.

This feeling of being used resonates with Gloria.

GLORIA: Tool, huh? [complains:] That’s exactly the way I feel sometimes.

Eddie holds out the Slinky in one hand, puts his other hand to his head and starts trying to move the Slinky with his mind – he holds his breath and pushes, but all that happens is he moves, shaking with the effort.

GLORIA: [with her annoyance building:] “Hey, Glo, why don’t you lift this for me?”. Or: “Glo, why don’t you blow away those guys’ guns?”.

This last word causes Eddie to quickly turn his focus to Gloria.

EDDIE: [repeating in surprise:] “Guns”?

Gloria doesn’t answer and Eddie turns back to the Slinky – this time he puts it on his lap and puts both hands to his head.

GLORIA: Well, if they want me to use my powers… I mean, I’m the one who’s different, right?

Gloria takes back the Slinky, the item that was representing her power a moment ago, and Eddie nods emphatically.

GLORIA: [musing ironically:] I’ve never even said that before. About me being different.

Gloria smiles a little at this and looks to Eddie.

GLORIA: Pretty big step for me, huh?

Eddie nods again. Just then, the cordless phone rings and Eddie grabs it up and answers.

EDDIE: [into phone:] Hello?

interior – ocean center, donald’s enclosure:

SHERRI: [into phone:] Eddie, is that you?


EDDIE: [into phone:] Sherri.

donald’s enclosure:

SHERRI: [into phone:] I was returning Billy’s call. He left this number.


SHERRI: [from phone:] Look, uh, Delta knows you took Donald.

Eddie doesn’t feel he needs to deny this to Sherri.

EDDIE: [into phone:] Yeah, I kinda figured that they did.

donald’s enclosure:

SHERRI: [into phone:] They’re really serious about getting him back, too. But I’ve got an idea how to get you out of this. If we can prove what Donald was saying was for real, I think I can get ‘em to take the project back.


Eddie is excited at this possibility.

EDDIE: [into phone:] Really? Are you serious?

Gloria glances up at Eddie’s words.

SHERRI: [from phone:] [laughs] I am.

donald’s enclosure:

SHERRI: [into phone:] But I can’t promise anything, but I’m pretty sure. Here’s where I’m going: If you can get Donald out of there and bring him down to the marina, we can let him loose, follow him in a boat, and we’ll see if he leads us to the flamingos. How ‘bout it?


SHERRI: [from phone:] What do you think? You think he’d do it for you?

EDDIE: [into phone, confidently:] I know he would.

donald’s enclosure:

SHERRI: [into phone:] Well, can you get him out and meet me there?


EDDIE: [into phone:] Yes. If I can get some help.

Eddie turns to Gloria significantly and she looks up from reading ‘Telekinesis’ once more.

GLORIA: [realizing what Eddie means:] Uh-oh.

Gloria closes her book and holds her head, giving Eddie a look.

========== 25:32 to 26:23 ==========

interior – flamingo club, restroom:

(“You Better Be Good” plays.)

Billy and El are in the Flamingo Club’s ‘Flamin-guys’ restroom.

EL: [complaining:] I should have known this is where your plan would’ve led us.

BILLY: Look, is it my fault this is the only connecting wall into Chuck’s office? No, I don’t think so, El.

Billy is pacing while El (having just shrunk) shifts around underneath his currently-too-big clothes, down by an airduct with the grate removed.

BILLY: Alright, look, as soon as you finish changing, just go on through there, okay? When you get into the office, just wait and unlock the door, and I’ll come in and I’ll help you look around.

EL: [worriedly:] I don’t know, Billy. If this guy comes back and we don’t have a real reason for being in there…

BILLY: El, we know the guy’s dealing drugs outta here, right? So all we gotta do is find out what this ‘flamingo’ connection is, and then we can take it to the police, okay?

Finished dressing, El emerges from underneath his clothes, now wearing shorts and a red Hawaiian shirt.

BILLY: El, what are you wearing?

EL: [posing:] Malibu Ken.

Billy gives an “I shoulda known” expression. The restroom door opens and a clubgoer steps in. As he shuffles over to the sink, he spots tiny El. El waves a quick “Hi” and smiles casually. The clubgoer turns back to the sink, having been partying too hard to be upset by seeing a small man on the bathroom floor. Billy also acts as though it’s not unusual in the slightest.

========== 26:23 to 27:05 ==========

interior – h.i.t. lab:

In the lab, Donald splashes Gloria and Eddie, who have come to his pool - Gloria ducks back and Eddie shakes his arms dry.

GLORIA: Eddie, Billy and El said for us to wait here till they get back. I promise you, they’ll call if they find anything.

Eddie heads over to get the stretcher for Donald.

EDDIE: Gloria, by then it’ll be too late. Donald and I have worked for three years on this project. We’re not gonna get another chance. Now if we have to do it without you, then… we’ll do it without you.

Eddie takes the stretcher with him back to Donald’s pool. Gloria thinks long and hard, twisting the ring on her finger. A few moments later, she makes her decision and looks over at Eddie.

GLORIA: [firmly:] Yes.

EDDIE: [wanting to be totally sure:] Yes?

Gloria smiles with a laugh – she’s just made a decision for herself!


Eddie makes an “Alright!” motion with both fists.

========== 27:05 to 27:28 ==========

exterior (daytime) – mr. chen’s:

Johnny B has followed the Corvette to "Mr. Chen’s – Novelties and Gifts" – he’s on his motorcycle, scoping out the shop from an inconspicuous vantage point. He watches as Chuck and (presumably) Mr. Chen load some packaged flamingo ornaments into the trunk of the white Corvette. All done, Chuck gets back in his car and pulls into the street. Johnny B pulls back so as not to be seen when the Corvette passes.

========== 27:28 to 27:54 ==========

interior – flamingo club, chuck’s office:

Successfully in Chuck’s office, Billy and El have found some flamingo ornaments of their own. El has an open one and lifts a fingerful of white powder from it.

EL: And that’s the flamingo connection. This guy Chuck is shipping in coke in plastic flamingos and the ones Donald saw in the ocean are probably full of the stuff.

BILLY: I can’t believe it, Eddie was right! The guy’s a hero! And—

Billy breaks off as he sees something. He picks up a framed photo from Chuck’s desk and stares at it.

EL: Billy, what is it?

Billy swallows unhappily and holds it up so El can see: it’s a photo of Sherri! El sighs – if she’s connected to Chuck…

========== 27:54 to 28:08 ==========

interior – humanidyne, hallway:

Gloria and Eddie wheel a gurney, with Donald inside the stretcher atop it, down the hallway and out through the open exit door Miss Nance is dusting.

EDDIE: [to Gloria:] I picked up the remote beeper for the phone in case Billy calls in.

========== 28:08 to 28:28 ==========

interior – flamingo club, chuck’s office:

In Chuck’s office, Billy is still holding the photo of Sherri.

BILLY: [dismally:] I guess that explains why she never returned my calls, huh?

EL: More importantly, it explains how Donald knew how to call this number. He must have heard Sherri dial it from the Ocean Center. [urgently:] Billy, we have got to tell Eddie – he doesn’t know this. We gotta warn ‘im.

Billy snaps out of his dismal thoughts.

BILLY: Look, I told Eddie to stay in the lab. I mean, he wouldn’t do anything stupid like—

Billy breaks off, thinking of the scenario after “like” that he’s left unsaid.

========== 28:28 to 28:38 ==========

interior – humanidyne:

At the Fundae, Eddie rolls the back door shut while Gloria looks on excitedly. They both then get in the Fundae, Eddie in the driver’s seat.

========== 28:38 to 28:57 ==========

interior – flamingo club, chuck’s office:

EL: [urgently:] Billy!

BILLY: You’re right.

Billy sets the photo of Sherri back on Chuck’s desk.

BILLY: El, come on, let’s get back to the lab.

Billy opens the door and he and El freeze – Chuck and “Gold Tooth” are there waiting for them, the latter with a gun aimed at them. Chuck crosses his arms and leans against the doorway. Billy points to the photo of Sherri.

BILLY: I don’t suppose that’s your sister, huh?

Oozing with evil calmness, Chuck takes a bite of the food he’s holding and doesn’t bother to answer. Billy and El exchange a worried look.

========== 28:57 to 30:13 ==========

interior – humanidyne:


At Humanidyne, Dick has problems of his own.

DICK: [putting up a strong front:] No, no, gentlemen, I assure you if our boys had anything to do with your missing dolphin, Humanidyne would be the first to know.

Dick is walking backwards ahead of 2 reps from the Delta Foundation (the one in charge is called Lietch) as they come down the stairs into the basement and head along the hallway toward the lab.

LIETCH: Then you don’t have anything to worry about. But I know what the security guard saw, Mr. Stetmeyer.

DICK: [by habit:] Call me Dick.

Dick ducks, startled, as he nearly backs into a life-sized, and life-like, stuffed gorilla. The Delta reps get ahead of him and Dick hurries to catch up.

LIETCH: [continuing:] And what he saw last night was an ice cream truck. With no ice cream. And a red light on top.

DICK: [grasping at straws:] Those are all over the city.

LIETCH: The Delta Foundation trusts me to get to the bottom of this, and that’s where I’m going to start.

DICK: [calmly:] I assure you, we have nothing to hide. [hurriedly, as the reps enter the lab:] Please, don’t go in there!

h.i.t. lab:

In the lab, Donald’s pool is impossible to miss. Dick launches into an explanation for it being there.

DICK: Oh, that great big pool. You know, the boys like to swim. An—and they told us upstairs it was alright—

Lietch talks over Dick, not convinced by his explanation in the slightest.

LIETCH 1: Where is it?

DICK: —as long as it was on their own time... [stops, confused by the question] Where—where is what?

LIETCH: The dolphin.

Dick is genuinely surprised at Donald not being in the lab.

DICK: It isn’t here?

Dick steps up and looks into the pool, then sticks his finger in – there’s no movement. Dick gets composed – with no proof, Lietch has no case.

DICK: [somewhat smugly:] As I’ve already told you, it isn’t here.

Lietch holds up a fish from the bucket.

LIETCH: Then how do you explain this?

Dick stares at the fish, but before he has to answer, Johnny B comes hurrying into the lab.

JOHNNY B: Hey, Stetmeyer.

Dick grasps this chance for an excuse and turns a solemn face to Johnny B.

DICK: John. John, I have some bad news for you. Your fish died.

Johnny B glances at the fish Lietch is holding up - he doesn’t dispute Dick’s story, but he doesn’t make any effort to sell it either.

JOHNNY B: Great.

Johnny B leads Dick away from the Delta reps. Lietch frowns.

JOHNNY B: Now where’s Billy and El? I called, but the phone machine’s on.

DICK: I don’t know, they rushed outta here. Th—they went to some bar on the marina.

JOHNNY B: What bar?

DICK: I dunno. The ‘flamingo’ something.

JOHNNY B: [to himself:] ‘Flamingo’...

Johnny B heads off, knowing what to do, but Dick is still in the dark.

DICK: [distressed:] Well, what have they done?

Johnny B pauses to reply.

JOHNNY B: I’m not sure, but I think they’re sittin’ on somethin’ pretty important.

========== 30:13 to 31:37 ==========

interior – flamingo club, restroom:

Back in the Flamingo Club restroom, Billy and El are each in a stall, tied to the toilets they’re sitting on.

BILLY: [from inside the stall:] It’s not been the best of afternoons, El. Just thought I’d share that with you.

EL: [dryly:] Thank you for sharing.

BILLY: [lamenting:] First I find out the girl of my dreams is playing house with Scarface. Then I end up tied to a toilet. [sighs] I woke up in such a good mood.

EL: [impatiently:] Billy, think. Now if we don’t get outta here, Eddie could be in big trouble.

BILLY: [snappishly:] Yeah, well, what about us? [sighs] You know what I think?

EL: What?

BILLY: I think Chuck flies the stuff in. Look, you saw those manifests from Hong Kong, right?

EL: [nods, thinking] Right.

BILLY: [from the other stall:] Okay. Well, just suppose one of his planes didn’t make it all the way in one night.

EL: Then that means that the skeleton that Donald saw is probably the pilot.

BILLY: That’s right. Okay, so now Chuckie’s got a couple million bucks and a dead guy out there, and Donald’s the only one who knows where they are.

EL: [sighs worriedly] And Eddie’s the only one that can tell Donald what to do. Billy, if he leads Chuck to what he wants, they’re gonna end up little ripples in a big pond.

BILLY: [decisively:] Alright, we’ll just have to get to Eddie first. [sighs] [to himself:] Come on, think, Hayes, think. [musing aloud:] What would Sonny Crockett do in a situation like this?

Just then El has an idea.

EL: Shrink.

Billy rolls his head.

BILLY: [scoffs:] I don’t think so, El.

EL: No, no. I mean me. I think I can hit my head on these pipes back here.

Billy listens as El shifts around.

EL: [from the other stall:] Okay. Hold on, let me see. Ow!

BILLY: [cringes] Be careful, El.

EL: [from the other stall:] Hold on. Wait, wait. Just a minute.

BILLY: Hey, El, be careful. Don’t hit the—

Billy breaks off at a splashing sound from the other stall.

BILLY: El? [listens] Hey, El? [listens] Swim, big guy!

========== 31:37 to 31:56 =========

exterior (daytime) – marina:

At the marina, Gloria and Eddie arrive in the Fundae. Then Sherri drives up in a red sports car, parks next to the Fundae, and gets out.

SHERRI: [sounding friendly:] Hi.

========== 31:56 to 33:53 ==========

interior – flamingo club:

Billy and El have escaped their bonds and are opening the door of the restroom. There’s an ‘Out of order’ sign on the door and a mop across the doorway. Billy picks up the mop and they exit – El is wiping off his neck with a paper towel.

EL: [warningly:] If you ever tell anyone what happened in there…

BILLY: Chill, okay? It could happen to anyone. Just stay cool. [looks around] Listen, I figure Chuck’s long gone by now. A few more feet and we’re home free.

Billy sets down the mop and they head off. Bartender spots Billy and El as they scurry through the front doors. He reaches under the counter, pushes the silent alarm button and picks up a rifle.

exterior (daytime) – flamingo club parking lot:

Stepping outside to the parking lot, Billy and El (both with their sunglasses back on) hurry away from the Flamingo Club. El bumps into a delivery man standing by a Chicken Supreme scooter.

EL: Excuse me. Nice chicken.

Billy and El reach their rental car and get in. Billy starts backing it up, but stops when the front end drops to the ground with a thump. Billy and El exchange looks then quickly get out and check: someone has removed the wheels! El gives Billy a “You and your crazy schemes” look. Billy throws up his hands, like, “Why me?!”.

BILLY: [with annoyance:] Aw, come on, it was just a rental!

Behind El, Bartender aims his rifle at him. Billy notices Bartender just in time and yells to El.

BILLY: Down!

El ducks and the shot strikes a tree instead, breaking off a branch. Billy and El take off running across the parking lot. El pours out his annoyance at the situation to Billy, who can’t get a word of defense in edgewise.

EL: [shouting:] I’m a college graduate. P.H.D. Good grades. I coulda been anything I wanted. I became a scientist. And when you’re a scientist, nobody shoots at you!

Billy and El slow to a stop as they see a white limo screech into the parking lot, heading straight at them. They can’t turn back the way they came and the limo is barreling down on them – they have no escape! Then, a bolt from the blue! Billy and El duck away from the sparks thrown up by the bolt hitting the asphalt in front of the limo. The limo driver swerves. Billy and El tumble to the ground, out of harm’s way. The limo crashes into some garbage cans near the doors of the Flamingo Club. Billy looks around for the source of their deliverance.

BILLY: [spotting their rescuer:] B-Man.

Billy and El get back to their feet and hurry toward him. At the limo, the driver gets out. Bartender, still standing outside the Club, calls to him.

BARTENDER: C’mon, get over here. We gotta warn Chuck.

Bartender and the limo driver rush inside the Club. Billy and El scramble up to Johnny B, who leans back against his parked motorcycle, replacing his driving gloves.

JOHNNY B: [calmly:] Called. You were out.

Billy bends over, hands on knees, to catch his breath as he looks gratefully at Johnny B.

BILLY: Whoa, B-Man, I definitely owe you dinner for that one. I mean it, no argument.

El, also catching his breath, quickly questions Johnny B.

EL: Did you go by the lab? Were Glo and Eddie there?

JOHNNY B: Yeah, I went there, but no one was around.

EL: What about Donald?

JOHNNY B: Uh, I don’t think so.

Johnny B gets back on his motorcycle and puts on his helmet, readying to drive off.

BILLY: Oh great. Chuck’s probably takin’ ‘em for a boat ride. We gotta get down to the docks now.

JOHNNY B: Well, I can take one of ya.

EL: You guys go ahead, I’ll catch up.

BILLY: Alright.

El heads off. Billy gets on the motorcycle behind Johnny B and Johnny B drives off. El reaches the Chicken Supreme scooter and sits in it. Delivery Man hurries over nervously.

DELIVERY MAN: [protesting:] Uh… hey! Uh…

EL: [calmly assuring:] Hold on. Hold on. I’m just renting it.


EL: [calmly assuring:] No, no, no, I’m just renting this, okay? I’m just gonna rent it.

DELIVERY MAN: No. Hey. No, no.

El pulls out his wallet and presses some money into Delivery Man’s hand.

EL: Look, here. Here-here-here. Here’s the money.

DELIVERY MAN: Come on. No.

EL: [firmly:] Now take it. Here’s the money.

========== 33:53 to 34:15 ==========

exterior (daytime) – ocean-front street:

As Johnny B drives to the docks, Billy calls over the engine noise.

BILLY: You know, I really thought she liked me. I thought we had something.


BILLY: Sherri.

JOHNNY B: Who’s Sherri?

BILLY: An international drug dealer.

JOHNNY B: [amused:] Remind me to talk to you about where to look for women. [to business:] Now, where’re we going?

BILLY: Well, this guy’s got a boat. We saw pictures of it and we hope it’s down at the marina.

JOHNNY B: What’s it called?

BILLY: Snow Queen.

Johnny B gives Billy a look. Billy shrugs.

========== 34:15 to 34:34 ==========

exterior (daytime) – marina, snow queen’s berth:

At the edge of the marina pier, Eddie kneels down and shows the computer printout of Donald’s images – the skeleton first – to Donald in the water. Gloria and Sherri kneel down behind Eddie.

EDDIE: Okay, Donald. This is the big one. [flips it around to the flamingo side] Okay? Go for it!

Donald chitters and swims off. Eddie turns to Sherri; Gloria is smiling.

EDDIE: [to Sherri:] Hope your boat is fast.

========== 34:34 to 34:39 ==========

exterior (daytime) – ocean-front street:

Johnny B and Billy continue toward the marina.

========== 34:39 to 35:32 ==========

exterior (daytime) – marina, snow queen’s berth:

“Gold Tooth” helps Sherri onto the Snow Queen, then Eddie, but when Gloria holds out her hand to be next, “Gold Tooth” shoves her away.


EDDIE: [startled:] What are you doing?!

The helmsman quickly starts the engine and the Snow Queen roars off as “Gold Tooth” manhandles Eddie onto the upper deck. Just a smidge too late, Johnny B and Billy (on Johnny B’s motorcycle) arrive on the scene. “Gold Tooth” plants Eddie next to Sherri and runs off to deal with the unwanted newcomers.

GLORIA: [yells:] Eddie, run!

Eddie hurries forward, but Chuck quickly follows with a gun to prevent him from leaving.

GLORIA: [yelling worriedly:] Eddie!

“Gold Tooth” aims a rifle at the advancing motorcycle. Gloria quickly uses her TK to toss him out of the Snow Queen. His shot fires harmlessly into the air and he falls into the water.

On the docks, Johnny B parks his motorcycle just as El arrives in the Chicken Supreme scooter.

BILLY: [to El and Johnny B:] Come on, guys, we’re running out of time. Let’s move.

Billy, El, and Johnny B run up to where Gloria is on the edge of the pier. Johnny B raises his arms, ready to fire a bolt at the departing Snow Queen, but Gloria intervenes.

GLORIA: [yells:] Johnny, no! They’ve got Eddie.

EL: [sensibly:] They won’t hurt Eddie. They need ‘im.

Despite this fact, Gloria can't help feeling super worried. Billy sighs, watching the Snow Queen leave – they were so close!

========== 35:32 to 35:52 ==========

exterior (daytime) – Snow Queen:

Donald swims steadily through the ocean, the Snow Queen keeping right on his tail. After checking over the side of the boat on his dolphin friend, Eddie turns and scopes out his captor’s boat – what has he gotten himself and Donald into? – then turns back to the water.

========== 35:52 to 36:35 ==========

exterior (daytime) – marina, sailor sam’s:

At “Sailor Sam’s Boat Rentals” booth, the Misfits are trying to rent a boat to follow the Snow Queen.

SAILOR SAM: Sorry, we’ve only got one boat left.

BILLY: Fine. We’ll take it.

SAILOR SAM: You have to fill out this form.

Sailor Sam sets a clipboard on the counter.

JOHNNY B: Come on, lady, we’re in a hurry.

SAILOR SAM: [shrugs] Forms is forms.

There’s nothing for it, so Billy steps forward to do the dirty work of filling out the form. While doing so, he complains at Gloria.

BILLY: You know you really amaze me, Glo. You know that?

GLORIA: [angrily:] Billy, cut it out! I said I feel really bad about this, alright? What was I supposed to do?

Sailor Sam waits placidly while the argument goes on around her.

BILLY: You didn’t have to do anything. All you had to do was stay there with Eddie, in the lab. Like I told you.

GLORIA: [retorts:] Like you know so much. Right.

El is bothered by the argument but doesn’t take sides.

GLORIA: There’s no way I coulda stopped him, Billy.

BILLY: [unrelenting:] You didn’t have to help.

GLORIA: [angrily:] Like you were some big help! If you would’ve taken him with you like you should’ve, would any of this happened? Huh? No!

Billy can’t argue with this, so just gives Gloria a glare. He finishes with the form and hands it to Sailor Sam.

SAILOR SAM: I need a major credit card.

Billy just looks at her – she has got to be kidding.

========== 36:35 to 37:16 ==========

exterior (daytime) – marina:

The Misfits run down the pier to the boat they've just rented, a small speedboat named the Andrea Doreen.

BILLY: Alright, let’s go.

Billy gets in the boat, then helps Gloria in as El unhitches the rope. Johnny B is about to get into the boat also, but Billy holds out his hand to stop him.

BILLY: Hey, whoa, B-Man. I mean, this is a boat. Maybe this is not such a great idea for you.

JOHNNY B: Hayes, I know it’s a boat. You just steer and let me worry about it. I’m goin’.

Billy accepts this and Johnny B gets gingerly into the boat.

BILLY: Alright, we’re outta here. El, keys.

El tosses the keys to Billy and gets in. Johnny B hesitantly looks over the side of the boat at the water. Billy puts the keys in the ignition then realizes he has no clue what to do next.

BILLY: Hey, El?

EL: Yeah?

BILLY: How d’ya drive a boat?

EL: I don’t know. Just try it in the—

El’s instruction turns into a grunt as Billy moves a lever and the boat revs forward, pitching Johnny B almost off his feet and causing El and Gloria to grab hold. Billy drives the boat away from the pier as El gives directions.

EL: Straight. [pointing to the right:] Okay, starboard!

Billy doesn’t turn so El changes out of sailing jargon.

EL: [still pointing to the right:] Left! Left!

JOHNNY B: It’s a dead end!

EL: Alright, port!

The boat revs forward again, knocking El into his seat. Billy lets go of the wheel and turns to El – leaving the boat still driving forward.

BILLY: [to El, frustrated:] Just say ‘right’ or ‘left’!

El stands back up and points urgently at the boat they’re about to ram into.

EL: Billy!

GLORIA: Billy!

Billy spins and sees the other boat.

BILLY: Whoa!

EL: [directing:] Left!

El points firmly to the left this time, then holds on; Billy grabs the wheel and makes a sharp left turn.

BILLY: Sorry.

They clear the other boat and head away from the docks without further incident.

BILLY: Look, El, just say ‘left’ or ‘right’, okay?

EL: [agreeably:] Okay. [going all ‘sea captain’ on them:] Steady as she goes.

BILLY: [grumbling:] Aw, “Steady as she goes”? I’ll steady you as you go.

========== 37:16 to 38:33 ==========

exterior (daytime) – Snow Queen:

On the Snow Queen, Eddie is looking over the side of the railing when Sherri joins him. Eddie turns to her and takes off his glasses, wiping them on his scarf.

EDDIE: You know, you shouldn’t feel bad.

Sherri reacts with surprise.

EDDIE: I mean, I know your boyfriend put you up to this.

Sherri turns away and goes to a different part of the railing.

EDDIE: You wouldn’t be doing this if it was just you and me. I know that for a fact.

Sherri just listens.

EDDIE: [earnestly:] Wherever Donald is taking you to, it doesn’t matter to me. Just get whatever you want and take us back. Donald and I’ll start all over someplace. You know, Donald won’t leave with me here. No matter what.

Sherri still doesn’t respond.

EDDIE: [worriedly:] And I don’t want anything to happen to him.

Eddie has a tissue out and wipes his nose with it.

EDDIE: [getting insistent:] ‘Cause he didn’t do anything. You know? So you’ll take us back. Right?

Sherri abruptly leaves.

EDDIE: [calling after her:] Right?

Discouraged, Eddie puts the tissue in his pocket and feels something else there. He pulls out the remote beeper for the phone at H.I.T. He gets a thoughtful expression and turns to look back into the ocean.

========== 38:33 to 39:27 ==========

exterior (daytime) – andrea doreen:

The Andrea Doreen cuts through the water at a high clip, Billy and Gloria both searching for any glimpse of the Snow Queen. Johnny B is keeping low in the boat and away from the edges; El is leaning over the back of the boat, looking a little green.

JOHNNY B: [uneasily:] It’s not workin’, El.

Billy glances at Johnny B with concern. El leans back up.

EL: [weakly:] What’s not working?

JOHNNY B: Blockin’ out the fear. Of the water. [explains:] I almost forget, but then it comes back.

EL: [advising:] You don’t have to forget. In fact, you shouldn’t forget. It’s part of you. Nothin’ wrong with knowing your limitations.

El leans over the back of the boat again.

(39:16 to 39:19 – a reverse shot of the boat.)

The Misfits’ boat gets buffeted by waves as they hit choppier water – everyone holds on, Johnny B ducks away from the spray.

========== 39:27 to 39:54 ==========

exterior (daytime) – Snow Queen:

The drug dealers have reached the location that Donald was leading them to, and they are retrieving the downed drug shipment. In the water in diving gear, flunky #1 is beside a crate that's attached to a crane on the deck of the Snow Queen. He gives an ‘Okay’ sign and Chuck reels the crate in.

CHUCK: There we go.

Flunky #2 helps pull the crate onto the deck and put it with the 2 others already retrieved (all 3 have a stenciled flamingo silhouette on their side). Eddie, sitting off to the side, is holding his glasses over something in his lap. He lifts them up to look through at what the bad guys are doing: Chuck has sawn open a flamingo lawn ornament from the crate and is pulling out the bags of drugs from inside.

CHUCK: [happily:] Just look at this! Lord have mercy.

Eddie checks on Sherri’s whereabouts as well: she’s sitting on a shaded seat a little ways away. Satisfied he’s not being paid attention to, Eddie lowers his glasses back to his lap and the work he’s doing on the remote beeper – Eddie has a plan.

========== 39:54 to 40:56 ==========

exterior (daytime) – andrea doreen:

As Billy drives the Andrea Doreen over the seemingly-forever-to-be-empty waves, Gloria confesses why she helped Eddie.

GLORIA: I just wanted you guys to take me seriously.

BILLY: [surprised:] You did?

GLORIA: Yeah. I wanted to show you I was old enough to make decisions.

Billy thinks on this.

GLORIA: People have always decided things for me. Jane tells me what I can do. And you guys tell me what to do.

El and Johnny B listen.

GLORIA: I thought I was mature enough to decide the right thing. On my own. [adds sadly:] Guess I’m not.

BILLY: [assuring quickly:] No! You are, Glo. You— And, yes, you did the right thing. You did.

Gloria feels a little better at hearing this.

BILLY: I mean, El was right – we fell down on the job.

El listens; Johnny B fidgets.

BILLY: Heck, Glo, you were the only one who saw who the really important one was here.

Gloria smiles at the support, but can’t help making an “I still let something bad happen though” expression.

GLORIA: [to Billy:] We gonna find ‘im?

Billy looks at Gloria, then exchanges a look with El. Johnny B pats Gloria’s knee in sympathy. Billy looks at Gloria again and then finally answers.

BILLY: I don’t know.

========== 40:56 to 42:25 ==========

exterior (daytime) – Snow Queen:

On the Snow Queen, Sherri has returned to the railing where Eddie is standing, so Eddie tries to get some answers.

(The life preserver beside Eddie says Sea Cloud not Snow Queen!)

EDDIE: Sherri. I wanna know, when did you make up this plan?

Sherri tries to leave.

EDDIE: No, wait.

Eddie puts his arm out and prevents Sherri from leaving.

EDDIE: Why did you stick up for me? With Delta.

SHERRI: Look, just drop it, okay?

Sherri tries to leave again but Eddie stops her.

EDDIE: Because you were my friend. Because you believed in me, right?

Sherri looks away with a pang of guilt.

EDDIE: [pressing:] Not just because you wanted to use Donald and I for this, right? It was because of me, right?

Sherri decides to stop holding the truth back and throws it in Eddie’s face.

SHERRI: Wrong!

Eddie blinks, upset at hearing this admission.

SHERRI: [shouts:] Okay? Are you happy? Does that make you feel better, Eddie?

Eddie looks down – the answer is obviously ‘No!’

SHERRI: [unrelenting:] Huh? Does it?

Sherri waits but Eddie doesn’t answer so she heads off.

EDDIE: [calls out:] Sherri.

Sherri stops a few feet on.

EDDIE: We’re not turning around. [shakes his head in worry] We’re not goin’ back now, are we?

Suddenly, Chuck comes out of the cabin, loading a rifle. Eddie knows what Chuck must be preparing to do – Eddie has to save Donald now or it will be too late! Eddie takes off down the hatch to the lower deck.

SHERRI: Eddie!

Sherri sprints after Eddie. On the lower deck, Eddie runs past flunky #2 (who’s handling scuba equipment) and around the side of the boat to the railing. Sherri reaches the lower deck, still chasing after Eddie, and flunky #2 follows her. At the railing, Eddie leans over the side and holds up the newly-reconfigured remote beeper.

EDDIE: I’m sorry, Donald. This is gonna hurt.

Eddie presses the button and a series of beeps is emitted, causing Donald to chitter in distress. Sherri and flunky #2 catch up to Eddie, who’s keeping the beeper button held down for dear life.

SHERRI: [to flunky:] Get that beeper!

Flunky #2 and flunky #1 – who hops down from the upper deck – both grab Eddie just as Donald turns to swim away.

EDDIE: Go, Donald, go!

The flunkies wrestle with Eddie at the railing, but it’s too late, Donald is on his way. From the top deck, Chuck fires his rifle at Donald in the water – once, twice…!

EDDIE: [yells in distress:] No!

========== 42:25 to 43:09 ==========

exterior (daytime) – andrea doreen:

Billy slaps the windshield in frustration and slows the Andrea Doreen to look around. El has the radio in hand and is studying it. Billy throws up his hands.

BILLY: Well, we know Donald came out here. There’s no telling where he ended up.

JOHNNY B: We shoulda called the Coast Guard when we had a chance.

BILLY: [defensively:] Did I know the radio was broken?

GLORIA: [demands:] So what now? We just give up?

Billy looks around without answering and spots something.

BILLY: [pointing] Hey!

A dolphin is heading toward the Misfits’ boat! It leaps with a splash, getting their attention.

GLORIA: Oh my gosh! I-is that Donald? El, look!

Johnny B stands to get a better look; El shrugs.

EL: Am I supposed to know one dolphin from another?

The dolphin – it is Donald – chitters excitedly. Billy points at him.

BILLY: He wants—he wants us to follow ‘im.

Johnny B looks over at Billy in disbelief.

JOHNNY B: You outta your mind? What, like Lassie?

El smiles and waves at Donald. Billy rolls his head at Johnny B and gives him a look.

BILLY: No, like Flipper. Am I the only guy around here that watches TV? I mean, look, he wants to take us somewhere.

Donald chitters again and takes off. Billy drives the Andrea Doreen after Donald, who powers toward where Eddie is still in danger.

========== 43:09 to 43:14 ==========

exterior (daytime) – Snow Queen:

On the Snow Queen, Eddie’s hands are tied behind his back and he’s on the seat with Sherri guarding him. They exchange uncomfortable looks.

========== 43:14 to 45:41 ==========

exterior (daytime) – Snow Queen and andrea doreen:

Donald swims, the Andrea Doreen close behind him. Gloria spots the Snow Queen and points.

GLORIA: [yells:] Up there!

On the Snow Queen, Sherri notices the Misfits’ boat approaching, and stands quickly.

SHERRI: [calls:] Chuck!

Sherri hurries to the railing. Eddie blinks out at the water – without his glasses on he can’t tell what Sherri saw. Donald leaps out of the water in a big arc – this Eddie sees though!

EDDIE: [with a grin:] Donald.

SHERRI: [urgently:] Chuck!

Chuck comes on deck, rifle in hand, followed by flunky #1. Chuck tosses the rifle to flunky #1 and quickly goes to the door beside Eddie. Flunky #2 comes with a rifle of his own. Now arming himself with a dart rifle, Chuck joins Sherri at the railing.

CHUCK: Where is it?

SHERRI: I dunno.

Sherri hurries to get a dart rifle as well.

In the Andrea Doreen, the Misfits exchange concerned looks as they head closer to the enemy boat.

Aboard the Snow Queen, Chuck and Sherri aim their two dart rifles as the 2 flunkies fire shots at the approaching smaller craft.

Billy turns the Andrea Doreen to avoid the shots and none hit the boat. Gloria quickly goes to work with her TK and efficiently dispatches both flunkies in quick succession by shoving them off the upper deck of the Snow Queen – the flunkies each fall into the ocean with a yell of surprise. Billy gives Gloria an admiring look. Chuck fires his dart rifle and the dart hits a seat inside the Andrea Doreen, narrowly missing the Misfits. Gloria strengthens her resolve.

(At 44:01, in the far shot of the Andrea Doreen, the driver is wearing white sunglasses, but Billy doesn’t wear them at any time during the boat sequences.) (At 44:15, in the close-up of the dart in the seat, you see a hand pulling away – perhaps someone wiggling the dart to make it look as if it just hit?)

GLORIA: [to Billy, with worried determination:] Get alongside! In the back, Billy. We gotta get Eddie!

Billy follows orders and swings the Andrea Doreen around the back of the Snow Queen.

Aboard the Snow Queen, Sherri aims but can’t get a clear shot. Eddie looks on helplessly. Chuck reloads his dart rifle.

GLORIA: It’s gonna be close. Billy, slow down!

Billy cuts the engine down and Gloria concentrates. She uses her TK to lift a surprised Eddie from the top deck of the Snow Queen. The other 3 Misfits watch in awe as Gloria telekinetically carries Eddie all the way to the front of the Andrea Doreen and sets him down.

BILLY: [impressed:] Whoa, Glo, you’ve been practicing.

Gloria is extremely pleased with herself and the praise, but suddenly notices Sherri aiming at them.

GLORIA: [yells:] Billy, go!

Billy quickly revs the engine and pulls away to a safe distance, then turns to look at the Snow Queen, which has started fleeing.

BILLY: They’re getting away. B-Man , we gotta do something.

Johnny B stands up in the boat. Gloria glances back at him. Johnny B looks out at the receding Snow Queen. As El looks on, Johnny B charges up his hand and lets off a bolt large enough to strike the Snow Queen and cause a minor explosion. Billy ducks reflexively.

BILLY: [to Johnny B:] Nice job!

El and Johnny B react with open-mouthed surprise to the bolt, then exchange an amazed look. Gloria joins Eddie in the front of the boat to untie him. Eddie leans forward so Gloria can reach his hands, then looks around in the water.

EDDIE: [worriedly:] Donald. Where is Donald?

On cue, Donald leaps out of the water with a chitter. Gloria and Eddie smile happily.

BILLY: Guess we gotta get back and call the Coast Guard. Okay! Does anybody know where we are?

The Misfits’ boat bobs on the landmark-less ocean.

========== 45:41 to 47:11 ==========

interior – ocean center, donald’s enclosure:

In Donald’s enclosure at the Ocean Center, Gloria (wearing a necklace with a silver dolphin charm on it) and Eddie have their feet in Donald’s pool. Gloria pets Donald as Eddie feeds him a fish.

EDDIE: Here you are.

Eddie turns to Gloria excitedly.

EDDIE: I get a completely new audio system. Built in. And over there, they’re gonna give me a completely new video system. With three more monitors. And cable TV.

GLORIA: Wow, sounds like you and Donald are pretty much set up here for life, huh?

EDDIE: Well, maybe not that long. And, oh, it’s, uh, not just me and Donald any more.

GLORIA: What do you mean?

EDDIE: Well, I got to thinking that maybe it’s not such a good idea for me to be Donald’s only friend.

Gloria looks in the pool and sees a 2nd dolphin.

GLORIA: [mock-accusingly:] Eddie, did you get Donald a girlfriend?

EDDIE: No! I—well, I had nothing to do with it.

The two dolphins swim side-by-side.

EDDIE: She followed him home one night.

Gloria laughs.

EDDIE: [amused:] At least, that’s what he told me.

Behind them, Billy are El are watching.

BILLY: [complaining:] See, even Donald gets to have a girlfriend.

EL: You want a date with a dolphin? I’ll fix you up.

Billy rolls his head.

BILLY: Come on, El, you know what I’m talkin’ about. I mean, I was thinking about her, you know? Sherri.

El gives a nod.

BILLY: And you know what the really embarrassing thing is – as a man, you know? Is that all the time that I was thinking about nothing but her, all she was thinking about… was a fish.

EL: Don’t put yourself down. A dolphin’s a mammal.

Billy starts nodding then freezes. Eddie joins them.

EDDIE: Come on, El, I’ll show you my new parking space.

(“Sea Cruise” starts up.)

They head off, leaving Billy still thinking on what El said.

BILLY: [mouthing to himself:] “A dolphin’s a…”? [getting it:] “A dolphin’s a mammal”.

Billy shakes his head and follows after El and Eddie. Donald and his new girlfriend swim happily.

========== 47:11 to 48:18 ==========


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