Transcript 3

Transcript – 03

========== 00:00 to 02:44 ==========

TV is showing an adventure/archaeology movie: In an underground temple, the hero, carrying a map and a torch, falls to the ground – he’s been shot in the back with an arrow. He struggles to his feet and moves on – the arrow still in him. An evil-looking man, with war paint on his face, steps out of the shadows behind the hero, watching intently. The hero runs through the temple, looking behind for pursuers, the map clutched tightly in his hand. He stumbles his way further toward escape.

Exterior (daytime) – beach house:

back patio:

Billy and El are watching the movie on their TV, and eating popcorn.

BILLY: Hold it. I don’t get it, wh—where’d the headhunters go?

EL: Shhh! The Virgin Queen sent them away.

BILLY: [confused:] I thought she was a Nazi.

El is too caught up in watching the movie to explain.

EL: You’re not paying attention.

Billy gives El a look.

On the TV, the hero runs for his life.

Interior – underground passageway:

Morton Augenblickt, a.k.a. Augie, runs through a temple, trying to escape. He’s carrying a map and a flashlight and has been injured (this is all eerily similar to the movie Billy and El are watching back at the beach house!). Augie reaches a ladder and climbs up.

Exterior (daytime) – city, business district:

Augie pushes open a grate, climbs out into a business district of the city, and hurries across the street. Parked nearby in a red Volkswagen Beetle, “Ponytail” watches intently. As Augie continues his escape, “Ponytail” starts the car and follows.

back patio:

On the TV, the hero is running through the jungle now.

El points at the TV and leans forward.

EL: This is a good part.

On the TV, a jaguar is up in a tree. The hero runs by, unaware of the danger. The jaguar leaps down, only missing the hero by an inch.

city, street:

Augie, running across a street, is nearly hit by a black Jaguar. It screeches to a stop as Augie dodges onto the sidewalk.

back patio:

On the TV, the hero is still running through the jungle. Another evil-looking man is watching him from behind some overgrowth.

city, street:

Augie, still running, passes by a blue-haired punk, who watches him. Augie reaches a private street and stumbles onward (Sign says: “Vehicles prohibited”).

back patio:

On the TV, the hero reaches a house in the jungle and pounds on the door.

BILLY: That’s a great hat. You think I’d look good in a hat like that, wouldn’t I?

EL: [engrossed in the movie:] No.

Billy is thrown for a second – he’d expected El to agree – then goes back to watching.

On the TV, the hero’s pounding on the door grows weaker – the arrow in his shoulder is just too much.

beach house:

front door:

Augie staggers up to the front door of Billy and El’s beach house and pounds on it weakly.

AUGIE: Billy.

The red Volkswagen parks nearby.

AUGIE: [calling:] Billy!

back patio:

El looks up from the TV – he’s heard something. He stands up and hands his popcorn to Billy, who’s now absorbed in the movie.

front door:

El walks up to the patio gate and sees Augie, who’s still pounding on the front door and struggling to stay on his feet. The red Volkswagen drives off quickly.

EL: [shocked by the state Augie is in] Augie!

Augie turns at El’s call, then collapses backward – his injury is just too much. El rushes through the gate and over to Augie.

EL: [calling:] Billy!

back patio:

Billy looks up at El’s call. He gets up, carrying both popcorns, and walks to the open patio gate.

front door:

Augie is on the ground and El is kneeling beside him. Seeing this, Billy tosses both popcorns behind him and runs to kneel down by Augie as well.

BILLY: [with concern:] Aug.

AUGIE: [haltingly:] Don’t let him do it. He’ll destroy it all.

BILLY: He who? Augie, who will?

AUGIE: [haltingly:] Mrs. Getty.

BILLY: Mrs. Getty? Wha? I don’t—

Augie doesn’t answer and Billy tries shaking his shoulder.

BILLY: Augie. Aug.

But it’s no use; Augie relaxes against the ground, taking his last breath. Billy sits back, running his hand through his hair, taking in what's just occurred. Then he notices the map in Augie’s hand and opens it slightly.

BILLY: What’s this?

On the TV, the hero is on the ground in front of the door, the map under him – he’s dead, just like Augie.

========== 02:44 to 04:05 ==========


========== 04:05 to 05:45 ==========

Exterior (daytime) - cemetery:

Billy is doing the eulogy for Augie at his funeral service as an organ player plays. (Title and credits are shown.)

BILLY: Dr. Morton Augenblickt – “Augie” to most of us - was more than just a professor to me. More than just a renowned archaeologist. More than just a leader in his field.

Billy and El are standing beside Augie’s closed casket, they’re dressed for the funeral in suits and ties – Billy’s hair is combed and El is holding a single tall white flower (and wearing sunglasses).

BILLY: He was a dedicated scientist. A visionary. A pioneer in Mayan studies. He was a… a great teacher. [touches the casket] And a great friend.

Billy and El stand in silent contemplation. Suddenly, the only other person in attendance (poor Augie!) pipes up rudely.

OLD MAN: I heard he was a loony.

Billy looks up sharply; El turns his head slowly to look at Old Man in contempt; the organ player stops playing. Old Man is eating a sandwich and staring at Billy and El defiantly, challenging them to deny it. El turns back to look at Billy, who quickly jumps to Augie’s defense.

BILLY: Well, no. I mean, he was a little eccentric, maybe—

Old Man interrupts, wanting to present his evidence.

OLD MAN: There’s that old tomb.

Billy rolls his eyes as Old Man continues.

OLD MAN: That Naquatl’s tomb he was always talkin’ about findin’. Heh! Lost a good job at the college. A real nice wife, too.

Billy stops him before he can go on.

BILLY: Alright, alright, okay. He was a little flaky. Alright? But, at least give him credit for trying! Whatever you can say about him, he wasn’t a quitter.

Old Man just takes another bite of his sandwich, unconvinced. The organ player restarts. The moment spoiled somewhat, El hands Billy the flower. Billy gives Old Man a look, then puts the flower into the bouquet on the casket.

BILLY: So long, Augie. You were a real good guy.

Billy and El both give Old Man a ‘Thanks a lot’ look. Old Man just stares back, not sorry for his views on Augie at all. Billy shakes his head as he and El turn and leave. Old Man stares after them, then looks at the casket again and gets the last word.

OLD MAN: A real loony.

========== 05:45 to 10:05 ==========



EL: [slightly exasperated:] Naquatl’s tomb? Billy, you’re starting to sound like Augie. One old map and now you think you’re ‘Indiana Hayes’.

Billy and El are bringing a gurney through the doors - atop the gurney is a large stone with carvings on its face. They stop next to Miss Nance’s desk.

BILLY: Miss Nance, what have I got today?

Miss Nance, busy reading a Screen Idol magazine, just points. Sitting in one of the seats is a man trying to put out his clothes, which are emitting a cloud of white smoke. (Sign behind him says: ‘NO SMOKING’)

BILLY: Get this man an ashtray. Miss Nance, don’t let him out of your sight.


Dick is waiting in the lab, standing in front of a plant experiment. 2 techs hold open the doors for Billy and El as they bring the gurney into the lab.

BILLY: [to El:] And anyway, what about this Mrs. Getty? I mean, those were the last words out of his mouth, right? I mean, who the hell’s Mrs. Getty anyway?

Dick sets down the wire from the plant experiment and heads over to Billy. Billy looks up from picking Augie’s map up off the stone.

DICK: Billy, that may be a very important question for you, I’m quite sure. But, what is an equally important question for me is this: Where is the report on your memory experiment?

Billy, carrying the map to the wall, stops in his tracks.

BILLY: The memory experiments!

DICK: You forgot?!

BILLY: I forgot!

Dick covers his eyes briefly.

DICK: You know, it’s not Billy Hayes that the board is gonna fire over this. It’s me, Dick Stetmeyer.

El heads for another part of the lab (wiping the sweat off from pushing the gurney); Billy resumes his task – tacking the map to a door.

DICK: And because I promised them reports on short-term memory, long term memory, genetic memory…

Dick pauses to take a breath and Billy jumps in.

BILLY: And you’ll get them, Richard. Trust me on this, okay?

Dick crosses his arms. Billy heads back to the stone, with a marker in his hand.

BILLY: We just—we just got a little caught up with this Naquatl research here, is all.

DICK: [pointedly:] Is somebody paying you to research these naquatls?

Dick steps forward and gets a closer look at the stone on the gurney.

DICK: Wait. Isn’t this from the company rose garden?

The implication goes over Billy’s head.

BILLY: Yeah. Pretty good reproduction, huh? It’s kinda heavy though.

Billy turns to El, who’s walking by.

BILLY: Hey, El, can you help me, uh, lift this?

EL: No thank you.

Something beeps and Billy heads to check on it.

DICK: Forgive me this trespass, but would it be too much for me to ask what a naquatl is?

Billy looks over from a washing machine in the corner, but El answers instead.

EL: Was. He was the last Mayan king.

Billy opens the washing machine and reaches for the clothes inside with a pair of tongs.

DICK: Oh, Naquatl. [looks over at El sharply] Mayan? Wait a minute.

El quickly busies himself with his plant experiment.

DICK: This has something to do with Mort Augenblickt, doesn’t it? I read his obituary.

Dick looks at Billy, who’s busy taking the clothes out with the tongs and putting them into a basket.

BILLY: Yeah, we think Augie was onto somethin’.

DICK: [with a ‘That’s not possible’ expression:] Augie was a loony.

Billy pauses and looks over at Dick – not the “loony” label again!

BILLY: [slightly annoyed:] He also happened to have been a very good friend of mine, and I think we owe it to him to at least try and make some sense of this.

Dick shrugs, but doesn’t push it.

BILLY: [to himself:] Are these still wet?

Gloria comes into the lab, dressed in her Burger Barn outfit and carrying a delivery of takeout.

BILLY: Hey, Glo!

GLORIA: Did you know there’s a guy smoking in the lobby?

Behind Billy, 2 techs react and rush forward. Belatedly, Billy turns to give them the order to go, but they’ve already gone past him. They grab fire extinguishers and run out the door, practically knocking Gloria down. That being taken care of, Billy turns back to the business at hand: the large stone that he needs moved.

BILLY: Hey listen, Glo, I’m glad to see ya. El needs a favor. [points at the stone] Uh, you think you could help him lift that thing, for me? Please?

Gloria looks where Billy is pointing. Dick, standing beside the stone, quickly puts out his hands in a worried ‘Don’t do it!’ gesture. Gloria looks back at Billy and asserts her position.

GLORIA: [simply:] No.

Dick covers his eyes in relief. Gloria sets the takeout on a table.

GLORIA: Here you go. There’s two Big Barnies and a fritter supreme. That’ll be three oh seven.

Billy comes over to the table, carrying the tongs and a sock.

BILLY: Gloria. Look, this is your old friend Billy talking here. You know, you just—it’s just a little favor and I don’t think it’ll matter.

GLORIA: [firmly:] No!

Billy stares at her.

GLORIA: I don’t wanna do that stuff unless I have to. Not for you.

Gloria looks over at Dick, who gives her a “Good for you!” look.

GLORIA: Not for anybody.

Gloria turns back to Billy, looking annoyed – why doesn’t he get it?

GLORIA: I’m trying to be normal, Billy!

El looks on – he doesn’t like being mixed up in this.

GLORIA: That’s why I took this job.

Billy sits down at the table, waving the tongs that are holding the sock as he talks to Gloria, who listens with her arms crossed.

BILLY: And you know something? I respect you for that, Gloria. I really do.

Billy realizes the sock waving looks silly so he quickly lowers them and tries to get Gloria with the ‘Do it for El’ card again.

BILLY: But this is for El.

El rolls his eyes and gives Billy a look – he doesn’t appreciate being used as a card!

BILLY: It’s just this once. Come on. Please?

Gloria glares at him, then shakes her head – she can see through Billy’s pretense, but knows she has to give in or El's going to wind up having to move it the hard way. She gives Billy another glare as she turns toward the stone. Dick quickly puts up a protest.

DICK: No. Wait. Wait!

Billy and Gloria look over at him.

DICK: Let me just… leave.

Dick heads for the door.

DICK: Because this...

Dick pauses and puts his arms out, raising them slowly to represent how the stone would be lifting invisibly; Billy and Gloria stare at him.

DICK: [to Gloria, apologetically:] It al—it always gives me bad dreams. It— No offense.

Dick shrugs and starts to leave again, but steps back suddenly.

DICK: [sharply:] Gentlemen! I want those reports tonight.

Dick steps out the door, then turns around to add a final word as it closes.

DICK: Please.

Dick leaves. Gloria gives Billy one more glare, then turns her attention to the stone. She uses her TK to lift the stone up off the gurney and roll the gurney out of the way. She maneuvers the stone in midair so that the carvings face outward, then lowers it into a vertical position against a post. She looks down shyly, pleased despite herself – her TK is pretty nifty. El appreciates that she did it for him so he smiles over at her.

EL: Thank you.

Gloria returns his smile – she knows El’s not at fault.

GLORIA: You’re welcome.

El puts a sensor on his plant and the heart monitor shows activity. El smiles – success!

BILLY: [to himself, looking at the tongs and sock:] I could swear I had two socks. A white one and a black one.

Billy gets up and heads back to the washing machine. Gloria notices Augie’s map.

GLORIA: Hey, you guys into Angel Moreno, huh?


GLORIA: [as if they should know:] Angel Moreno, the graffiti artist. It’s an original, right?

Gloria walks over to the map. Billy quickly puts down the tongs and joins her.

BILLY: Wait a minute. You know a guy whose work looks like this?

GLORIA: Exactly like this. Only I didn’t know he worked on paper. I thought it was just walls and buses.

El joins them.

BILLY: What are you saying? This guy’s an expert on Mayan art?

GLORIA: [laughs] Mayan? Are you kidding? This guy’s a sixteen-year-old dropout.

EL: Gloria, this is a Mayan map. It’s over a thousand years old. There’s no—

BILLY: El, wait a—wait a minute. Maybe we wanna know about this guy.

EL: Maybe we don’t.

Billy and Gloria look at him.

EL: Look, Billy. Augie or no Augie, Stetmeyer wants those reports tonight.

Billy waves his hand dismissively, more interested in finding out more about the map.

BILLY: Yeah, yeah, yeah, listen. Hey, Glo, you know this kid?

GLORIA: [shrugs] Not really. I mean, we were, like, in a couple programs together. He said he was in a barrio gang. Maybe I could set something up.

BILLY: [to El, taken with this idea:] Maybe she could set something up!

EL: In the barrio?! No!

El starts backing away, not wanting anything to do with this idea.

EL: No, no. I know what you’re up to, Billy. No! And if you think that you’re gonna drag me down to some barrio gang’s turf - well you can forget it.

El sits back down in front of his experiment.

EL: [insistent:] No way!

Billy starts to say something, but El doesn’t let him.

EL: No!

========== 10:05 to 15:21 ==========


EL: [bemoaning:] No way I’m gonna be able to explain this to Stetmeyer.

The Misfits are driving in the Fundae (all wearing their jackets), heading for the barrio despite El’s misgivings.

EL: [bemoaning:] Why do I let you do this?

BILLY: You’re a team player, big guy. Don’t fight it.

Johnny B lets off some of his tension by snapping his fingers, his electricity adding tiny sparks and the sound of static to each snap. Billy looks over and rolls his eyes in irritation as Johnny B keeps it up.

BILLY: [annoyed:] B-Man, will you cool it?

Johnny B doesn’t “cool it” – he snaps a few more times as he expresses his misgivings.

JOHNNY B: This is a really dumb move, Hayes, I’m telling ya. I grew up on the streets; I know when I’m into a bad scene.

Exterior (nighttime) - barrio:

The Fundae, having reached the barrio, drives down a deserted street.

JOHNNY B: You think this barrio kid’s stuff looks like your friend’s map. So what? Does that mean he’s gonna know how to read it?

EL: Maybe. It’s a stretch. There’s this concept called “genetic memory”. It has something to do with somehow sharing the same memories, experiences, knowledge as your ancestors. So it’s possible—

BILLY: [breaking in:] Anyway, what’s the sweat? We’re just gonna have dinner with the guy.

The Fundae drives by a wall with a Mayan-esque painting graffitied on it – it’s one of Angel’s. A few seconds later, the red Volkswagen drives past the same wall. Billy drives down another deserted street and parks out front of the building where they’re supposed to “have dinner with the guy”.

JOHNNY B: Hayes, this is not where you go when you wanna eat. This is where you go when you wanna die.

The Misfits get out of the Fundae.

BILLY: Will you guys relax? We’re just gonna sit down and have a little…

Billy trails off as he gets a closer look at the building – it looks as if it hasn’t been open in months.

BILLY: Pizza.

EL: Very little.

BILLY: Let me check that number again.

Billy walks toward the building, but stops when the door opens. Out steps Ramon, clearly the leader of a gang. Other gang members step out of the shadows from both sides of the street. They advance menacingly toward the Misfits, one of them tapping a nasty-looking metal pipe against his palm.

EL: Uh, Billy, I think somebody already has our number.

Billy backs away and the Misfits are forced into a tight group in the middle of the street as the gang encircles them. El puts his arm around Gloria protectively, she clutches onto him, frightened. Johnny B steps forward, intending to do the talking.

JOHNNY B: Uh, Hayes, I think maybe I should handle this.

Billy puts his hand out, stopping Johnny B.

BILLY: [in an undertone:] Do you mind? Okay? It’s under control. I know how to handle these guys.

Ramon glares dangerously, flexing his hand and looking tough. Billy steps up to him, extending a friendly hand.

BILLY: Listen. I don’t suppose we’ve met—

RAMON: [fiercely:] Shut your face.

BILLY: [drops the chummy preamble] Fair enough! Uh, we just came here to talk to Angel.

Ramon continues to glare at Billy, not answering. Billy looks around at the other gang members, but nobody offers anything so he tries again.

BILLY: We’re supposed to meet him—

RAMON: Not here. [restates in Spanish:] No está aquí, entiendes?*

(*Not here, understand?)

BILLY: He’s not here? [glances behind at the other Misfits] Well, then I don’t—I don’t suppose we should be hangin’ around. We’ll just— We’ll—

Billy starts backing away from Ramon. One of the gang members pushes Billy from behind, toward Ramon, who shoves Billy away. Johnny B catches Billy by the arms, stopping him from falling over. Ramon pulls out a gun. Billy raises his arms, but Johnny B refuses to be intimidated: he steps in front of Billy and faces Ramon calmly. Ramon sneers at him – he doesn’t know not to mess with Johnny B.

RAMON: Those are some cool shades you have, man. I think I’ll have them when you’re dead.

BILLY: [to Ramon:] Listen, I don’t think you should—

Ramon fires his gun into the air. The Misfits jump and Gloria buries her face in El’s jacket. Ramon gloats – he’s shown he’s the big man here. Billy and Johnny B stare up into the night sky where the bullet just went. Ramon gives a “Match that” sneer. Johnny B returns it with a “Watch this” smirk and looks up at a billboard high above their heads. The billboard shows an ad for Crystal Menthol cigarettes with a drawing of a cowgirl holding one. Johnny B puts his hands together - they start to glow and he takes aim. Ramon watches warily. Johnny B fires a bolt at the billboard and it hits the end of the cigarette - bull’s eye! Ramon jumps back in surprise. The bolt leaves a burning hole, making it look as if the cigarette is lit. Ramon stares at Johnny B, impressed, then laughs and puts his gun away.

RAMON: I think maybe I can find Angel.

Johnny B takes off his sunglasses, grinning, and gives Ramon a “Now you’re talkin’” wink. Ramon does a two-finger whistle and out of the shadows walks a teenage boy. El points to him and Gloria nods – it’s Angel (which means Ramon was lying about him not being here). Angel stops next to Ramon and addresses the Misfits.

ANGEL: I’m Angel Moreno.

Billy steps back in, since the whole ‘contest of firepower’ thing is over with.

BILLY: Great. Listen. I—I’m Billy Hayes, this is my friend Elvin Linc—

ANGEL: [interrupts, not interested:] Yeah, write me a postcard, huh?

Angel laughs and looks to Ramon.

GLORIA: Angel.

Angel looks at her.

GLORIA: I thought you said you were in this gang.

ANGEL: [protesting quickly:] No, no, no!

Angel turns to Ramon, worried he’s going to get mad at the presumption.

ANGEL: [insistent:] No, I never said that. I said I want to be in this gang.

Ramon gives Angel a look, a glare starting again.

BILLY: Listen up. I know you guys probably have some places to go tonight, right? So why don’t I just show you why we came down?

Billy pulls Augie’s map out of his pocket.

BILLY: A friend of mine gave me this map. I wondered if it meant anything to you.

Billy unfolds the map and holds it up to Angel, who steps forward and grabs it.

ANGEL: Heyyy, that’s my stuff. Now where the hell’d you get this, man?

Angel stares at the map as he goes back to stand next to Ramon.

ANGEL: [grinning] Somebody’s owing me some, uh, some bucks or something, yaknow?

Angel laughs and glances at Ramon, who turns his glare on the Misfits – what’s their game?

BILLY: Wait a minute. Can you really read that?

ANGEL: I dunno.

Angel shrugs and looks to Ramon, who’s giving him a “Don’t pass up an opportunity that might be lucrative” frown.

ANGEL: Yeah, maybe. I mean, my grandfather used to show me, you know, pictures, and stuff like that all the time. Maybe some of it stuck in my head, I don’t know.

Billy looks behind at El, who nods – this fits the genetic memory theory.

ANGEL: He was always talking about the old ways. Hey, he gave me this.

Angel lifts up the end of his necklace so they can see the little gold-colored item that’s tied there. He looks at it too, but then drops it back, deciding he’d rather just brush off the importance of these things to him.

ANGEL: So what?

Angel walks away, heading to leave the scene.

ANGEL: [pretending to be indifferent:] It’s justa buncha old Indian junk anyway. You know, it don’t mean nothing, man.

RAMON: [purring:] Angel.

Angel stops and Ramon walks over to him, clapping him on the shoulder.

RAMON: You didn’t answer his question, man. Can’t you read that stuff?

Angel answers proudly, in spite of his claim that it’s “justa buncha old Indian junk”.

ANGEL: Yeah.

The Misfits wait. Ramon walks closer to Billy, bringing Angel along with him.

RAMON: [oily, like a dealer:] So what’s in it for him, huh?

As Billy answers, the red Volkswagen appears on the scene.

BILLY: Well that’s, uh, that’s a little hard to say. But there’s this, uh, legend that says, um, the treasure to Naquatl’s tomb is, uh—

RAMON: [breaking in:] Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Treasure?

The red Volkswagen interrupts, speeding toward where everyone is standing. Everyone scatters except Angel, who’s frozen to the spot.

GLORIA: Angel!

The Volkswagen heads straight for Angel. Just in time, Gloria uses her TK to push Angel out of harm’s way. He sprawls on the ground, unharmed. The Volkswagen turns around for another pass. Ramon pulls out his gun. The Volkswagen bears down on Angel. Johnny B quickly put his hands together for another bolt.

RAMON: Fry ‘em!

Johnny B fires – the bolt hits the ground in front of the Volkswagen and it swerves, hitting into a pile of trash and boxes up on the curb. (Wall has "Topos 1" graffitied on it.) From the driver’s seat, “Ponytail” stares directly at Angel, unsettlingly, then drives off into the night. Angel looks shaken by his close encounter as Ramon and another gang member help him to stand and brush him off. Ramon looks over at the Misfits – they must really be onto something if someone is willing to kill for it.

RAMON: Treasure, huh? I think maybe Angel can help you.

Angel looks at Ramon uncertainly. Ramon smiles and ruffles Angel’s hair.

========== 15:21 to 18:48 ==========


H.I.T. lab:

In the lab, Angel is bent over Augie’s map, reading it aloud.

ANGEL: [reading:] When on that day, we came to the place of the twin mountains. We rested till the rising of the sixth sun.

Angel straightens up and turns to Billy and El, who’s sitting at a desk taking down what Angel read.

ANGEL: That’s all there is.

Angel looks at El’s map and laughs.

ANGEL: You can’t draw worth nothing, man. That’s worse than one of those maps you get on your placemat at the Pancake Hut.

El gives Angel a quick frown.

EL: Look, I just hope your translations are correct, because this is taking a lot longer than it should, [looks at Billy pointedly] and if Stetmeyer finds out—

ANGEL: [glibly:] Hey! If it doesn’t work out, you can always sue me.

Angel backs away and El returns to his task. Angel goes to a desk, where Gloria is perched, looking through one of the books from the stack beside her.

GLORIA: [interested:] You really can read all that stuff, huh?

Angel starts flipping through one of the books.

ANGEL: Yeah, I really can. Most of it. I got no idea why, I just can. It’s kinda weird, ya know?

Riding the exercise bike beside where Billy and El are working, Johnny B voices his concerns to them.

JOHNNY B: It’s a buncha hype.

Billy looks up at him.

BILLY: What is?

JOHNNY B: That kid. I know his kind from way back. I don’t know what they got goin’, but they’re takin’ us for a ride.

At the desk, Angel sits down next to Gloria and holds up the book he was flipping through. Gloria scoots closer to look at the pages with him.

ANGEL: This treasure’s somethin’, huh?

The page shows a drawing of a jade jaguar statue.

ANGEL: This jaguar is solid jade. Rubies in the eyes. They say it’s some kind of ‘idol’. This rattlesnake? It’s jade, too.

The page shows a drawing of a jade rattlesnake statue.

ANGEL: [significantly:] This guards the tomb.

Angel stands up and puts the book back on the stack.

ANGEL: [confidentially:] Me and Ramon, we’re gonna be rich.

Back across the lab, Billy turns from watching Angel, back to the map; Johnny B keeps watching, still suspicious. Dick comes rushing into the lab, looking at his watch and taking off his glasses.

DICK: [firmly:] Billy! You and I have got to—

BILLY: Morning, Richard.

DICK: [annoyed:] Dick!

Dick stops by the desk where Billy, El, and Johnny B are. El covers his face, knowing what’s coming, but Billy, still intent on the task at hand, isn’t fazed.

BILLY: We were looking for ya.

Dick puts his glasses back on, looking hopeful.

DICK: To give me your reports, right?

Billy and El shake their heads.

DICK: Wrong? I knew it. Even after I said not to. Even after I said please not to—

EL: Wait.

Dick waits, not looking very happy about it.

EL: Billy thinks that Augie might really have been onto something and last night somebody tried to [significantly:] run us down.

DICK: That wouldn’t have happened if you’d been in the lab, where—

Billy breaks in – Dick must not have gotten the point.

BILLY: They tried to kill us! Do you have any idea what Augie was up to before he died? Do you?

DICK: [mostly to himself:] I never get to finish my—

BILLY: Okay. I’ll tell ya, alright? For years he’s been obsessed with one question – one question: What happened to the Mayans? And now with Angel here, [points over his shoulder at Angel] this map tells us that—

Dick holds up his hand to stop Billy and puts it behind his ear, letting Billy know he’s noticed the lack of information.

DICK: According to whom?

Angel comes over.

ANGEL: [jovially:] Hey, Slim, I don’t think we met. I’m Angel Moreno.

Angel holds his hand high in the air for a big high-five as Dick puts out his hand in the manner of a more traditional handshake. Angel doesn’t lower his hand so Dick breaks what might otherwise be awkward by just shaking Angel’s hand up in the air.

DICK: [without much conviction:] Pleasure’s mine. [going back to business:] Billy, I want you working on those memory experiments.

Billy reacts – can’t that wait?

DICK: [restating the order with emphasis:] And I mean working on—

EL: We are, Richard. Wait. Look. Two little words. [puts his hand on Angel’s shoulder] Genetic. [holds up Augie’s map] Memory.

Dick looks at Angel, who’s smiling smugly.

DICK: You mean, he can read that map?

EL: Nooo problem.

Now Dick looks happy!

DICK: [smiling] Well! That’s, uh, now that’s certainly a new twist of sorts, isn’t it? I-I-I-I think the board would— I-I-I mean, you’re going to, uh, use this as a sort of visual aid in your report—

BILLY: [breaking in:] Wait a minute, wait a minute. It gets better.

Dick smiles happily again – it does?

BILLY: I mean, listen up, Richard.

Dick nods. El watches Dick, smiling at his reaction.

BILLY: [eagerly:] Like around nine hundred A.D., the entire Mayan civilization just disappeared from the Earth.

Dick isn’t smiling anymore.

DICK: Wait. Billy. This is an experiment, isn’t it? I mean, if adventure has a name, it’s not ‘Billy Hayes’. Am I correct?

El holds up the map.

EL: We believe that Augie found a map – this map – that shows what happened.

DICK: That’s just what I’m saying.

Angel watches Dick take the map from El, fold it up and drop it on the desk.

DICK: This map of yours is nothing special. There’ve been maps like that for years. People – qualified people – have searched all through the Mexican mountains and never found any—

Billy suddenly thinks of something and breaks in.

BILLY: Wait. Wait a minute. Wait a minute!

Dick crosses his arms and waits, semi-patiently.

BILLY: The placemats at the Pancake Hut. Hold on.

Billy searches quickly through the papers strewn on the desk while El, Johnny B, Dick, and Angel look on, curious what Billy’s brainstorm is. Billy finds the paper he’s looking for and checks it carefully – he was right! His notion confirmed, he divulges what he realized, amazement in his voice.

BILLY: It’s not the Mexican mountains. It’s the Santa Monica mountains. That’s what happened to the Mayans! [looks up at the others] They went to L.A.

Billy straightens up from the paper and the others all lean over it to check for themselves.

========== 18:48 to 19:51 ==========

Exterior (daytime) – city:

The Fundae is driving down a street in the business section of the city.


Gloria and Angel are in the back of the Fundae, sitting on top of the freezer.

GLORIA: We’re not so different, you know.

Angel looks at her, then breaks into a laugh.

ANGEL: [scoffing:] Yeah. You and me, we’re like Siamese twins, huh?

Gloria smiles back at him, realizing how her observation sounded.

GLORIA: That’s not what I meant. What I mean is, I—I know what it’s like.

Angel looks at her curiously, so Gloria explains.

GLORIA: A while ago, I was right where you are. I didn’t have a school. I didn’t have a family.

Angel looks angry – Gloria has touched a nerve.

ANGEL: Who said I ain’t got no family?

Gloria looks taken aback and doesn’t answer.

ANGEL: [firmly:] I got a family. The Topos.

Gloria looks sorry for him, and a little disbelieving.

GLORIA: A street gang? That’s a family?

Angel stares at her for a second, thinking.

ANGEL: These guys. Are they your family?

Gloria answers easily, okay with it being described like that.

GLORIA: Yeah. Kinda.

ANGEL: [challenging:] Well if this ain’t a street gang, you tell me what the hell it is.

Gloria looks down - she can’t dispute this and they both know it. Angel gives a short laugh at Gloria’s naiveté.

ANGEL: Yeah. You and me, we’re just the same. [solemnly:] Difference is: you can maybe trust you, but you better not trust me.

Gloria looks troubled.

========== 19:51 to 20:20 ==========


In the cab of the Fundae, Johnny B is complaining to El.

JOHNNY B: I don’t trust ‘im. And I can’t believe I’m playing along with Indiana Hayes on the word of that kid.

Billy (wearing a Raiders cap) is driving and listening. El shows Johnny B the map.

EL: Not just the kid. We had the computer triangulate off the most recognizable mountain peaks. We did some grid overlays. We think we’ve traced the point on the map to the exact area. Give or take a few feet.

Billy glances over and pokes the map (still paying attention to the road of course!).

BILLY: Look. All we gotta do, is we gotta poke around under this spot and we should find the temple.

Johnny B isn’t convinced though.

JOHNNY B: What spot? Where in this whole town do you pick to look for a buried Mayan temple?

========== 20:20 to 21:19 ==========

Exterior (daytime) – Beverly Hills:

(“Don’t Get Stopped In Beverly Hills” starts.)

Montage of streets and shops in Beverly Hills. Misfits and Angel are walking down a street; coming toward them is a plump matronly lady walking her tiny white dog.

BILLY: Alright, look, we got it pinpointed to this block. Probably the, uh…

Upon seeing this odd group, the lady quickly picks up her dog, which yips pitifully.

BILLY: Corner up ahead. We can…

Billy stops talking as the lady steers around them, clutching her dog protectively. Johnny B grins at her behavior; Gloria and Angel smile too; Billy watches the lady for a second, then continues.

BILLY: What we gotta figure out is: is it under this building, [points to a fancy restaurant] or that one? [points to a boutique] Alright, tell ya what we’ll do. Um, we’ll split up, [hesitates briefly, distracted by a blonde walking by] and—

Billy stops altogether as he’s next distracted by a brunette walking by. El steps in, doing the prompting he usually has to do when Billy gets like this.

EL: Billy?

Billy gets back to the matter at hand, but Johnny B, who doesn’t need to be outlining the plan, watches after the brunette.

BILLY: Okay. Uh, we’ll split up. Alright. And if anyone hears anything about Mrs. Getty, I wanna know about it, alright?

Behind the parked Fundae, the red Volkswagen drives up and parks.

BILLY: Alright. El and I, we’re gonna scope out the diner here. Johnny, you and Glo, you take Angel, check out this boutique.

JOHNNY B: Alright.

BILLY: Alright.

Johnny B, Gloria, and Angel head off, but Billy stops Johnny B.

BILLY: Oh, hey. [nods toward Angel] Keep an eye on ‘im, alright?

Johnny B lifts his sunglasses with a “You mean these eyes?” smile – his eyes are glowing brightly. Billy gives him a look.

BILLY: [admonishing:] And behave yourself, will ya?

Johnny B laughs and his smile turns to a grin as he puts his sunglasses back down and leaves.

========== 21:19 to 21:32 ==========

Interior – restaurant:

(“Don’t Get Stopped In Beverly Hills” still plays.)

Maitre D’ greets a patron at the front of the restaurant.

MAITRE D’: Right this way, Mr. Stockholm.

MR. STOCKHOLM: Thank you, George.

Mr. Stockholm follows Maitre D’ toward a table. Billy and El enter the restaurant and stop in the greeting area to look around.

EL: [dryly:] This is a good start. Do we ask them about the Mayans now, or after dessert?

Billy gives him a look.

========== 21:32 to 21:51 ==========

Interior – boutique:

(“Don’t Get Stopped In Beverly Hills” still plays.)

In the boutique, Angel is looking at some of the merchandise, a clerk hovering off to the side in readiness; Johnny B and Gloria are standing nearby.

JOHNNY B: [to Gloria, quietly:] Look, this place has gotta have a basement, or a garage, or something. I’m gonna look around for some stairs and you keep your eyes on [points with his thumb at Angel] him.

GLORIA: [with a “Don’t prejudge him” tone:] He’ll be fine.

Johnny B heads off. Angel picks up something he wants to buy and heads for the counter, tossing the item at Clerk, who catches it awkwardly.

CLERK: Yes sir. Will that be cash or charge?

ANGEL: Oh, what the heck. Let’s charge that sucker.

Angel pulls a credit card from his pocket and hands it over the counter to Clerk. Gloria, watching, steps closer, puzzled at Angel having a credit card.

CLERK: Thank you, Mr… [reading off the card:] Stetmeyer.

Gloria’s mouth drops open – Angel, how could you!

========== 21:51 to 22:06 ==========

Interior – restaurant:

(“Don’t Get Stopped In Beverly Hills” still plays.)

Billy and El are waiting at the greeting area. Maitre D’ walks toward them and Billy lifts his hand to get his attention; El smiles politely.

BILLY: Excuse me. Do—

Billy breaks off as Maitre D’ passes them without even a look in their direction. El puts Billy’s hand down, his smile dropping off embarrassedly.

BILLY: [to himself:] Must be new here.

Billy turns to El.

BILLY: Look, what we need to find is a basement or—

Billy notices a waiter walking by with a bottle of wine.

BILLY: A cellar! El, they have wine here.

EL: [dryly:] Lots of restaurants are doing that now.

Billy gives him a look.

========== 22:06 to 22:24 ==========

Interior – boutique:

(“Don’t Get Stopped In Beverly Hills” still plays.)

Clerk bends down to get something while Angel waits with a smug smile, the item he picked out and the credit card (a Global Express, issued to R. Stetmeyer) on the counter in front of him. From her spot nearby, Gloria uses her TK to lift the card into the air. Angel reacts with amazement. Gloria keeps the card hovering in front of Angel’s face as she walks forward to join him at the counter, then lowers the card gently into her outstretched hand.

GLORIA: [with both mock and real admonishment:] You know daddy gets mad when you play with his toys.

Angel stares, speechless.

========== 22:24 to 23:00 ==========

Interior – restaurant:

(“Don’t Get Stopped In Beverly Hills” still plays.)

El is looking at the state of Billy’s appearance critically.

EL: Billy, you’re so embarrassing. Tuck your shirt in. Fix your hair.

El straightens Billy’s jacket collar; Billy combs his fingers through his hair, but it doesn’t help much.

EL: Look, I’ll get the others. I’ll be right back.

Billy starts tucking in his shirt. El leaves as Maitre D’ approaches again.

BILLY: [to Maitre D’:] Look, excuse me. We need a table for five.

Maitre D’ looks Billy up and down and turns up his nose.

MAITRE D’: I’m sorry, sir. We have no tables.

Billy points across the room.

BILLY: What are you talking about? There’s… [trails off, realizing] Ah, yes. No problem, okay?

Billy rummages in his pocket as Maitre D’ waits, looking haughtily up at the ceiling. Billy pulls out a wad of paper, dropping something on the floor in the process. Maitre D’ rolls his eyes. Billy stares at what he dropped for a second, then separates a bill out of the wad.

BILLY: Look, uh, so will, like, um, this get us a table?

Billy presses the bill into Maitre D’s hand.

MAITRE D’: Yes, sir, it will.

Billy replaces the wad in his pocket with a “That took care of that” look.

MAITRE D’: And will you be requiring chairs as well?

Billy gives him a look.

========== 23:00 to 23:15 ==========

Interior – boutique:

(“Don’t Get Stopped In Beverly Hills” still plays.)

Angel is amusing himself trying to get Dick’s credit card to stay in the air the way Gloria did; Gloria is shopping.

GLORIA: [to Clerk:] How much is this?

CLERK: Four hundred and twenty five dollars.

Gloria, holding the hat she asked the price of, looks at the Clerk with a disbelieving laugh.

GLORIA: [incredulous:] Four hundred and twenty five dollars?


All the overhead lights dim erratically and Gloria and Angel look up at the ceiling. The lights come back on full and Johnny B walks up to Gloria, shrugging.

JOHNNY B: [in explanation:] Fusebox.

Johnny B notices something out the front window and gestures with his head.

JOHNNY B: Gloria.

Gloria turns to look: El is outside, gesturing for them to come.

========== 23:15 to 23:50 ==========

Interior – restaurant:

(“Don’t Get Stopped In Beverly Hills” still plays.)

Maitre D’ is leading the Misfits and Angel to the back of the restaurant.

MAITRE D’: And you’re sure you prefer a table in the back?

BILLY: Yeah, absolutely. It’s necess— Unless that’s a problem?

MAITRE D’: Oh no, no. [snobbishly:] In the back will be just fine.

Maitre D’ stops at an alcove and the Misfits and Angel head for the table inside - Angel clapping Maitre D’ on the shoulder. Billy surreptitiously breaks off from the others and goes around the corner to the kitchen door. He opens it and looks inside: cooks are busy doing their thing.

COOK: Quite so. If I wanna try for a Humvee, I gotta renegotiate with my agent.

Billy spots the same waiter coming through a door in the back, carrying another bottle of wine – bingo, the cellar! Back at the alcove, everyone else has sat down around the table.

MAITRE D’: Your waiter’s name is Tim. He’ll be here in a moment to take your cocktail orders.

Billy comes back around the corner and - catching El’s eye - points toward the kitchen with a smile. El nods so Billy heads back toward the kitchen. Maitre D’ leaves the alcove to attend to other duties, but hears a bunch of hurried footsteps and turns back to look: El, last in line behind the others, is just rounding the corner toward the kitchen. Maitre D’ stares.

(“Don’t Get Stopped In Beverly Hills” stops.)

========== 23:50 to 25:13 ==========

interior – restaurant’s wine cellar:

The Misfits and Angel are descending the wine cellar stairs, Billy in the lead.

ANGEL: How come we didn’t wait for the cocktails?

GLORIA: Shhh! Angel.

ANGEL: [showing he heard:] Shhh!

They arrive in the wine cellar and look around. Nothing obvious presents itself so Billy leans against a shelf to think what their next step should be. El picks up a bottle of wine and looks at Gloria.

EL: [half-joking:] I wonder if red or white goes better with prison food.

Gloria gives El an encouraging pat on his arm. Billy looks down and sees something. He kneels down and feels the wall – there’s a loose brick!

BILLY: Wait a minute. Guys?

Billy glances up at the others as they look over.

BILLY: Look at this.

Billy pulls out the loose brick and puts his hand through the hole – there’s air behind it. He quickly stands and kicks a few more bricks out of the wall at the base, creating a small hole.

ANGEL: Whoa!

Billy pulls a penlight out of his jacket pocket and turns it on. He sticks his head and shoulders into the hole and looks around.

BILLY: Bingo. Let’s go.

Billy crawls further into the hole and the others follow him, single file.

interior – dirt passageway:

JOHNNY B: [complaining:] I hope you’re right about this, Indiana Hayes, ‘cause I really hate it down here.

They emerge into a dirt passageway, stand up and look around – Johnny B takes a deep breath, looking somewhat put out.

EL: I don’t know, Billy. If this was some sorta ancient passageway, I’d think there’d be some broken pots, or some carvings, or something. You know, like that jade rattlesnake that’s supposed to mark the temple.

Billy heads forward again, looking around with his penlight, and the others follow.

BILLY: Naw, this is—this is it. [confidently:] I know it is. Trust me; I don’t think Augie would lead us down a blind…

Billy trails off as they reach a brick wall – it’s a dead end!

BILLY: Alley.

========== 25:13 to 25:17 ==========

Interior - restaurant:

Outside the restaurant, a police car parks by a ‘Valet parking’ sign. A valet comes over as a cop gets out of the police car.

========== 25:17 to 26:24 ==========

interior - dirt passageway:

Angel runs forward and crouches by the wall.

ANGEL: Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. There’s a crack in the wall. I-I can feel some air.

Billy hurries over to double check.

BILLY: He’s right! Okay. I know there’s something behind it. B-Man, can you knock this thing down?

JOHNNY B: I don’t think I have the juice. [snaps twice, emitting a few pitiful sparks] It’s, like, really damp down here.

BILLY: [entreating:] C’mon, B-Man! Just once, please?

Johnny B doesn’t argue and El gives him a “Go for it” slap on the back - there’s no harm in just trying. Billy and Gloria pull Angel away from the wall and everyone groups behind Johnny B. Johnny B drops his sunglasses into place and fires off a (not so pitiful) bolt - it blasts a small hole in the wall. Everyone hurries back to the wall and Billy shines his penlight through the hole: on the other side is a room with stone pedestals that are topped with golden statues and other treasure!

EL: [in awe:] Naquatl’s tomb. Incredible.

BILLY: I knew it. Did Augie come through, or what?

Billy plays his penlight over the different items. Gloria watches Angel, who is silently staring into the treasure room.

BILLY: So what are we waiting for? Let’s get something to show for proof. Come on.

interior – underground room:

Billy climbs out of the hole then helps Gloria, who’s right behind him. Johnny B and Angel climb out next. Suddenly, an overhead light comes on and a guard appears at a doorway on the other side of the room.

GUARD: Hold it right there!

Angel panics.

ANGEL: The man!

Angel hurriedly ducks back through the hole ahead of the others as they all turn to escape.

========== 26:24 to 27:03 ==========

interior - restaurant:

(“Don’t Get Stopped In Beverly Hills” restarts.)

Angel runs out of the kitchen and back into the restaurant, slamming headlong into 2 cops coming his way. One falls against the wall, the other one topples into a table with 2 patrons – the cop, the table, and one of the patrons tumble to the floor. Angel rushes onward, ducking past a waiter carrying a tray, who can’t get out of the way fast enough. The waiter winds up on top of the pile as well. Maitre D’ watches the calamity in horror. Angel barrels past him and out the front door of the restaurant.

exterior (daytime) – Beverly Hills:

A Rolls Royce pulls up in front of the ‘Valet parking’ sign as Angel comes out of the restaurant and looks around desperately for a way to get away. Rich Man gets out of the Rolls and tosses his car keys to Angel.

RICH MAN: Here ya go, kid. Park it where you can see it.

ANGEL: [surprised at his good fortune:] Thank you!

Angel quickly gets in the Rolls. He starts it and is peeling away just as the Misfits come running outside and skid to a halt on the curb.

GLORIA: Angel!

Angel doesn’t stop, taking the only means of a quick escape with him. The 2 cops and Guard run out of the restaurant.

GUARD: Officers, arrest these people.

One of the cops grabs Billy’s arm.

BILLY: For what?

GUARD: Breaking and entering.

EL: Entering what?

GUARD: The basement vault of the Holbank Museum.

El stares open-mouthed; Johnny B rolls his head with a sigh. Billy throws up his arms – of course, that explains the treasure!

(“Don’t Get Stopped In Beverly Hills” stops.)

========== 27:03 to 27:58 ==========

interior – Stoffer’s office:

Newspaper on Stoffer’s desk shows a story with the headline “Misfits Busted in Beverly Hills” and a picture of the Misfits, in handcuffs, being led away by 2 cops.

“PONYTAIL”: Desperado Misfits, eh, Mr. S.? Exit time.

STOFFER: Don’t you think they got a bit close?

“PONYTAIL”: Naw, we’re in.

Stoffer is sitting at his desk, drinking a can of ‘Diet’ soda.

STOFFER: Do you think so? I don’t. I don’t think we’re ‘in’. I think we’re already two months behind on the high-rise job, and now that I’m this close to finding the piece, these jerks come sniffing around.

“Ponytail” walks up to a shelf of valuable items and starts fingering them.

“PONYTAIL”: You know, Mr. Stoffer. You got a lotta things.

STOFFER: I want one more thing. And I’m outta time. Get me the kid.

“PONYTAIL”: The kid? Hey, you don’t buy what they say in that paper. Street kid can’t read that map. Hell, I’m from the street, and I can’t barely read.

Stoffer joins “Ponytail” at the shelf and moves the hand “Ponytail” has on his possessions.

STOFFER: I want the kid. I need him.

“PONYTAIL”: [protesting:] He’s in the barrio. It’s ozone heavy down there. I mean, I could drive around for years in that pit before I find ‘im.

STOFFER: Then I suggest you gas up.

Stoffer leaves, taking the newspaper with him – underneath on the desk is… the jade rattlesnake!

========== 27:58 to 29:28 ==========

exterior (daytime) - barrio:

In the barrio, Angel is holding a polishing rag, smiling and leaning against the wall with his painting on it; the Topos are looking the Rolls Royce over.

RAMON: [whistles appreciatively] Man, this thing must use a heck of a lot of gas!

Ramon walks to the driver’s side and Angel follows.

ANGEL: Well, it depends on if you’re being chased by the cops. Actual mileage may vary.

RAMON: [admiringly:] I gotta hand it to you, Angel. You did alright. This is one fine car.

Ramon gets in the driver’s seat.

ANGEL: You’re damn straight. So hey, Monansa, do I gotta go back?

RAMON: Of course you gotta go back. You gotta finish.

Angel looks confused.

ANGEL: Finish? I did. I went. I came back with this.

RAMON: When are you gonna take back this car?

Angel looks even more confused.

ANGEL: Take back the car? Ramon, how come?

RAMON: The fact that it’s a Rolls Royce, man!

Ramon gets back out of the Rolls and closes the door.

RAMON: I mean, you can’t exactly give it a flame job and drive it down to the beach, now can you? Don’t be stupid.

Instead of sticking up for himself, Angel just polishes the Rolls a bit more as Ramon continues.

RAMON: You bring me back a Zee*, or something I can move, then we could talk. Hey. You’re always hangin’ around, tryin’ to get in the gang and all. But you don’t take the time to figure out what’s what.

(*Chevrolet Camaro Z28)

Angel looks hurt and Ramon relents.

RAMON: Heeey. C’mon. C’mere.

Ramon leads Angel away from the Rolls and the rest of the gang.

RAMON: I got something for you.

Ramon takes off a ring and holds it out to Angel.

ANGEL: [in awe:] The Topos’ ring!

Angel takes the ring reverently and shines it on his shirt.

RAMON: It’s yours for one day.

Angel puts on the ring, grinning.

RAMON: And then tomorrow – if you bring back that treasure we were talkin’ about – it’s yours to keep. But only if, okay? [gives Angel a friendly slap and nods over at the Rolls] Now go, man. I’m sure they’re gonna be happy to see you, huh?

They both laugh.

========== 29:28 to 31:04 ==========

exterior (daytime) – courthouse:

JOHNNY B: [feeling wronged:] If I see ‘im again, I’ll kill ‘im.

GLORIA: [annoyed:] Johnny, will you lighten up on Angel?

The Misfits and Dick exit the courthouse. Jane arrives at the bottom of the steps to meet them. Billy takes off his Raiders cap and greets Jane extra cheerfully, hoping to put off her inevitable reprimand.

BILLY: Jaaane! Jeez, long time, no see.

Jane is too upset with Billy to be sidetracked.

JANE: You got her arrested, Hayes.

Gloria runs to Jane and hugs her.

GLORIA: No, he didn’t. Really.

Dick is upset with Billy as well.

DICK: [to Jane:] Do you know how many strings I had to pull to get them out? Do you?

Billy tries to explain to Jane.

BILLY: It was just a little misunderstanding.

DICK: [answering his own question:] Several. That’s how many.

Billy rolls his eyes.

DICK: And I had to pull them very thin and very, very tight.

Billy gives up – it’s impossible to explain with someone complaining at your shoulder - and heads off toward the Fundae. Jane follows, pulling Gloria along; El, Johnny B, and Dick trail behind.

JANE: [to Billy, angrily:] A ‘little misunderstanding’ could land her back in juvenile hall. Do you realize she’s still on probation?

DICK: [realizing:] Probation! My god, the board could put me on probation. I could lose my company car!

JANE: [irked that Billy isn’t listening:] Hayes!

Billy stops and turns back to face the others, holding up his hands in surrender.

BILLY: Alright, alright! Maybe I did get carried away. Okay? Maybe you guys were right about the ‘Indiana Hayes’ thing. [to himself:] Nice hat.

Jane gives Gloria a quick ‘What’s he talking about?’ look.

BILLY: And maybe this was just another one of Augie’s flaky dreams. I don’t know.

Everybody listens to Billy as he continues with sincerity.

BILLY: But I gotta tell you guys something. Whether it had to do with Augie’s death, or the red Volkswagen, or the way Angel read that map. I’m telling you guys, I had a feeling in my gut that we were really onto something.

El and Johnny B look sorry for having given Billy such a hard time.

BILLY: And i-if we weren’t… then I’m sorry.

DICK: But, Billy, the boy was—

Billy holds up his hand to stave off the lecture.

BILLY: Richard.

Dick stands down.

BILLY: Look. I just wish you guys had given me the chance to find Angel, so we could put an end to this thing once and for all. But…

Billy trails off, spreading his arms in an ‘Oh well’ gesture. Unexpectedly, Angel pipes up from inside the Fundae.

ANGEL: I think they’ll maybe go for that, man.

Angel shows himself, moving from the back of the Fundae to the cab. Gloria smiles, surprised and happy that he’s come back.

GLORIA: Angel!

ANGEL: [holds up a soda can] You only got Diet?

Johnny B isn’t so happy to see Angel.

JOHNNY B: [incensed:] Angel. I oughta break your—

Johnny B heads for Angel, but Gloria restrains him.

GLORIA: Johnny.

ANGEL: Back off, Sparky.

Angel gets out of the Fundae and swaggers up to Johnny B.

ANGEL: You don’t wanna hurt the only kid who knows where the treasure is, huh?

Johnny B glares at him. Angel calmly takes a drink of his soda.

BILLY: You found the tomb?

Angel walks back to Billy, drawing out his answer.

ANGEL: Uh-uh. Mrs. Getty.

========== 31:04 to 32:26 ==========

exterior (daytime) – beverly hills:

Angel waits, perched on the railing of a walkway in front of a building, as the Misfits and Jane walk up to him.

ANGEL: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, let me present… Mrs. Getty!

Angel points at the window behind him, which says ‘Mrs. Getty’s’. The others look at it, but a sign doesn’t seem very useful.

EL: [shrugs] So?

JOHNNY B: [sarcastically:] Oh yeah. I should’ve expected this. [turns to Angel] Seeing as how I haven’t been made a fool of in at least an hour.

Billy turns away, thinking - why did Augie want them to come here? He crosses the walkway to the opposite railing and stands there, looking around for any sort of clue. He looks down and spies a grate in the ground.

BILLY: Wait a minute.

Billy hurriedly hops over a low concrete wall and lands on the grate, which rattles. The others rush over and lean over the wall to look as Billy kneels down.

BILLY: Screws are loose.

JOHNNY B: [interjects:] That’s what I’ve been saying.

BILLY: El, come here. Help me with this.

EL: Alright.

El kneels by the grate.

BILLY: Ready? On three. One, two, three.

Billy and El pull and the grate lifts up with a screech. Jane looks around quickly to make sure nobody is taking notice of what they’re doing. El looks around as well, holding the grate open as Billy clambers through the opening. The others wait expectantly. After a moment, Billy returns, looking happy.

BILLY: [quietly:] We did it, Augie.

EL: So what’s the story?

BILLY: He was here.

El, Johnny B, Gloria, and Jane exchange glances.

BILLY: It’s probably the last thing he remembers, too. [switching to leader mode:] Glo. Look, there’re some lanterns and some flashlights in the truck.

Gloria hurries off; Angel heads for the opening, looking smug.

ANGEL: [to Johnny B, gloatingly:] Well I guess you ain’t laughing too much now, eh, Sparky?

Angel claps Johnny B on the shoulder; Johnny B groans inwardly at being proven wrong. Billy looks up at the rest of them as Angel goes down through the opening.

BILLY: Alright. Well, is everyone in, or what?

JOHNNY B: [deciding to go with the excitement:] Say hey, why not?

Johnny B follows Angel, but Jane stays put.

JANE: Hayes. I happen to be an officer of the court. Crime looks real bad on my resume.

BILLY: Right, and I respect you for that, Jane.

Gloria comes back and goes down through the opening along with El as Billy asks one last thing of Jane.

BILLY: Listen, can you do me a favor? Can you guard the getaway truck? Thanks.

Jane rolls her eyes and heads off. Billy goes down through the opening, lowering the grate back into place. Unseen across the street, is the red Volkswagen – they’ve been being watched!

========== 32:25 to 33:43 ==========

Interior - underground passageway:

Now in an underground passageway, the Misfits and Angel walk slowly forward, looking around – Billy has a lantern, Johnny B has a flashlight. They reach a manmade stone doorway and Johnny B shines his flashlight above it: symbols are carved there.


Angel stares at the doorway; Johnny B smiles, glancing behind at Billy, who’s also amazed.

JOHNNY B: Looks like Indiana Hayes finally scored one.

GLORIA: It’s beautiful.

EL: Fantastic! This is incredible!

El runs up to the doorway.

EL: [excited:] How ‘bout this? Angel, can you read this?

ANGEL: [hesitant:] I don’t know.

EL: Well, come on. Try!

Angel joins El under the doorway and looks up at the symbols, but he needs a better view so he climbs on El's back and El holds him up. Angel traces the symbols with his fingers as he reads them.

ANGEL: [reading:] In the year called [???]...

El grins at the other 3 in excitement and carries Angel along underneath the carvings so he can continue reading them.

ANGEL: [reading:] The seventh sun is setting in the house of Naquatl. And time is…

Angel pauses, looking affected, and El gives him a quizzical look.

ANGEL: [finishing gravely:] Setting with me.

The others react with puzzled expressions. Angel hops down from El’s back, still staring at the symbols.

GLORIA: [to Angel:] You okay?

Angel doesn’t answer and after a second he heads through the doorway.

========== 33:43 to 33:59 ==========


Jane turns on the Fundae’s radio and “Woolly Bully” starts up. She looks at her watch impatiently, then notices something in the rearview mirror. She climbs out to check and goes to the back of the Fundae. Suddenly, just as the song on the radio reaches a particular crescendo, arms reach out and grab her!

========== 33:59 to 35:53 ==========

interior – small underground room:

The Misfits are looking around in disappointment – beyond the doorway is a small room and nothing more.

JOHNNY B: [disgusted:] A dead end. Well, figures.

Angel, outside the doorway, spots something to the side of it.

ANGEL: Hey! It says something here.

Angel places his hand on a carved panel and it depresses. There’s a rumble inside the small room and everyone reacts as the back wall slides up into the ceiling – a hidden doorway! The Misfits turn to Angel, impressed.

GLORIA: Oh my gosh!

BILLY: Alright, Angel!

EL: [laughs happily] Incredible.

JOHNNY B: Wow. Alright!

Angel grins and hurries inside the small room.

BILLY: Let’s go. Come on.

They all go through the hidden doorway into another passageway.

interior – 2nd underground passageway:

The Misfits and Angel walk forward, looking around. Unexpectedly, Stoffer rounds a corner at the other end of the passageway – he’s wearing a hard hat and carrying a lantern (and another ‘Diet’ soda), looking like he owns the place. The Misfits and Angel halt.

STOFFER: [to Angel:] I’m impressed. You really can read the walls.

BILLY: Who is this guy, Angel? Is he a friend of yours?

ANGEL: No, man. My friends don’t hang around much under Beverly Hills.

“Ponytail” comes around the corner, a gun in his hand, roughly shoving Jane ahead of him - Jane is Stoffer's hostage!.


Gloria rushes forward, but Johnny B holds her back.

JOHNNY B: Whoa, Gloria. Chill out.

“Ponytail” levels his gun at the Misfits and Angel.

STOFFER: How bout this, huh? Turns out we’re all after the same rock.

Stoffer starts walking menacingly forward, forcing the Misfits and Angel to back away toward the small room.

STOFFER: Deal is, though – and I’m not afraid to admit it – none of us knows where the hell it is. This tunnel, that tunnel. Now, finding this place is easy enough.

El bangs his head on the top of the hidden doorway as he and the others continue retreating.

STOFFER: You pulled it off. Even that idiot Augenblickt managed it. But where down here, eh? That’s the trick.

Stoffer stops advancing and addresses Angel one-on-one.

STOFFER: That’s why I need you, Mr. Moreno.

ANGEL: Well, thanks, Biff. I-I think I’ll pass, huh?

STOFFER: There’s a fortune in other stuff down in that tomb. You can have it. All I want is the jaguar. Come on, that’s fair, isn’t it?

The Misfits and Angel stare silently at Stoffer from inside the small room.

STOFFER: Besides, if you, uh, stay here with your playmates…

Stoffer reaches over and pushes a carved panel similar to the one Angel pushed earlier. There’s a rumble behind the Misfits and Angel as a wall slides down from the doorway they used to get into the small room. They turn at the noise and El hurries up to the doorway, but there’s nothing he can do as the door closes firmly.

STOFFER: [finishing his threat calmly:] You’ll die. Choice is yours, Angel. So what’s it gonna be?

Billy fidgets as El rejoins the others; Gloria looks scared; Angel says nothing.

STOFFER: Your dead friends, or the, um, treasure?

Angel looks down at the Topos’ ring on his finger as the Misfits watch him, waiting to see which he’ll choose. Angel makes his decision and starts forward.

GLORIA: [upset with him:] Angel!

Gloria tries to stop him, but Angel shakes off her hand and keeps going. Billy holds Gloria back.

BILLY: Easy.

Angel snarls out an explanation as he joins Stoffer, who looks smug.

ANGEL: Little girl. I told you before, don’t ever trust me.

Angel turns back to look at the Misfits, his decision weighing on him.

STOFFER: [wickedly:] I suggest you all take a deep breath. It can get pretty stuffy down here.

Stoffer pushes the carved panel again and now the hidden door slides down from the ceiling. Billy rushes forward. The door closes all the way, sealing the Misfits in, as Angel watches.

========== 35:53 to 36:51 ==========

interior – small underground room:

Trapped in the small room, El, Johnny B, and Gloria are sitting on the floor dejectedly while Billy paces around, holding the lantern.

EL: [sensibly:] Billy! It’s a law of science: the more you move around, the more oxygen you use. Sit down.


Billy stops pacing and looks at El with determination.

BILLY: Look. I got us into this, I’m gonna get us out of it.

El sighs. Billy looks over at Johnny B.

BILLY: [a little frustrated:] B-Man, can’t you work up just, like, one more little bolt?

JOHNNY B: It’s too damp down here. No static electricity.

Johnny B snaps his fingers (both to double check and as a visual aid to Billy) – there’s no spark whatsoever. Billy gives Johnny B a “phooey” gesture, then sighs and holds up the lantern to look at the walls.

BILLY: I don’t get it. In the movies, there’s, like, always a-a hidden button, or a—or a crack, or something.

The lantern flickers.

BILLY: Did you see that? You see that flicker?

Billy turns to Johnny B and Gloria. Johnny B just frowns, like, “Yeah, so?” and Billy turns his attention back to the lantern.

BILLY: It flickered. That means there’s a hole or something. Air is coming through somewhere.

El looks up at the ceiling, searching. Billy holds the lantern above his head to get a better view of the area over the hidden door.

BILLY: A small space. Anything that could— [spots something] Right there! Right there.

Billy points out a small crack between two of the wall stones above the hidden door.

BILLY: You see the hole on the top of the ledge? You see it?

Billy turns toward the others excitedly. Gloria looks up at the ledge, but Johnny B is still unmoved.

JOHNNY B: [snidely:] That’s great, Hayes. Why don’t you just squeeze on through there, huh?

Billy gives Johnny B a look, but El stands up with purpose.

EL: Not a bad idea. Maybe if the package were just a little smaller?

The other 3 watch as El presses the back of his neck and shrinks.

BILLY: That could work.

========== 36:51 to 37:07 ==========

interior - basement:

Stoffer, “Ponytail”, Jane, and Angel enter a large basement. There are holes knocked in the walls to connect it to the underground passageways and outside to the street. Several workers in hard hats are handling stone statues and artifacts, readying them to be smuggled out.

ANGEL: This is some business you got here.

JANE: [spotting something] Stoffer contractors?!

STOFFER: For now. Till I get what I want. This empty building’s gotta come down soon, so I’m paying a fortune in union overtime.

Angel watches one of the workers. “Ponytail” pushes Jane toward one of the other passageways.

========== 37:07 to 37:25 ==========

interior – small underground room:

Billy is crouched on the ground by El’s pile of clothes, holding the lantern.

BILLY: [impatiently:] El, what takes so long about putting on a jogging suit?

El, shrunk, is moving around under the pile.

EL: Uh… I’m not wearing the jogging suit.

GLORIA: What are you wearing?

El stands up out of the pile and reveals his new clothes: a Michael Jackson Thriller outfit (white glove and all!).

JOHNNY B: Michael Jackson?

Johnny B and Gloria both grin; Billy looks at the outfit critically.

EL: Well, the jogging suit got lost in the dryer, and this is all the toy store had in my size.

El smiles sheepishly.

========== 37:25 to 37:51 ==========

interior – 3rd underground passageway:

Angel scans the walls as he, Jane, Stoffer, and “Ponytail” all go down another passageway. They pause beside a worker who is cutting at a statue with a rotary saw. Angel watches this defilement uncomfortably. Jane sees Angel’s reaction and tries to get him to rethink his bad decision.

JANE: You’re an artist, Angel. How does it make you feel? You want somebody to do that to your paintings?

Angel regains his composure and forces himself to brush off Jane’s words.

ANGEL: Shut up.

Angel heads off to continue leading Stoffer to the treasure.

========== 37:51 to 38:09 ==========

interior – small underground room:

In the small room, El gets his footing on the ledge. He kneels down by the small crack and checks inside. Down below, the others are watching and waiting.

BILLY: Well? El, can you see anything?

EL: Yeah, you were right, there’s air coming in. I think I can squeeze through. How much time till I grow?

BILLY: [looks at his watch] You got twelve minutes.

EL: Nooo problem.

El heads into the crack.

========== 38:09 to 38:14 ==========

interior – 3rd underground passageway:

Angel continues leading the way.

STOFFER: C’mon, kid, the temple. Show me where.

========== 38:14 to 38:38 ==========

interior – small underground room:

Billy, Johnny B, and Gloria smile - the escape plan’s working. Up on the ledge, El’s feet disappear from sight as he goes all the way into the crack.

EL: [from the crack:] Uh oh.

BILLY: What’d he say?

GLORIA: “Uh oh”.

EL: [from the crack:] I said, “Uh oh”. I think I’m stuck.

BILLY: Did he say “stuck”?

JOHNNY B: He said he’s stuck.

Billy, Johnny B, and Gloria exchange concerned looks.

BILLY: What do you mean, “stuck”? You can’t be stuck! [thinks of the consequences] What happens when he gets big?

EL: [from the crack, anxiously:] Billy, what happens when I get big?

Their lantern slowly flickers out, leaving them in darkness.

BILLY: Uh oh.

========== 38:38 to 38:46 ==========

interior – 3rd underground passageway:

Angel reaches a wall and looks at it closely, running his hands over the carvings on it.

========== 38:46 to 39:17 ==========

interior – small underground room:

JOHNNY B: [singing a cappella:] Now if you love me, honey, please don’t tease. If I can hold you, baby, let me squeeze!

Johnny B is sitting on the ground below the ledge, using the flashlight as a microphone; Billy is standing on Johnny B's shoulders, peering into the crack; Gloria is listening to Johnny B's impromptu performance, enjoying it despite the situation.

JOHNNY B: [singing a cappella:] But my heart goes round and round. And my love comes tumblin' down. Zoop! Leavin’ me… [breathes in theatrically for the over-the-top finale] Breathless, ahh!

Billy jumps down off Johnny B’s shoulders and looks at him impatiently. Johnny B gives Billy a grin, laughing at his own antics; Gloria shifts guiltily.

BILLY: [frustrated:] Do you mind not weirding out on me right now? Okay?

Johnny B looks down at his lap.

BILLY: Alright, B-Man? El’s got like five minutes, okay? And I gotta think of something.

Billy looks up at the crack and calls to El, trying to sound optimistic.

BILLY: Hang in there, little guy. We’re workin’ on it.

Gloria looks at her watch.

GLORIA: Four minutes.

========== 39:17 to 42:49==========

interior – 3rd underground passageway:

Angel is moving a lantern along a wall covered with Mayan art, reading it, while Stoffer eagerly follows at his heels. Angel reaches one spot in particular and steps back.

ANGEL: It’s here.


Angel is feeling too grave to answer. Jane studies him - she can see that what he read is connecting with him.

STOFFER: Behind this wall?

Stoffer steps over to the spot and peers at it, but none of the symbols make any sense to him. He looks over at Angel suspiciously.

STOFFER: How do you know?

ANGEL: [irritated:] I don’t know how I know.

STOFFER: [threateningly:] You better hope you’re right. [to “Ponytail”:] Tell Carter to get his drill.


“Ponytail”, about to leave, stops.

ANGEL: [pleading:] No.

Stoffer waits; Jane gives Angel another studying look.

JANE: [quietly:] What’s it say, Angel?

Angel and Jane share a look, then Angel steps back to the wall and reads the symbols aloud.

ANGEL: [reading solemnly:] Will I leave only this? Like flowers that wither.

Angel steps over to another section.

ANGEL: [reading solemnly:] Will nothing last but my name?

Angel traces his fingers along the painting to a specific symbol, and places his hand over it. He hesitates – if he presses it, the temple will be revealed... He jerks his hand away and steps back.

ANGEL: [sounding troubled:] I can’t.

Stoffer smirks with satisfaction.

STOFFER: Ya done enough, kid.

Stoffer puts his hand over the symbol and presses eagerly. The entrance unlocks and the whole stone wall swivels open with a rumble, revealing a large room.

Naquatl’s temple room:

Stoffer, Angel, and Jane walk in slowly and look around in awe – this is most definitely the temple room of Naquatl’s tomb! It’s filled with Mayan treasure: stone carvings and statues, and artifacts made of gold. Angel looks around at the items until his gaze falls on a statue high up on the back wall – nestled inside the statue rests the jade jaguar! He realizes what he’s done and his eyes fill with tears.

ANGEL: [to Jane, tearfully:] Oh, lady, what’d I do? What’d I do?

Jane looks from Angel to the jade jaguar. She lifts her lantern up higher and sees the face of the statue clearly. She looks back at Angel, who’s also staring at the statue – its face looks just like Angel! Angel is overcome with his transgression. He backs against a wall, drops down, and bows his head. Meanwhile, Stoffer stares at the jade jaguar with awe and greed. Angel takes off the Topos’ ring and drops it in the dirt, repentantly. Jane realizes that the bad guys are distracted and rushes “Ponytail”.

JANE: Angel, run!

Angel makes a dash for it; Stoffer turns in surprise. Unprepared, “Ponytail” falls down under Jane’s attack and they struggle on the floor.

========== 42:49 to 43:21 ==========

interior - basement:

Angel arrives at a run back in the basement, where workers are still busy with the artifacts. He hesitates, glancing between the exit and the passageway that leads to where the Misfits are trapped. He quickly decides that this time he isn’t going to leave the Misfits behind and hurries down the passageway, grabbing a lantern on his way.

interior – 2nd underground passageway:

Angel gets to the hidden door and is reaching for the panel that will open it when El’s voice comes from nowhere.

EL: [urgently:] Angel, don’t touch that rock!

Angel freezes and looks around, confused as to why he doesn’t see El. El calls down again from the ledge above the hidden doorway, where just his head and arms are poking out of the crack.

EL: Up here, quick!

Angel spots El and stares.

EL: I need your help. I don’t have much time.

ANGEL: [weirded out:] Oh, man. I think I seen this on “The Twilight Zone”.

Angel sets down the lantern then climbs on something so he can reach the ledge.

ANGEL: [complimenting:] You’re a very multi-faceted buncha people. You know that?

Angel helps El pull himself free from the crack.

========== 43:21 to 43:27 ==========

interior - basement:

“Ponytail” arrives in the basement and calls to one of the workers.

“PONYTAIL”: Carter, come on!

“Ponytail” hurries off. Carter draws his gun, snatches a lantern off a crate being carried by, and quickly follows.

========== 43:27 to 43:57 ==========

interior – 2nd underground passageway:

El, still shrunk, is standing safely on the ground.

EL: Okay. Open the door.

Angel stands up from kneeling by El and pushes the panel. The hidden door slides up into the ceiling, freeing Billy, Johnny B, and Gloria.

GLORIA: [happily:] Angel!

“Ponytail” and Carter arrive and point their guns at Angel.

“PONYTAIL”: Hold it, poncho!

Angel turns sharply; El looks up from his spot on the ground; Billy raises his arms. El grows, shooting up quickly back to his normal size.

“PONYTAIL”: [dazed at seeing a naked man appear out of nowhere:] Ozone heavy.

Gloria takes advantage of the distraction and uses her TK to throw “Ponytail” and Carter to the ground.

ANGEL: [to the Misfits, urgently:] C’mon, we gotta hurry!

Billy, Johnny B, and Gloria run past the two fallen henchmen. El follows after them, carrying his shirt and awkwardly putting on his shoes as he goes.

EL: [annoyed:] Hey! I’m not dressed yet. I wish this would happen to you guys just once.

========== 43:57 to 45:15 ==========

Naquatl’s temple room:

In the temple, a worker attaches a rope that's draping from the ceiling to an artifact, readying it for removal from the tomb. Stoffer drags Jane over to the statue that holds the jade jaguar. The Misfits and Angel come running into the temple (El still buttoning his shirt). Billy’s eyes widen as he sees Jane in danger; Angel sees that Stoffer is climbing toward the jaguar.

ANGEL: Stop!

Stoffer pauses and he and Jane look over.

ANGEL: It’s booby-trapped!

BILLY: How do you know?

ANGEL: I just know.

Johnny B spies an extension cord left on the ground and picks up the end that’s not plugged in.

STOFFER: [to Angel, undeterred:] I hope you don’t mind if I take my chances.

Stoffer resumes his climb to the jaguar, pulling Jane with him. Billy watches anxiously. Behind him, Johnny B puts on his sunglasses, pops the head off the cord and juices up. Stoffer removes the jaguar from its resting place and the room starts shaking – it is booby-trapped! Everyone looks around as the room shakes more strongly, and the temple starts crumbling. A piece falls from the ceiling and hits into Stoffer - he loses his hold on the jaguar but not on Jane.

BILLY: [worriedly:] Jane!

Jane struggles to get away, but Stoffer won’t let go. Stoffer reaches for his gun. Billy desperately looks around for some way to rescue Jane and spots the rope. Stoffer pulls out his gun and aims at Billy.

JANE: [worriedly:] Billy, don’t be a hero!

(Heroic music starts up.) Billy leaps up on top of the artifact and detaches the rope from it. Stoffer fires - the shot misses and hits the wall behind Billy. Billy grabs onto the rope like it’s a jungle vine and kicks off from the artifact. The light inside the temple glints heroically in his eye as he swings across the room and into Stoffer, knocking him over. Billy lands next to Jane and helps her grab onto the rope.

JANE: [okay with it now:] Go ahead, be a hero.

Billy and Jane swing back across the room and land next to the others. Stoffer struggles to his feet and aims his gun at the good guys. Charged up now, Johnny B quickly fires off a bolt - it hits a statue beside Stoffer. (Heroic music fades out momentarily.) The statue tips backward, knocking Stoffer down - he screams as it lands on him, pinning him underneath. The collapse of Naquatl’s tomb increases, accompanied by a low sound like a roar of rage. The Misfits and Jane hurry to the exit, but Angel is too transfixed to move.

JOHNNY B: [urgently:] Angel!

(Heroic music restarts.) Johnny B does a speedrun up to Angel and throws him across his shoulder, then (just in time!) does a speedrun back to the others as a beam falls right where Angel had been standing. The Misfits, Jane, and Angel escape down the passageway as the ceiling rains down around Stoffer, still trapped under the statue.

========== 45:15 to 45:54 ==========

interior - basement:

The Misfits, Jane, and Angel arrive at a run in the basement – it’s shaking as well and the workers have vacated it. Jane reaches for Gloria, who takes her hand.

JANE: Out this way!

Everyone follows Jane’s lead through the exit out of the basement. (Heroic music fades off.)

exterior (daytime) – beverly hills:

The Misfits, Jane, and Angel run up some stairs to street level and arrive outside a high-rise. They hurry across the street to a low concrete wall and leap for cover behind it. Back across the street, the high-rise above Naquatl’s temple crumbles to the ground as if being demolished. The dust cloud from the collapse passes by the low wall and sirens start up in the distance. Everyone peeks up to look toward the aftermath.

ANGEL: [laughing with relief:] Nice run, Sparky.

Johnny B smiles at Angel and claps him on the back, accepting the veiled “Thank you”.

BILLY: That’s a good day’s work, huh guys?

The others are still recovering, and don't care to share in Billy's enthusiasm.

BILLY: Guys?

========== 45:54 to 47:48 ==========

exterior (daytime) – park:

Angel is at the side of a building, doing further sketching on a partially-completed Mayan mural he's started; Johnny B is helping to spray paint it (wearing a Humanidyne lab coat for a smock). Johnny B steps away some to get a better look at it. Children run past, heading for the playground nearby. Off to the side, Billy, El, and Jane are watching the creation of the mural; Gloria is sitting with them, on a break from helping.

BILLY: [looks at his watch] Hey, are you guys gonna be finished by eleven?

Gloria looks over at Billy with a laugh. (Sign says: “Park dedication. 11 a.m. today”.)

GLORIA: Are you kidding? Angel is such a slave driver now that he’s getting paid to do this.

JANE: He’s getting a lot of offers?

GLORIA: Oh my gosh, yes! He’s even thinking about getting an agent.

ANGEL: [calling her:] Gloria!

GLORIA: [calling back:] Alright already! My index finger is killing me!

Gloria gets up and heads to the mural.

EL: [still amazed:] The last Mayan artist.

El looks over at Angel, who keeps sketching as Johnny B and Gloria continue the spray painting.

EL: Pretty incredible.

JANE: Did you guys happen to get a good look at the big statue in the temple?

Billy and El exchange glances and smile knowingly.

JANE: I mean, am I crazy, or did that look like Angel?

EL: No, Jane, you’re not crazy. It’s kinda like Augie used to say: “Science can only unlock the doors”. [thoughtfully:] Maybe there are some things science still can’t answer.

Billy nods, then gets up and walks to stand in front of the mural. El follows. Jane retrieves the shopping bag beside her with a happy smile and joins them.

BILLY: You know, maybe when the city raises the money to excavate— [slightly cynical:] Well, if they raise the money.

EL: [reasonably:] Hey, Billy. It takes time. And they have to do it right. Augie woulda wanted it that way.

BILLY: Yeah, he would’ve.

Billy turns away to look around, then walks forward. El and Jane follow suit, Jane taking Billy’s arm.

JANE: So, uh, Hayes. Remember I told you I wanted to, uh, pay you back for saving my life?

The three of them stop and Billy looks at Jane.

BILLY: Yeah, but Jane, you didn’t go for any of my suggestions.

JANE: Right. But I wanted to get you something.

She smiles at El, who’s looking at the bag.

JANE: So… Um…

Jane holds up the bag in front of her.

BILLY: What you got there?

Jane reaches into the bag and pulls out The Hat with a flourish.

JANE: [grinning] Ta da!

El grins, like, “Of course, that’s perfect” and laughs; Billy chuckles in surprise.

BILLY: That’s it! That’s the one. [takes the hat] This is it— Wait a minute. Hey, here.

Billy puts the hat on and looks at each of them, who are both still grinning.

BILLY: Is this me, or what? I’m serious.

Billy strikes a pose. Jane nods, but then shakes her head.

JANE: [mischievously:] No. But they didn’t have one with a propeller.


Jane giggles.

BILLY: [appealing:] El, this is me, isn’t it? I mean it is.

El just laughs.

BILLY: [persisting:] This is me.

El and Jane continue to laugh as the 3 of them walk off past a plaque that says: “Future site of Morton Augenblickt archeological dig”. From somewhere unnoticed, Old Man (from Augie’s funeral) puts in his two cents.

OLD MAN: A real loony.

Angel, Johnny B, and Gloria continue on the mural. Gloria adds to one of Angel’s lines. Angel looks at Gloria’s addition critically, but it's fine so he smiles.

========== 47:48 to 48:21 ==========



  1. My favorite part of this ep is the "Billy, don't be a hero!" bit

    But I thought the light gleamed heroically off his flashing smile, not his eye.

  2. Yeah, that's a totally cool scene! Indiana Hayes is AWESOME.

    Check this vid at 6.24 in:
    He isn't giving a smile, the sparkle is definitely in his eye. I checked a higher quality copy too. The Memory can playeth Tricks with the Mind...

  3. I watched the clip and looked like both of us were right- the flashing smile gleamed and reflected in his eye - but the resolution was horrible and I'm just going by white pixels appearing low left and upper right where the mouth and eye should be, respectively. Until I find a better copy, I'll have to take your word for it

  4. Yeah, I don't mind taking other interpretations (you never know, it's easy to miss something), so thank you :)

    As for better copies, the only official DVD release so far is this one (with an English audio track, luckily):


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