Jane Miller

Played by:  Jennifer Holmes

Seen in episodes:  01-02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 08

Mentioned in episodes:  07, 10

Occupation:  Probation Officer

Jane is an independent woman working as a probation officer. Her area of expertise is getting through to juvenile delinquents, a skill she honed on Gloria and used to get information out of one of the runaways in the sewer. Her connection with the police is useful to the Misfits when they need information or when they need some help, like when she asked for help from one of her officer friends when the Misfits needed to find Link.

She has a clear sense of right from wrong, safe from dangerous, socially acceptable from crazy — she'd just like it if Billy could see the distinctions as clearly.

Jane and her husband Mark are separated. She left him because he didn't care about her, she felt she ranked somewhere between his racquetball and waxing the car. But their relationship was good for something at least – she has a baby on the way. Jane's appetite is much larger now since she's eating for two, and her pregnancy prevented her from coming on the Misfits' later missions.

History & Relationship...

...with Gloria

Jane is more to Gloria than just her probation officer, she's like a mother. They have a very close relationship; they enjoy each other's company and they talk about everything together – Gloria advised Jane to tell Billy about the baby before he found out another way. When they had first met, Gloria didn't want to trust anyone, but Jane used eating pizza together to break the ice.

Even though Gloria is nearly 18, Jane still feels very protective of her. Jane was worried for her before the Misfits' first mission, telling Billy that Gloria was just "a baby". She thought it was far too dangerous for her and didn't want Gloria to have any setbacks. Not after all she'd done towards getting Gloria out of her shell and being okay with her TK in the three years she'd been working with her. But once Jane saw that becoming one of the Misfits of Science did Gloria a world of good, she never had any more complaints about it.

...with Billy

Jane and Billy had known each other from before. They had been seeing each other, but things hadn't gone right and Jane had called it off. However, during the Misfits' first mission, she got to know Billy a whole lot better – what he was like when it really came down to it – and she fell for him all over again. There was just the little hitch of her being pregnant.

Jane couldn't find the nerve to tell Billy about the baby (El was the one who eventually told him), because even though she considered their relationship to be honest, she didn't want to jeopardize it in any way. Though once Billy did know about Jane's previous relationship and the baby, he didn't change towards her at all, except to lay off the fat jokes now that he knew the cause of her weight gain. They don't talk about taking their relationship any further, but they do occasionally banter like a married couple.


Jane wears her hair short and in an updo. She wears sophisticated blouses and skirts in light, bright colors. While she was pregnant she wore maternity sizes without any self-consciousness. She wears earrings (she wore fun, paperclip-shaped ones once), and large necklaces. Her Misfits of Science jacket is pink.


  • She bought Billy a hero's fedora as a thank-you gift for saving her life.
  • She eats anchovies on her pizza (while pregnant).
  • She had taken Gloria to see Johnny B in concert before the Misfits met.
  • When Jane thanked Bobby (her friend on the force) for keeping it low-key, Bobby replied "For you, anything. You know that."
  • She helped Gina start 'Bounce Back', a program for helping street kids.
  • She has a cousin who lives on a farm.


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Jane: You know, you really shoulda called me, Hayes.

Billy: Hey, will ya... Will ya call me Billy? Jane: Yeah.


Jane: Maybe you give up too easily.

Billy: Naw. I was a jerk, I figured I deserved it.

Jane (mischievously): You were a jerk. And you did.


Jane: You got her arrested, Hayes.


Jane: Hayes, I happen to be an officer of the court. Crime looks real bad on my resume.


Billy (taking Jones fedora and putting it on): That's it! That's the one. This is it— Wait a minute. Hey, here. Is this me, or what? I'm serious.

Jane (nods, but then shakes her head): No. But they didn't have one with a propeller.


Jane: Gloria, look. Every time I-I start to say something, I just feel a little uncomfortable. Okay? Billy and I have a relationship. ... Sort of.


Jane: Josh. We've taken driver's education, haven't we. Hmm? Yes?


Gloria (patting Jane's stomach): It's not such a bad going-away present.

Jane: It's the best thing he ever did.


Jane: No more fat jokes?


Jane (to Bobby about siren): Do you think maybe we could lose the sound effect?


Jane: They, uh, wouldn't shoot a pregnant lady, would they?


Jane (to Zack): Hey, you don't have to be afraid of us. (in Dracula voice): I don't bite.


Billy: Jane, you should— Shouldn't you watch this eating thing? Okay? I mean, look, what are we talking here? We got eight slices at, uh, six anchovies a slice, that's— You'll start looking like John Candy here. The kid's gonna come out pickled.

Jane: You better watch it or I'm gonna name him after you.


Aide: Security's pretty tight, they're starting up the reactor right now. What do you have in there?

Jane: A baby.

Aide: No, I mean the cage.

Jane: A mouse.


Jane: Frankly, Hayes, it would have been more fun watching you do your laundry.


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