Johnny B

Johnny Bukowski

Played by:  Mark Thomas Miller

Seen in episodes:  All

Occupation:  Rock 'n' Roller

Stage Name:  Johnny B

Nickname:  B-Man

Johnny B is an energetic yet laid-back, sensitive yet intense, rock 'n' roll musician. He's at times easygoing, at times confrontational. He has an easy and confident manner and enjoys having a good time. He'll risk his life to save somebody without a second thought, and gets a bit of a thrill out of being the hero, stepping away from the jaws of danger in the nick of time with a big grin on his face. He does not like being made a fool of and he won't suffer attitudes that need an adjustment.

Although he can be gruff about things and has a hair-trigger temper, Johnny B is also quick to apologize if he finds out he was in the wrong, and he readily gives comfort to someone when they're feeling down. He grew up on the streets and so can handle himself in a rough situation. He's very honest and demands honesty from others.

He understandably has a fear of water, since his electricity and water don't mix. When the Misfits had cause to be on a boat, he tried to block out the fear and forget about it. When that didn't work, El gave him the advice of: "You don't have to forget. In fact you shouldn't forget. It's part of you. There's nothing wrong with knowing your limitations."


Electrical Manipulation  After connecting with 20,000 volts on stage during an accident at one of his concerts and acquiring the ability to manipulate electricity, Johnny B at first found it easier to drop out of society than to deal with his weirdness. He didn't know how to be normal while carrying around his own charge of 20,000 volts. But now he enjoys being electric and takes every advantage of it. He gets excited every time he gets to use his electrical powers during missions.

Music Career

Johnny B lives and breathes music. It's such a part of who he is and his form of self-expression, that when he felt he couldn't do it any longer because of the electrical incompatibility with lights and stage equipment that his accident had caused him, he retreated to the loneliness of the dry desert. But after Billy coaxed him out for the rescue operation at Humanidyne, giving him an outlet for his electrical powers that meant something, there was no keeping his music down and it erupted from him in a 'live' performance of his inspiration song, 'Johnny B. Goode'.

After that mission and the Misfits' success in preventing the use of the neutron beam cannon, Johnny B was confident and comfortable enough with how he was to get back into doing music. He had an interview with Roving Stone magazine about being electric, and afterward he got together some bandmates and began rehearsing to get back into the swing of it so he'd be ready to do gigs again.

His first real gig after the accident was the one for the visiting Russians. They asked him to play because he's popular in Russia (through bootlegs of his albums). Johnny B was super happy about having a concert again, so he was trepidatious about doing anything even slightly screwy missionwise that might jeopardize it.

Johnny B's repertoire mostly consists of 50's and 60's rock numbers, but he'll throw in other eras and styles if he likes them, singing them with a nice rock edge to his voice. He's well versed in the songs he knows and will launch into a line of a song a cappella if it fits the situation. He sings lead and plays guitar (rhythm mostly); he can also play keyboards and harmonica.

Johnny B is a big fan of Chuck Berry. He took his stage name from Berry's famous track; he's played Chuck Berry songs for 46 straight hours before; his music collection includes at least 28 of Berry's hits; and his left-handed guitar is the same model and color as one Berry used.


He has 3 albums, all prior to the accident. One of them is entitled 'Dangerous Man', by Johnny B and the Ray Bans (his band before the accident).

History & Relationship...

...with Gloria

Gloria had been a long-time fan of Johnny B before she met him. She'd gotten all 3 of his albums, and had gone to see him in concert (the one where he had the accident). She still had a crush on him when they were thrown together to help rescue Beef and Dr. Momquist. She thought they had something going and was really happy about it, telling Johnny B how she was almost 18 and how she could come live with him out in the desert and help him work through his hang-up about being electric.

Unfortunately, Johnny B didn't share her enthusiasm — he loved her like a sister, and that's what he told her. Gloria was crushed (though to her credit, she didn't go all telekinetic and throw him into a bush). It wasn't until she was saving his life later in the bunker that she realized she'd forgiven him. They've had a splendid brother-sister relationship ever since.

Gloria worries about Johnny B when he's in danger (which happens often). She was angry with him when she found out he hadn't said anything about being sick with Dubinski's from the cat bite, but worry took over and she started mothering him instead (which he wasn't sure how to handle).

Johnny B tries to comfort Gloria when she's upset about something, quietly and sometimes with just a pat on the knee. When Billy was getting after Gloria for having let the three spaceburger-charged seniors go off on their own, Johnny B stood behind her actions, saying, "I woulda done the same thing."

Johnny B gets a kick out of watching Gloria use her TK. When she had the guys with guns held against the garage door, Johnny B told her, "You're cute when you're angry." And Gloria is still a big fan of Johnny B's music. When he told her about the gig for the visiting Russians, her first question was, "Can I get passes?"

...with Billy

Billy and Johnny B's personalities clash whenever Johnny B is being inflexible about something he thinks won't work (or he thinks it's too dumb or too crazy), and Billy is being overly enthusiastic, letting his sense of getting the job done outweigh his sense of reputation. However at other times, it's Johnny B who's being reckless or excited, and Billy has to tell him 'whoa, B-man'. And there are even times when Johnny B asks Billy if he's got any of his great ideas, because if so, they could really use one right about then.

Johnny B likes to tease Billy sometimes, like when Billy was saying of Link, "He seems to like everybody". Johnny B answered with, "Yeah, everybody except Hayes", and got a glare from Billy for it. Johnny B has also saved Billy's life a couple of times.

Billy doesn't want Johnny B taking unnecessary risks, so he's always sure to ask him if he's got enough juice for the job or can handle the amount of voltage involved. And, except for the times when he has to tell Billy he's tapped, Johnny B is always up for the challenge.

They had met back when Johnny B was a patient at Humanidyne following his accident. Unfortunately, H.I.T. hadn't been able to do anything about Johnny B's electrical problems and he'd left under strained circumstances — something to do with Billy not being able to stand the amount of solid Chuck Berry Johnny B played, and Johnny B getting terrorized with a water gun by Billy. Billy swears it was a joke, but when Johnny B had left the lab, he'd hated Billy's guts.

The incident only came to a close three years later when Billy went to where Johnny B was hiding out in the desert to ask his help rescuing Beef and Dr. Momquist. Johnny B didn't let go of his grudge easily, but after he'd fired two large bolts at Billy's feet, and Billy had apologized in his own semi-unapologetic way, the entire thing was laid to rest and hasn't been brought up since.

...with El

Johnny B had been a patient at Humanidyne after his on-stage accident, and El had helped on the testing and studies done at the time. El is still in charge of the tests Johnny B does or treatments he needs. El helped get rid of the electro-magnetism Johnny B acquired, and he tried, unsuccessfully, to make a nonconducting suit for him. El doesn't, however, always maintain the same level of patience for Johnny B's electricalness when the Misfits are on missions. When Johnny B needed to let off some extra juice outside the casino, El didn't see why he couldn't just hold it.

When Johnny B first saw that El could shrink, and was now a "freak" just like he was, it helped to convince him to come out of his seclusion in the desert and use his electrical powers for fighting evil.


Johnny B's rocker fashion includes: a black, leather, 50's style motorcycle/rocker jacket, under which he wears solid-color shirts (red, beige, blue, white, yellow); tight-fitting jeans; white sneakers or hightops (see article on them here); a gold bracelet on his right wrist (occasionally) and an earring on his left ear; and of course his signature dark shades (Ray-Ban Wayfarers) – which came in especially handy after he became electric, to cover when his eyes are glowing.

He wears his longish blond hair in either a loosely-brushed or slicked-back pomp. He's the only one who doesn't wear a watch, though not because he doesn't care about what time it is (when he wanted to know the time he looked at Gloria's watch), so perhaps it's because his electrical charge interacts with them adversely. When he's riding his motorcycle he wears a black helmet and black leather gloves.

Johnny B doesn't like to disrupt his image; when the Misfits were wearing their uniforms for the first time he said he felt "ridiculous" wearing it, he said the same thing when he had to wear the yellow turban disguise.

When dressing up fancy, like the time the Misfits went to Buxton's elite party or when they were infiltrating the casino in the French Riviera, Johnny B trades in his rebel-looking leather jacket for satiny blue rockabilly-style suit jackets.


  • According to Gina, he "does a fair Bo Diddley imitation".
  • He and Lonnie McGhee have known each other for a long time, ever since Johnny B was 14 and they were riding together. So he knew of Lonnie's flaky behavior before they figured out it was caused by the twin bond with Dwayne.
  • He's known Nate and Heddy "for years", and goes to their hot dog counter for hot dogs and popcorn.
  • He doesn't like a girl who smokes.
  • He watches wrestling at the arena.
  • Angel's nickname for him was 'Sparky'.
  • Gloria owns his records. Jaye owns his records. Tatyana got after the record store for not carrying any of his old albums.
  • When he lived in the desert, the Musician's Guild paid his health and welfare.
  • When Jaye said she was from a little town in the country, Johnny B replied, "Yeah. I'm from a pretty small place myself."
  • He's good with children and small animals.
  • The Misfits had a picnic for his (26th?) birthday. Billy took home movies of it with his new video camera.
  • He had trouble deciding on a good name for his new band. He suggested 'Johnny B and the Blasters' (Billy told him it was already taken), 'Johnny B and the Fusebox' (he thought it sounded too R 'n' B), and 'Johnny B and the Heartburns' jokingly, because of having to eat so many radioactive burgers. 'Johnny B and the Generators' was never suggested, but it sounds the best.


Josh    Link    Gina    Bessie    Lonnie    Jaye    Nate & Heddy

"Stretch"    Alt Johnny B    Fundae Sundae    MoS Uniforms

Motorcycle    The Garage    Guitar


Johnny B: Let's bolt.


Johnny B: Givin' the crewcuts a concert.


Billy: Okay. Frozen candy bars?

Johnny B (with mouth full): Uh. Check.

Billy: You're not supposed to eat 'em, B-Man.

Johnny B: I'm hungry.


Johnny B (relating his target practice score): Three Billy's, two El's, fourteen Stetmeyer's.


Billy: You know, I could have given him the burger if I'd wanted to. I mean, it's not like it's a personal thing or anything between us, you know.

Johnny B (teasingly): Yes it is. Face it, the guy knows who's cool and who's not.


Billy: I think Logger'll come around, huh?

Johnny B: Oh yeah, I think so. Who's gonna argue with a seven-foot-four naked black guy?

Billy: Good point.


Billy: Hey, I may be wrong about this, B-Man, but for insurance reasons, maybe I should drive, huh?

Johnny B: Who's got insurance?


Johnny B (pulling out one of his records): An antique. Want one?

Gina: Could you buy me Sting instead?

Johnny B: Aw. You're a killer.


Boy: You're not gonna make it, man. It's eight blocks to the nearest grate.

Johnny B (putting on sunglasses and preparing to speedrun): Watch me.


Johnny B (trying to get the guard to leave the ice cream truck): Look, no bingos, alright? We don't have anything. We're out.


Johnny B: Who's Sherri?

Billy: An international drug dealer.

Johnny B: Remind me to talk to you about where to look for women.


Johnny B: Hayes, I know it's a boat. You just steer and let me worry about it. I'm goin'.


Johnny B (after cat bites him): Oh, jeez. Grumpy little guy.

Sarah: You would be, too, if a couple of irresponsible scientists were hassling ya, day and night!

Johnny B (looking over at Billy and El): Yeaaah, I think I'm in touch with that emotion.


Johnny B: Come on, let's bolt.


Johnny B (about Buxton): Man, if that guy was any oilier, he'd stain carpet.


Gloria: I'm not much on this trespassing thing. Let's get it over with.

Johnny B: Ah, don't sweat it, it should be a snap.


—Words of Wisdom

Josh: He's a little weird, that's all.

Johnny B: Yeah, I'm a little weird, too. So are you. Everybody that's worth the trouble's a little weird.


Johnny B (to Gina): What are you so afraid of? I mean, you can't live your life solo.


Johnny B (to Gina): Look, maybe not giving a damn works for you, but it doesn't for me.


Johnny B: It's amazing what a little motivation'll do to ya.


Johnny B: Look, Hayes, you don't even know what it's like, okay? I hung out in the desert for three years because I couldn't deal with my weirdness. It's not an easy thing to beat. And if he needs our help, I'm gonna give it to him.


Gloria: Hey. How ya holdin' up?

Johnny B: Tell Laura I love her.

Gloria: Who's Laura?

Johnny B: That's a song. You know, teenage heartbreak. The words of the dying hero as he speeds along in the back of an ambulance. There's millions of 'em.

Gloria: Well you're not gonna die. Besides, this isn't an ambulance. It's an ice cream truck.

Johnny B: That puts life in perspective, you know?


Johnny B: If you want something done, you have to do it yourself.


—Electrical Manipulation

Johnny B: I'm pretty tapped right now, but just from the static in the air, I'll have a full charge in a couple of hours.


Johnny B: I got fried by twenty-thousand volts at my last rock concert, or don't you remember? I attract electricity now. Lights dim when I walk into a room. My fingers spark. My eyes glow. I'm a freak, huh? Do either of you know how that feels?


Billy: B-Man, you got any juice?

Johnny B: Is Springsteen 'The Boss'?


Johnny B (grinning): I had a little trouble with the thunder.


Johnny B: Naw, I'm tapped.


Billy: B-Man, can't you work up just, like, one more little bolt?

Johnny B: It's too damp down here. No static electricity.


Johnny B (after guitar overloads): Maybe it needs a little more insulation. Better go to acoustic.


El: B-Man, do you think you can drain some of the juice offa this thing?

Johnny B: Can Tina Turner sing the blues?


Johnny B (overcharged): I'm a little wired. Perhaps I should go outside and unload a few amps.


Johnny B: I'm picking up a lot of juice in here. Maybe I should find a place to unload a few amps?


Johnny B: Come on, El. I gotta unload some juice.

El: Not now, B-Man. We gotta find out what this guy is up to.

Johnny B: But, El!

El: B-Man! Look, self-control. Just hold it.


Johnny B: I'm standin' on stage, tuning up, right? And I hit a G, and everything comes flying at me. Everything. The mikes, they all stick to me. Needless to say, I looked a little ridiculous. So I called you guys.


Johnny B (overcharged): Got it. A little like forty cups of coffee.


Johnny B: Oh yeah, I'm just your average healthy guy with twenty thousand volts of electricity in his system.


Johnny B: Somethin's givin' off a lot of juice.


Johnny B (getting ready to shoot some bolts): Showtime.


—Friction with Billy

Johnny B: So whaddaya want, Hayes? I'm busy.


Johnny B: You realize this is crazy, Hayes.


Johnny B: We're gonna steal a what?

Billy: What? You act like that's so weird or something. Why do you think I asked you to bring the truck? Did you empty the freezer?

Johnny B: Hayes, I may be a little fuzzy on this, but don't dolphins live in water? Remember I have this little thing with water?

Billy: B-Man, all you have to do is drive, okay? I'm just asking you to do this one little thing.

Eddie: Billy, there's a problem. The door's got an electronic combination lock.

Billy: Two things. That's all I need, and you're clear.


Johnny B: Hayes, are you sure this is gonna work?


Billy: B-Man, will you cool it?

Johnny B: This is a really dumb move, Hayes. I'm telling ya. I grew up on the streets; I know when I'm into a bad scene.


Johnny B: Hayes, I don't need a babysitter.


Johnny B (wearing his Misfits uniform): Hayes, I feel ridiculous wearing this thing! I mean, just because you had 'em lyin' around.


Johnny B (wearing the yellow turban disguise): I want you to know I feel really ridiculous in this.


Johnny B: Forget it, Hayes.

Billy: B-Man, we just can't turn our backs on 'im.

Johnny B: I'm not gonna mess it up with some screwy idea.


Billy: All I'm asking you to do is just to help us get him into the rehearsal.

Johnny B: That's it?

Billy: That's it! And, you might mention that you know 'im.

Johnny B: Okay, that's no problem.

Billy: Okay, and... that you never perform without 'im.

Johnny B: Not on your life.



Johnny B: I don't know what they got goin', but they're takin' us for a ride.


Johnny B (mad that Angel ran out on them): If I see 'im again, I'll kill 'im.


Johnny B: Oh yeah. I should've expected this. Seeing as how I haven't been made a fool of in at least an hour.


Johnny B (after guy throws Link): You fenderhead!


Project Manager: Is it really worth it? To save three old people?

Johnny B: Hey, Floyd, that's the kind of attitude that got us into all this.


Brick: Look, I was the one, that—that saved you from the car. And I was the one that won the money that got us into the vault. And I was the one that got the "Football". Now am I an idiot?

Narrator: That was the wrong thing to say to Johnny B.

Johnny B: No, you're a stupid idiot. You didn't do any of that, jerk. We did.


Johnny B (to Brick): Hey, Slick, you weren't plannin' on leavin' the team behind, were ya?


Johnny B (to Jaye): Hold on! This isn't Johnny's Taxi Service. Don't tell me to "just go". I don't work for you. Now I wanna know what's going on or this kickstand stays down.


Johnny B (to Jaye): Yeah, that's garbage! You been lying to me all along. Now you're trying to steal my bike? I wanna know what's goin' on.


Johnny B (to Buxton): Try it, pal. And your girlfriend here'll be using you as a sparkler.


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